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Star-crossed Chapter 19

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"Okay tie them together, got it"Ryder was almost shouting as he held Willow. But Anna got a strip of cloth and tied the two together. "Now just wait until we have what we need in that cup down there," pointing to the cup that they were holding Xavier and Willows arm over. "You shouldn need a lot right" Ryder was asking looking worried. Anna shook her head, but didn look at him. Willow and Xavier were just stunned, they had seen all the lights and sparkles that they had created, but it was now coming from them as well it hadn before.

"Okay, do you have enough" Ryder asked, looking at Willow and Xavier. Both were starting to turn pale and lose some of the light that had been in their eyes. Anna nodded and in that confirmation he cut the cloth that bound them with a knife and let them slump to the ground. Both of them looked like they hadn been in the sunshine in months as he started to drag them to a corner. Ryder had Hunter stay beside them as he helped Anna with the last part. None of them wanted to stay there any longer than they had to so if he could help in any way he was going to without complaint. It only took Anna looking over her shoulder at Xavier and Willow huddled in a corner for her to wordlessly agree, and continue working now seeing if she could mix a little faster.

While Anna and Ryder were at some kind of folding table Hunter had come over to try and see if he could do anything for Willow and Xavier. "Hey, are you two...are you okay" Hunter asked. They gave him a confused look, wasn he the enemy? "Here," Hunter said as he came around closer to Willow, "let me push you two closer together." He then lifted Willow up off the floor and put her on to Xaviers lap. "Hows that?" Hunter asked. He looked worried like he really did care about them. Both of them looked up and smiled at the man and at that moment Hunter made his bond.

"We are done now, right?" Ryder said. Anna nodded frowning. "I know you don like this, but just wait this may be a good thing. I mean those warriors like what we made that kid into they can be pretty lethal," Ryder said turning around then swearing. "Anna, hurry up and get that over to the old guy we need to get those three out of here....now!" Ryder said and he went over towards the corner where Willow and Xavier were.

"So lets see I have both of your hands fixed up with something to stop the bleeding, and we can do more for it later, but this should help you out some," Hunter was telling Willow and Xavier as he finished. "We should also get you guys something to eat and definitely some new clothes and then...." Hunter got stopped as he was about to check if they needed anything else by Ryder.

"Hunter, what are you doing?" Ryder asked him knowing that Hunter wouldn quite know what he was doing. Hunter looked at him like he was trying to figure out some kind of logic problem. "Hunter? Do you know what you are doing," Ryder asked again almost a bit more forceful than he wanted it to be, but he just was hoping that he was trying to be helpful and nothing more.

"They..they were hurt," Hunter began, "and I came over here and I fixed up their hands so that they would get better. I also moved Willow closer because she looked cold, and now she isn ," Hunter said smiling at the last bit. Ryder just shook his head, "should I get them a blanket or a jacket instead?" Hunter asked standing up.

"Hunter. No, they are fine its you that isn right now," Ryder said, sounding frustrated. Hunter gave an odd look, almost as if Ryder had been speaking some foreign language. "Just we need to get going, so I need you to get them ready to leave. Can you carry Willow? Ill carry Xavier and Anna will be done in a bit a follow us," Ryder said. He watched as Hunter checked their hands, giving the knots on the wraps a quick tug. Then he nodded towards Ryder, though it was clear uncertainty lived in his mind.

Ryder picked up Xavier and Hunter did the same for Willow though he did his best to be gentle as he did. Ryder just rolled his eyes and lead him towards the door. As they were about to leave, they were stopped by three men. They growled at Ryder then looked at Hunter, "Hey, Hunt...where are you going? We were just about to check up on the Alpha."

Ryder took charge at this moment, "Boys, Hunter has things that are more important to him now and if there is a problem with that you can complain to your Alpha. But we need to leave and Hunter needs to figure out where he will be staying," Ryder almost sounded like he was talking to children. "Hunter...I know you aren quite sure of things yet, but would you like to stay with these two till everything gets settled? It might make you feel better?" Ryder asked Hunter as he readjusted his grip on Xavier. "We could have a cot in their room, some food for you, everything that you would want and need," Ryder added. Hunter looked down at Willow and then over at Xavier, who was starting to drift off. He nodded and smiled. "Then lets go Xavier is falling asleep and I bet Willow will be sleeping soon too." Ryder said with a smile and he tried to push thru the door.

"You can take our pack mate," one growled. "Hunt..You can want to go, to give up on your pack?" They all looked at him, expecting him to say that he would be right back or that they were right, but Hunter just stood there looking at them like they were talking nonsense. "Hunter! Come on we know that you

e broken hearted and everything but to give up on us...we

e your family, aren we?"

"I think I better go," Hunter said, holding Willow a little bit tighter to him. "Besides, your Alpha needs you and these two need some rest and maybe a cheeseburger and fries." Hunter then pushed and got them all to move aside and after he got out into the hall Hunter sucked in a large breath of air, let it out then began to talk to Ryder about making burgers and fries for everyone. "After all some times all it takes is a good meal to bring a smile back." Hunter said. "And these two look like they need more than just a good meal they need a great meal."

"Im gonna like you kid, come on, lets leave the rest of the clean up to Anna." Ryder said, as he lead Hunter down to the other end of the train.

~Back at the Alphas room~

Anna was just finishing up when she saw Ryder and Hunter leave, and was happy with the outcome. She didn like how they had to do it, but at least they got what they needed. Only one thing left, "Alright then he should be just fine this took care of the glass and then some. You might want to warn him about a few things, though...."Anna said as she began to gather up her things, "one he might have a little more strength than hes used to, two he might have a bit of a need that he will want to deal with, but Im sure you guys can figure something out for that, and three there is a slight chance that he grows a bit of a blood-lust. However, all of these things I am certain you can handle, you are big tough werewolves so it shouldn scare you guys," Anna said all this and one of them clearly could tell she was making fun of them so he ran forward and grabbed at her things.

"What about Hunter?" he asked, holding some sharp thing at her.

Anna looked at him confused, but then gave a smile that made all of them ill. "I wouldn worry about Hunter anymore," she said, reaching for what was a small knife. "Your friend will be well taken care of and as you saw very happy where he is going," she said. She knew exactly what would happen to him once they made it to Seattle, he was going to lose his mind. Alexand would never allow him to keep the memories of the past. Then hed go off with the other two, she didn know where they went but she didn care. Right now she just had to get her things cleaned up and back to their end of the train.

"You can just take him!" he said still holding the knife out in front of him.

"What are you talking about your Alpha traded him," Anna said, dragging out the last bit. This caused everyone in the room to now look in her direction. Anna slowly reached forward towards where the knife was being held, "we told you all that this came with a high price. It looks like your Alpha was willing to make it, because for us to do what we did cost. Most people have drained their bank accounts and still come up short, but rather than drain your pack dry of all its assets we took one of its fighters." Anna said all this as she got to where she could grab the knife. "And now he is probably wondering where hes going to put his bed and Ryder is most likely going to find him some new clothes. Then whatever was bothering him when we came in here won anymore because to him it may as well be a dream."


e a monster!" someone shouted at her.

This made Anna laugh, for she knew that Hunters life was miserable and yet they did not understand that he wanted to go. She knew this because he bonded with Willow and Xavier so easily. Normally, it would take a day or two, maybe even longer, so whatever was going on he wanted it to end. Unusual for a werewolf with a pack. That is something that outcast ones think. She grabbed the knife from the stunned young man, "I don wish to cast anything else today. After all, I am rather tired from mixing that potion, and putting all those marks on Hunter so can I get the rest of my stuff picked up?" Anna asked then turned so she could finish. She finished quickly, humming a little tune to herself as she did. Everyone just stared at her in shock, not one knew what to say or do. "I hope your Alpha gets better and perhaps we all can spend time together in Chicago?" Anna said this checked to make sure she had everything, picked up her bag, then gave a wink at them. "Have a nice night I have some kids to see to now." and with that she turned and left.

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