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Star-crossed Chapter 2

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"This is....this is okay i guess, I mean at least its warm here, right?" None of them could get the uneasy out of their stomach. They knew they needed to eat but here it was just weird. So they did the only thing that they could do spread out and try to get some rest. "Hows your back?"

"Its okay but I just want to lay down for a bit,"she said. looking at the cot. They had been sleeping on dirt for so long even that small army cot looked inviting. She started to groan as she took off her sweatshirt but then after a few minutes, he came over and helped. After taking off her socks and shoes she laid down and started to doze.

Not more than 15 minutes after she left she came back looking angry and frustrated,"Well, hes busy. So the best I can do is see if I can take care of it because hes not going to be able to talk to us for a few hours." she said crossing her arms over her chest. "Now Ive ordered some pizza and you guys can get cleaned up when your finished resting, but still tell me how this happened." She pulled a chair over so he could sit on the cot and he began to tell her everything.

"Now, this is kinda embarrassing so don go and share it with a ton of people." she shook her head. "My name is Xavier Castillo, I am suppose to be 17. This is Willow Lockman, and she is 15." He looked at her and she nodded to continue."About a year ago, she started at my high school, now everyone that I hung out with thought she was a geek, but with her looks I guess some of the girls felt threatened. They had bought a few books on magic, mostly love spells and stuff like that." Xavier made a face as he said this. "Now I always thought it was nonsense and just let them do what they

e going to do for there was no stopping them. This time they cast one on me and when I asked about it they said it was to bring you to the one you are truly meant to be with. I guess the bleach messed with their brain cells because they thought that was them without question. So homecoming week starts and they seem more like back round charters and I keep trying to go after Willow. I even cut one or two football practices to go and find her. It seems like I need her and when she isn there..."

"Your about to die. That about right?" she asked, looking harshly at him. "Did they ever tell you the name of the spell?"

"No...just that it was meant to find the a love that nothing under the heavens could destroy." Xavier recalled.

"I think I heard someone at the door, must be the pizza, Ill go and get it," she said " oh and Xavier....that was a lot of help." and she went to go and get the front door.

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