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Star-crossed chapter 4

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Okay, she wants us to get cleaned up after this Xavier thought looking at Willow. While he knew this was a golden opportunity he wasn ready to take his clothes off like that again. It took a lot to just bathe in the waterfalls and rivers that they passed. From the look Willow was giving she wasn having this either. While they sat there trying to decide how to get out of this their hands brushed lightly together. Both of them got an uneasy feeling, but didn move their hand away. As Xavier got braver he turned his hand over and began holding it. He halfway expected her to pull away, but Willow didn instead she did the same to his hand. Just this action caused them both to start breathing fast. What was wrong with them? Xavier got an odd thought in his mind-he wanted to touch her hair-he knew it was covered in dirt and grime but he could remember its color very well. She had hair that could hypnotize you a red black mix. It didn madder how long they were out it was still that color, which meant it was all hers. It was something that he liked those girls who were always changing their hair color kinda rubbed him wrong. All he had to do was reach out with his hand and he could finger one of her dark crimson curls. Just then Anna came back, bringing towels and soap, she had a man with her.

"Crap you left them by themselves?!?!" he shouted and he started to separate the two of them. This left everyone confused as they looked around. "Okay, let me help you guys out, these guys can blow this whole building up if we are not careful. I thought they were suppose to be getting cleaned up," he said almost shouting.

"Umm ...about that Willow....me and Willow don really want to...to be in the shower," Xavier said looking down at his feet. He was hoping that nobody saw how red he was. However, Willow had been just as red and looking down so it didn matter. "Its just ...just there isn a lock on the door, and..."Xavier was about to finish when the adults stopped him.

"Thats how you found out, isn it," Anna asked. "Who walked in on who?"

"Some of my friends pranked Willow. They pushed her in the locker room and caused the power to go out. She tried to get out, but they had locked the door and they thought it was some J.V. guy in there not me, but when she got to where I was, our eyes started to glow and the pipes blew up." Xavier said still looking down at the ground. "After that it was like...."

"You needed her to survive, but didn know why? Well, I will admit that has to be the funniest one I have heard to date" the man said trying to hold back a laugh.

"Okay, okay will it help if one of us was in there?" Anna asked,"This way you guys can get cleaned up and be separated at the same time." Willow slowly nodded. It was Xavier that wasn so sure about the whole thing. "Xavier, think about it, okay? But, I am going to take Willow get a shower because there are leaves in your hair. Why not talk to my friend here while she gets cleaned up? He came to help us and I hope you two will get along well." Xavier nodded as some of the tension left as he watched Willow get up to leave.

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