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Star-crossed Chapter 14

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"So they can do more that just blow things up," both Ryder and Pete asked looking confused.

"When I said that they pick what they need for the moment I didn mean just weapons, it also included various other things," Anna said pointing to a turn that they needed to take. "These two need to be taken away from people who wouldn understand what kind of power that is," Anna said. Willow and Xavier looked confused not knowing what anyone was talking about. "Don worry guys well go over it while on the train, it is a long trip and you

e going to need something to do," Anna was smiling and looking through things that she needed. As Pete got to the parking garage, he found a place and then it was like he was a machine. He already had everything that needed to be done down almost to a science, now it was just the two teens in the back. "Ready guys? Or should we take a minute," Anna didn want to miss the train, but she also didn want to mess this up. So stressing everyone out was bad, but they nodded and began to get up. "Now Ryder, you take that side" Anna said, pointing away from her, "and Ill take this side just make sure that you stay close but you let them do their thing. If it seems like it is going in the wrong direction just redirect them a bit. But let them do as much of it by themselves as they can," Anna said to Ryder. He paid close attention to her and was ready for his part in this whole thing, "does the train know we are coming" she asked. Pete nodded, he looked like he was ready to run. "Now lets go everyone, and maybe we will get through the station,"Anna said hopefully.

~In the station~

Now it did seem weird the two of them walking hand in hand, they hadn really done that, and when they did someone always pointed it out. This time, though they liked it, it made them feel like nothing could part them. This would have gone on but half way through the station an officer saw them. Thats all it took both of them saw what was happening and stopped dead. Now they had to start whatever magic they were suppose to. Just they didn know how, how did they do all those things before it was a song, but what song was it. It was starting to scare them the fact that they might actually be separated from each other. Just then Xavier started with something, quietly but Willow could still hear it.

"Stay with me, don go away too soon the angels can wait for a moment. Come real close, forget the world outside

"Tonight we

e alone,"

"Its finally you and I, It wasn meant to feel like this, to not have you"

Anna looked at Ryder in surprise "that is not the song we taught them," she said, watching the two of them. Then it was as if they had not even been there, "they just did an invisibility or at least something like it, but this is so much better than what we had planned if we can get them down to the train," Anna said in a hurry. With that, she started to push on them in the direction of the train.

"Hey Anna not to be a pain, but is this really better," Ryder asked leading Xavier pass some kind of souvenir stand.

"Yeah, right now it looks like we are just trying to get through to catch a train. These two don show up in anything so the officers could just write it off as some kind of mistake. If we blew the place up, then they would go looking," Anna said smiling.

"Are you saying that they can be seen...." Ryder asked, looking around.

"Thats right, I have yet to meet one that could have a photo taken with a camera or something like it. They just don show up, like vampires I guess. This way we are almost there," she said, pointing to a platform. Ryder was stunned, he had always been running away from the cameras when he had a pair of them, now he learned that it was not required.

"You two do you have tickets" someone asked behind them.

"Don worry, Ive got this one, besides, I think that they are the ones on my list," the man behind them said. He turned towards Ryder and Anna, "lets get the four of you on the train" and as he leads them to the back part. Anna and Ryder just stood, but Willow and Xavier for some reason started to follow. "And before you ask, yes, I can see these two, they must be done with the song or close to it which is why we need to hurry. Also, they seem a bit tired, do they need something before the train leaves, we are delayed for a bit so I can have something brought to you," he sounded worried.

"Delayed what could possibly delay us," Ryder asked, getting down to the car.

"Well, mortals think it is engine trouble, but we are actually waiting on some V.I.P.s. They should be along in a couple of hours," he said, but there was something to what he said. Like there was more to the story, but he just couldn say it.

Now big problem, the song was ending, and at the end of the song the two of them just stopped, it was weird but then it was the end of a song.

"The state of my hear the place where we are is written in the stars"

Both Ryder and Anna ducked, but for some reason there was nothing. While the flash wasn as big this time the two of them did fall to the ground. Would they ever get past that he wondered as he picked up Xavier. Ryder was not one to be delayed and with these two he really didn want to even think it. He saw the same in his counterpart, Anna as she carried Willow while they didn have to go very far it would be best to keep them together. After they got these guys into the train and settled, they would have to ask what was going on. The safety of Xavier and Willow could depend on what was delaying them.

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