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Star-crossed Chapter 18

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"Now that is taken care of we can go over some of the other things about you two," Ryder said as he put the player back into his pocket. "Now don worry, I don usually use that thing guys. However, its time that you realize the facts, one is that we can really separate you two anymore," Ryder said. "Also, you need to stay with us. You may not like what we do, but we are safer than out there it can be dangerous for you the

e people who have much worse in mind for you,"Ryder was watching them like it was business as usual."I am sorry guys, and I promise I don use that thing a lot. But you didn just heal yourselves, you also took care of both me and Anna. Now can we get you guys to stay," Ryder asked "and I promise I will do what I can to make things as easy as I can. Now why don you guys find a place to sit for the moment while we see what happened to the furniture," Ryder said pointing to a corner.

Anna was watching all this as they put their clothes back on, now she understood the lesson that Ryder was teaching. It still bothered her how he did it though, he didn need to be so cruel about it. It took very little time for them to get their clothes back on but they didn seem like the world was happy. Anna would have to think about it later since there was a knock at the door. Ryder answered it and the person who came was not one that they were ready for.

"We are not taking any sort of..."Ryder started but was stopped.

"Its the alpha." he said. Ryder showed him inside never looking any of them in the, he continued, " a piece of glass entered his heart. The myth that they can heal, is it true" asking and pointing to where Willow and Xavier were still sitting, the far corner.

"Listen, this isn something that your alpha really wants it comes with a price," Ryder said holding the guys shoulders.

"If he dies, well, then the reason we are coming will no longer exist," he said.

"What is he talking about?"

Anna then stepped in, "If the leader that was in charge when he was caught doesn appear, then the council doesn have to do anything." She said this like it was something everyone should have known, "Also, he will be let go. For they can not keep someone who hasn done anything."

"I guess whatever it is, must be something really bad then," Ryder said. "Anna you get Willow I got Xavier. These guys will be getting their own guard. Lets go lead the way," Ryder said, pulling Xavier. Anna was carrying Willow like she was one of the items in her shop. They were led down to the back part of the car and into a cabin full of people. Most look like they had come from a war, it scared Willow to be around them.

"I don know what you have in mind Ryder but we can help him," Xavier said. He was looking at all of the men there. He was hoping that he was right and that they could go back to their cabin. Hed share a bed with Willow if they could just go back right now.

"Alright," Ryder said, looking uneasy, "Alpha? There a name with that?"


"Right,"Ryder said still looking uneasy,"what you are asking for...you have to understand what it will cost,"Ryder said. He never liked telling people this part, "I don think you can spend money on this and because of what it does...do you have something else that can be used for payment."

"One of my men no longer has a mate," he said. He looked pained as he spoke. "Will this be enough?" Ryder nodded as a man was brought out. It was the same one that led them and the look that he had when getting them was gone and replaced by one of shock.

"Don worry, we will take care of him," Ryder said,"Not only that he will now have a better life than what he had. Anna...lets go"

"You can be serious about this! Ryder! You know what happens if we screw up," Anna was whispering at him.

"Thats why we don . Besides, those kids will get a guard, that prisoner will get what he deserves and this man well, we will be giving him freedom from the pain he is probably feeling," Ryder said, passing the knife. "I say its a win all around, we just have to keep track of how much goes in the bottle. You know how to do that right?"

"Of course I do, but I just don like how this is going," Anna said turning around to face the crowd.

"Noted, now lets do this," Ryder looked back and forth. "Lets start with him so we have some help with them afterward." Anna nodded and they walked over towards him.

"Im sorry, but you never told us your name," Anna said holding the knife.

"H-h-hunter, my name is Hunter."

"Hunter. Well, we need you to do something for us before we help your Alpha," Anna said, tapping the knife on her leg. "I know this is going to be hard, but we need you to first give up your pack, and we need you take your shirt off," Anna asked. He looked nervous but he did as asked. Ryder held him back as Anna cut something into the skin on his chest. He gritted his teeth with the pain he felt through his whole body. Hunter did everything he could not to make a sound, but then couldn bear it any longer. The sound that came from him drove fear into everyone in the room. Everyone but Anna and Ryder, who were just trying to make sure that they did their work correctly. After a few minutes the screaming stopped and Hunter just stood there in a daze like he didn quite understand the joke. Then his eyes flashed looking bright gold, then went back to their normal color. "Alright, lets give that a minute,"Anna said wiping off her knife. "I would go put him by Willow and Xavier, it will help make the bond stronger."

"What are you doing to him?"

"Don worry about your friend anymore,"Anna said, looking coldly at the others. "In fact, he is on his way to the good life, as you some of you guys like to put it. Now how is it going?"

"Good I guess," Ryder said,"but we have to.." Ryder was looking thru the stuff that they brought. "Whoa! Hunter! You need to stay here we need you for something" Ryder noticed Hunter start to wander off but then brought him back. Realizing that they couldn just let him stand around Ryder gave him the job of keeping track of Willow and Xavier.

"I know you have something for this on your magic thingy, right?" Anna asked.

"Right here. Okay, now it is your guys turn," Ryder said. "Now this isn me being a prude its just me being careful, I will let you pick one person to stay, but everyone else needs to go." They didn have to be asked twice, not after what they saw with Hunter. "Now Hunter I know you are new at this, but can you stay behind Xavier,"Ryder asked. "I will be behind Willow and we just need to make sure they don go anywhere. Anna you take care of the rest you got it right"Ryder asked standing behind Willow.

"I am so glad you think so well of me," Anna said. "Lets just do this and get them back."

"Alright. Alright, lets go and here we go," Ryder said starting a song. Anna cut Willows hand first and all she could was stand there and look at it. Willow knew her blood was red she had seen it many, many times but this time it sparkled. Not only that the pain that she had expected wasn as great as she thought. Then Anna did the very same thing to Xaviers hand and as soon as the two realized what was going on their minds went blank.

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