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Star-crossed Chapter 12

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Anna and Jacob walked slowly through the halls to the dinning room, they had been using it as a temporary war room. They had maps and various other things spread out across the table. They had also set up a link with the train and the ones that they were planing on meeting on the west coast. Nobody looked like they were happy about what they might have to do. "Quick question, can they help in a fight?"

No one was willing to lay claim to asking the question, but everyone wanted to know. "I am not sure if they would know how to, at least in the way you are probably thinking. Most likely they do a lot of their stuff out of reflex. You know whatever the moment calls for, so I don think you could get them to do a whole lot with it" Ryder was looking anxious now. "But they might be able to help if you guys were attacked. Just I wouldn to want have them if things went south. I don think they have it in them to attack and not hurt us at the same time. So we need to get them to somewhere safe, at least till they grow up," Ryder said, looking far away. Anna recognized the look and the sound and she was now worried.

"If we need to get them out of here fast, maybe them sleeping in the car would be the better," Anna said trying to direct things to where they needed to go. "I don want to have anymore hunters here, and its easier to chase them off while we are moving," she pointed out. She didn like what she said, but she knew it was true. The silence in the room was enough of an agreement and no one wanted to say that there might be a traitor somewhere.

"I know that some of them are still recovering from things, but they can still ride in the back of one of the cars. Get all of them out here and loaded into the cars and make sure everything that they need is packed," Alpha Jacob started to get everyone up and going. Fifteen minutes later, there were six very tired teenagers getting into three different cars. Anna was saying goodbye to Jacob, and Ryder was making sure that there was enough alcohol.

"Ryder you and I both know that there will be some on the train, and you aren paying for this so stop raiding other peoples bars and lets go" Anna sounded stressed, but it was understandable. She was to be riding in the front car with the drugged out ones. That way, if they needed anything during the way up they wouldn have to stop, they packed most of the bags in one car and the last had the ones that were only tired. The only thing that was on everyones mind now was the weather, while these were some of the best drivers that they had ever seen if they had come across something like that it would be hard to tell if they would make it in one piece. "Okay, I looked at some of the weather reports, we might be in trouble when we get a little ways north. But the windshield wipers work right" Anna asked after looking up from her phone. All three nodded and everyone got in, prayers to whomever were said by everyone as they hit the highway. Jacob really wanted the best but these guys definitely had a need for speed. It was a good thing almost everyone was asleep, because they sped along like they were trying out for nascar. Anna couldn remember how many were drinking last night, or for that matter, how many could even take speeds this high, but at least with them asleep they wouldn have to worry about anyone getting sick. "You three sure you won get in trouble driving like this" Anna asked, she was gripping the sides of her chair.

"Oh, don worry, Jakey doesn let us out unless its important. So this must be really important, otherwise we would just be at home fixing a car or something," he was talking and shifting like it was second nature. "The three of us for some reason just can get our heads out of the garage. Not that it is a bad thing, I mean technically this car is only suppose to maybe 80 miles at most an hour. However, the three of us rebuilt the engine on the three of them so they go twice that" he sounded proud of himself. Anna kept looking like she was in the ride of death, and it wasn until the driver started to talk a little more. "Hey, I know your name, its Anna, mines Pete, and something I just have to know, are you really going to become the Alphas mate? I mean, me and my brothers think thats great and everything, so are you," he sounded desperate.

"I don get it, why is it so important, can he just pick a girl or something" Anna asked. She was trying to keep her breathing steady. "I can be that important to him"

"Are you kidding? If I was to find a mate it would be hard to tell you what I would love more her or my car. Now I live for my car, so to find someone to top that would be a miracle. That girl would make it so I wouldn want to be without her, so she would be on this trip just to drive straight. But like I said, I doubt me and my brothers will ever find anyone so we don worry about that we enjoy spending time in the garage. However, Jakey, hes the Alpha, and he needs someone, someone who can tell him no, and also give him some normal moments. You know, some time when he doesn have to be a leader around," Pete said, shifting the car and checking the gas meter.

"He can get that from some, other girl there are plenty who not mind in the least," Anna asked, holding on as they made a turn on the highway. They were about ready to start looking for a gas stop. "Last night, there were plenty of girls wanting to spend time with him," Anna realized she sounded like a spoiled teenager and quickly shut her mouth.

"Well, he could, but they would most likely just see him as the alpha. Its kinda gross the way some girls think, we went across country one time and this one pack was like that. The alpha just gave us a girl or two for the night. The grossest thing ever never going back, we still have nightmares of that place," frowning at the memory.

"By the way do you only work in the pack garage? I mean, do you have a job in the real world" Anna asked. Anna was afraid of the answer, but she needed something to keep her mind away from the fact that they were zooming much faster than she was used to and her stomach had on more than one occasion wanted to complain.

"Oh, we all have an ambulance drivers license and we deliver various stuff and work at the firehouse," this he said with a grin. "They have us drive the trucks and stuff, and let me tell you those fire trucks are a pain when you are turning,". He was talking and looking at the highway signs. "We also keep them in the very best repair, and with the three of us it doesn take long to fix up anything"

Anna just shook her head, it was like talking to her little cousin again. She hadn gotten this feeling in such a long time she didn even realize that the rain had started. Now they were in big trouble, they also got a ring on the cell phone in the car "Hey Pete...I just got a call we may have a problem, can you pull us over at the next stop," the phone on the dashboard spoke. The ring woke everyone in the car up for just a little bit, which made it hard for Anna to decide what she should worry about more them waking up or the phone call. They had been needing to stop for gas for a little while now so them stopping at the next rest stop was not bad, it had a gas pump and even some vending machines. Ryder took a quick look around before letting everyone roam the area for whatever they may need for the last bit of the way there. During this the adults went to talk about the problem that had come about.

"Ryder was calling to see where we should be parking the cars at, seeing as we are getting close to the station now, they had posters up of Xavier you know reward for information and everything,"Andy said.

"Well, thats a common thing just we usually get that kind of thing from the girls parents not the other way around. So whats the big deal" Anna asked.

"They asked about it and they said that there is an even higher one for her, not from her parents but from the government. She was a protected kid for some reason, and we need to get the both of them out of here without them being close to us"

"Alright, well we

e not going to get much about Xaviers family right now hes still passed out. Did you have them stop the train" Anna asked. Ryder nodded, though he looked very uncomfortable. "Alright, they did it once, they can do it again we just have to make sure that we direct it a little bit this time. Who here has a phone with a lot of data on it" Anna asked, looking back and forth at everyone, the triplets just raised their hands as they took out their phones and Anna went over took them, and started looking for a song that they could use to help get them through the train station.

"Guys help me this is going to be a hard night and we don need anybody not knowing whats going on," Anna said looking around at everyone.

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