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Star-crossed Chapter 3

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Ten minutes later she had a few boxes of various sizes, placing them on the table she began to open them up. "I don think I got the chance to tell you my name yet...." he shook his head eyeing the feast before them. "My name is Anastasia, but you can just call me Anna. Oh, and if you

e worried don be...its just me. I don have anyone else here with me, so you two can breathe easy."

Xavier did start to relax more as he took some of the pizza, he hadn had a real meal in weeks. This was almost like a dream and he didn want to wake up from it. After not having it food and warmth were something hed never again take for granted.

"Now that spell you were talking to me about, it sounds more like a curse than a spell. Love spell books sometimes do that. They put in a curse or two without thinking about what they are about to sell" Anna said this as she took a bite of her pizza."Now if it is a curse I may not be able to help you, and if its the one I am thinking of there really isn anything to be done about it" Eating more of the pizza. "Now before we worry too much wake her so she can eat. Then I want you two to head in and get cleaned up," he nodded and turned towards Willow. He shook her gently to wake her up. Slowly she began to open her eyes and after blinking a few times sat up and turned towards the food. A plate was quickly handed to her without her needing to ask and everyone just sat and enjoyed the food"Now I am going to go annoy some people I want you guys to finish and go get cleaned up." she pointed towards another room. She then walked out of the room to make some calls, and she was not going to be put on hold this time.

"Anastasia! You better have a good reason for needing me right now, and saying that you miss me is not on the list" a half naked man yelled while trying his best to not kill someone for interrupting his good time.

"Remember that curse you swore up and down that you had gotten every single copy and destroy them?" He nodded," well, in the other room I may have two people how are under that very curse"

"Dammit! And I was going to go out tonight," running his fingers through his hair."Alright, lets call up some place for them to go. We will need someone to take them and they will need new clothes. Also, check them out physically. We don need to send someone out covered battle marks. How old are they," He asked her picking up his phone and bringing some papers to him.

"The girl is 15 and the boy is 17, this happened a year ago, so they look," Anna said with unease in her voice.

"Alright, alright, we will need to check for amber alerts. If these are kids then we might have some trouble, but there are some ways around some of the big ones, and we will need to get a cleanup crew out to where they lived to get that book."

"Ill find out where they lived, just call and send everyone for the rest I am at the store, and Alex? Thanks, I am sorry you know" and with that he hung up. She did miss Alex from time to time, but not enough to give up what she has, a home, a business, and some of the best relationships with the nearby werewolf pack. Its just too much to give up, for that stupid jerk.

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