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Star-crossed chapter 17

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"Do you hear that?"Ryder asked, his voice full of worry. They ran into the cabin to find Xavier and Willow glowing. "This....this can be good," he said. "Can you stop this? I mean we can have anyone hurt by something they do, even if they don realize what they are doing."

"I don know, but how are they doing this Ryder? They aren suppose to be able to do magic here," Anna said watching the two of them. She was trying to think of a way to stop what they were doing but couldn think of one. She was too startled at what she was watching. She agreed that they couldn hurt anyone, and right now they probably didn even know what they were doing. That still wouldn save them if they hurt someone.

If matters weren bad enough, there was now a knock on the door, both Anna and Ryder had the same thought, they had been cursed by the goddess of misfortune. If anyone were to come in they could get hurt by what Willow and Xavier were doing. Not only that they would find out about them and that would be dangerous for them. Ryder decided to answer the door, hoping that he could send whoever is on the other side away quickly. However, again the goddess of misfortune decided to step in. This brought almost the whole train, not the everyone was gifted with some bit sense and did not come to see what was going on. They saw what was happening and for some reason had to see what was going on. This gave Anna and Ryder a bit of a headache with everyone coming to the door. But most only came as far as the door, this put Anna and Ryder at ease.

"I know there are a few left, but still how are they able to do this? Ryder....Ryder"Anna yelled, "I can think of anything that will stop this," Anna said. She was pointing to the two of them as they seemed to be just dancing in the room. Ryder shrugged his shoulders. The only real thing he could think of was to hit them over the head, but right now it didn seem like a good idea. But he was about to revisit the idea because the door opened again and in walked the one person Anna was not ready to see. She swore under her breath as he came into the room.

"What are you doing here? This is not for anyone in your group so you have no reason to be here," Ryder yelled, taking charge as he saw that Anna was not going to be of any use anymore.

"What is going on? I was told that there was no magic on this train. Did someone lie to me or is this something that these two have set-up as a form of entertainment," he said. Ryder heard this and lost all respect for this man. Here are two kids and they are causing two adults to quake in fear and he is acting like was just some sort of game.

"Anna, have they ever separated like that?" Ryder whispered, pointing on how they were moving. Anna shook her head, she was just as confused, but they were now coming to the end of what they were trying to do and they were walking on either side of the table. When they got to the end of the table, the floor lit up with what looked like flowers made out of shimmering light. They had also caused something like fireflies to hang around the room. Then at the very end the two of them put a hand on the window. The flowers made an explosion of light that filled the room, stunning the ones who came in. But where they had put their hands and the fireflies exploded, this destroyed the window the table the chairs and the doors. It also threw them against the wall on opposite sides of the room.

An alarm could be heard in the station warning people of an explosion an to evacuate. More came into the room to see what had happened and the only thing that came out of Anna and Ryders mouth was,"We have been cursed by the goddess of misfortune."

"Well, lets see the damage," Ryder said as he looked around the room. Seeing what had been destroyed by them didn impress him, but the shattered glass in everyone did. "Lets get this pulled out while they are still sleeping. Also, lets put in some stronger windows and don worry about the doors in here."

~some time later~

Xavier starts to sit up, followed by Willow, again, they didn like being in the same bed but didn have enough energy to protest. "Ah, back from the dead, well not entirely," Ryder said. He had a look of a parent that was displeased with their child. "Well, we couldn heal everything on you guys, but, we can do that now that you

e awake." he said and he pulled out a small music player. "Now I know how you guys feel about each other, but you are going to learn a couple of things. This is one of those lessons," and with that Ryder plays a song from the music player.

"Ryder...whats going on..I feel," Willow said.

"Yeh whats..."Xavier said. Both of them were trying to complain, but got stopped before they could even get anything out.

"Ryder? What is that thing," Anna asked, pointing at the small device.

"Lets just say its one of the many things I have collected over the years. Now don worry, it takes a bit to work it," Ryder said holding up his hands.

"Yes, but look the two of them are..."Anna said pointing. "Are they suppose to be acting like that?"

"Anna, this is meant to get them to use their own magic, however, you have to remember if they want something they are going to go for it. This just controls it a bit, and gives direction. I forgot I still had this," Ryder said.

"This isn right, and you know it," Anna said with her arms crossed. "I mean you know they have a hard time around each other so you

e forcing them to strip each other down! How is this, okay?"

"I rarely ever use it, a witch gave it to me,"

"I can only guess what she wanted,"

"I had a hard time getting it from her and its always been worth it," Ryder said not looking guilty at all.

Just then a ton of glitter falls to the floor, a minute later is the scream of Willow and Xavier.

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