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Star-crossed Chapter 10

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-one floor down-

Anna walked in slowly, anyone could tell there was a lot on her mind. However, if wouldn tell anyone, but tonight should bring a big smile to her face. "Okay, everybody is set to head out right," she asked and making sure before she brought the two of them.

Willows hair was given one more twist to it and then everyone nodded, they all looked excited to see the reactions of the guys they would be meeting. "They are going to meet us there so lets go, I guess there must be something to take care of quickly. But it should still be fun even without them, have you would have to be at something like this, Willow" turning toward Willow. She shook her head both her fathers would read her the riot act just for thinking about it. "Oh my gosh! Then we have so much to show and teach you. Don feel bad, some normal people forget that this is something that is needed. If you work hard you most certainly need to play hard. So this kind of stuff is not bad as long as you still take care of your work which from what I hear, you have been for years so come on."

"But aren there only grownups there, I don know if..." Willow started till she saw someone her age at a table. "This is crazy, how come you aren worried about what will happen to them" Willow asked, pointing to some of them that were laughing.

"We do worry, but they need to talk to others to find their mate so we make sure they are at things like this all the time, you know to socialize. If they can be around each other then problem solved" saying smiling and shrugging. She grabbed something from the table, it had the same smell as Kool-aid,"don worry I won give you anything. Besides, it won help you tonight, you are in need of something else"she said.

Willow felt relieved as she drank, she also looked around, she didn like not knowing her way around. Also,she had never been one for parties, but she was going to try anything to get back to normal. But the main thing that she was noticing was she was starting to need Xavier. She also was thinking how it would be good if he would show her around. She knew he had been to many parties in the past. Had even had to tell him to cut back on them so he could catch up on things, he did, but he still went out and even started to take her to some of them. After being lost in her thoughts of the past for a few minutes, she felt something on her shoulder. She turned to realize that it was someone tapping on it, after she saw this she dropped her drink and turned around. It had to be Xavier, right?

The tapping she felt was from another person, and her dropping her cup had startled both of them, but not to the point where the world was going to end. Willow looked him up and down, he was good looking she guessed. "Hey, mind if I take you to the dance floor," he asked her holding out her hand. A protective arm wrapped around her when he asked. "Don worry, I know shes not mine, but if I can at least have some fun at this thing that will be a plus," he said and with that he pulled her to the dance floor.

"Anna, this is a nightmare! Thats one of the kids we are sending away"


e kidding me, Alice. What aren you saying" Anna said, holding her friend at arms length.

"Well, you have heard the saying boys will be boys, right? Well, he is still looking for his mate, so hes looking for her. Not all of them are like this, but the ones who are, usually regret it after. But hes just hoping Willow is and even if she isn , he might try something. Although, now that I think about it, because you brought them alpha may not let them with either of them" saying still looking angry.

"Alice, she was 14 when the spell was cast. She barely knows how to hold a guys hand, let alone how to do anything else with the male specie. Not to mention, Her and Xavier- they are uneasy about when they start to change their clothes, even just saying something about it make them awkward" Anna said looking just as mad. "Should we save her" now asking.

"Well, lets wait for the song to end then we can take her off the dance floor without a scene. Besides, it will let her have some fun while she waits, I mean, where are those boys" Alice sounded like a mother worried about a small child not for a group of grown men. They watched as Willow danced with the guy who had pulled her to the dance floor. She didn look like she was really okay with this, but she at least didn cause trouble. The song was about over and Alice started to make her way out towards her, and just as the song ended, she grabbed Willows wrist and pulled her towards the edge of the floor. At the edge was Anna, it was now that they took her start towards a table to sit. Willow would be safer this way, and now we just had to wait for Xavier to come out.

Not five seconds after she had sat down someone had bent down a blew on her neck. She turned around, to see that it was Xavier, and he was trying to mess with her hair. "Xav! Stop that you

e going to mess up my hair and Alice work so hard on it," Willow yelled almost pushing him away, but instead getting pulled up. Now she was in his arms which, short of a magic spell and needing to sleep, shed never been there before. Her eyes turned a bit golden for a second, but went back to their green quick. Both of them had a little bit of a glow in their eyes, but not to the point where it was blinding. "Xavier, I..well..I"Willow was starting to stutter, something she never did.

"I wasn planing on dancing with you, I took some time to find out where a good spot would be for the two of us," Xavier said after letting her go. "I didn think youd want to be here, but they said we could hang out by the lake over there, umm, if youd like," Xavier was now starting to heat up. He had all this planned out he knew she would say yes, so why did he feel like he was drowning. "Of course, if you want to stay we could and we could walk around here then," he was now rubbing the back of his neck.

"The lake sounds great, and I bet they have an amazing view off, the water don they" Willow said, almost wanting to reach out to touch his cheek but too scared to. She pulled her hand back behind her at the thought, how and when did she even come up with this? Shouldn it be easy, just to reach out and take his hand? So many thoughts of him were flying through her mind then they all came to a halt as someone called out to the both of them.

"Hey, the lake sounds great you two, and don forget to grab a drink before you go," she said.

Anna was still sitting in the chair she had managed to grab from somewhere "Im okay with it, just make sure that you can be seen at all times you two. Also, we have to leave in a few hours so no wandering off. If anything, stay where we can both see and halfway hear you, sound good guys? When we get there we will leave you alone to your hearts content" that last part made both of them turn red. They didn care if people were around they only wanted to go and look at the lake and the stars. But what could possibly be in store for them.

"Lets go Willow before someone asked if we plan on having a kid anytime soon," Xavier said, holding out his hand which she took slowly. He then began to lead her down towards the lake, both Anna and Alice were sitting back watching them leave.

Just then the guy that Willow had been dancing with had found where Anna and Alice were sitting. Now that Willow was gone, they had been acting like adults and talking about the things they had done several years back, and Alice, asking about the real story that is never supposed to be told. "Where is that girl? You know the one with the pretty red hair," he asked.

Alice placed her drink down on the table before she answered," son, the guy who had been wanting her and spending time with her just took her to the lake. If anything you could say that she is already claimed, and I wouldn get in the middle of that one," she said all this like she had said it before."Now, you know what happens if you try and take her? Right? We don need to remind you, do we" Alice asked, making herself sound a whole lot tougher than she felt. He just stood there and nodded his head. "Good now go find someone to enjoy the party with, but remember either you find your mate or you leave on the train in a few hours" and she went back to talking to Anna. Anna now had a look that showed how scared she was. "Don worry, he won go near them. He values his life too much"

"What does that mean," Anna asked.

"Well, on a good day Jacob would just straight away kill him, but if hes in a bad mood or its something that could endanger all of us well hed have him shot full of Wolfsbane then call for a brander" Alice said, calmly.

"Who does what now" a voice behind them said. They turned around to find Ryder and Alpha Jacob standing there each holding a drink. "We were just finishing getting things packed away in the cars, now you have our total attention. Did something happen that needs to be dealt with" Jacob asked sounding worried. Anna smiled and shook her head, Alice was right, she needed to not think about the bad tonight. "Well then, Annie it has been awhile, but could I at least have a few minutes with an angel" Jacob asked, playfully. Alice and Anna giggled like girls, but she submitted to his request. He stretched out his arm and lead her towards the drinks. "Now you really want to tell me whats wrong, or do I spend the night guessing," he asked as the walked away from the table.

"Well, one of the guys here, was just trying to go after Willow" Anna was was now talking very quietly. "He got chased off, but I found out what would have happened to him if he kept trying and actually did anything to her," Anna was now rubbing her arms. "I guess I was just reminded of things that happened long ago, its not anything to do with you"Anna was now smiling at him. He always could charm her and it was something she never minded one bit.

"So you

e all mine tonight, no real problems to think of" Jacob asked. He sounded like he was almost begging for her to stay with him.

Tossing her cup somewhere on the ground and throwing her arms around him she nodded,"Where ever you want to go so will I"

-out towards the lake-

Walking towards the lake was the most peaceful thing ever and Willow was loving every moment. It was a million times better than the one song with the guy earlier that night, and while she was trying to put it out of her mind she couldn help but feel guilty. Xavier had been noticing this the entire time, and he wanted to ask but didn . In his mind Willow just missed her home and was lonely. He had asked about the trip they would be taking and on it she would have plenty of time to talk to others. So he didn need to worry. Tonight was a night to just sit and enjoy things, something they had not been able to do in a very long time.

As they got a little ways from where the party was being held a bunch of lighting bugs came out which gave them the idea of trying to catch some of them. So they ran around after the blinking insects until they tired and sat down by the water. "Willow, are..are you upset with not being able to..to, go home" Xavier asked her. He must have been scared of something cause he was playing with the charm his grandfather gave him.

"Well, I am upset about it, but like Anna said we can go home, I have been wanting you to come to the party for I don know how long, and if my dads found out that I needed you to stay alive they would be out for blood" Willow was now kicking at the rocks. It was easy to talk to him if she couldn see him. "So while I miss them, I also hope they won do anything stupid, because of us gone. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to call home. I was going to tell them that I got accepted into a school far away. Knowing them, they would be so happy about it, they wouldn even care, and all they would really want is something that would let them know how I am doing now a then. I don think it really would matter what" And, as Willow said this she looked up at the stars. She was hoping to make a wish, but of course she knew it would never come true. Still, she could at least wish for it and maybe it could happen.

"Funny, I was going to do something similar. Of course, my parents would have a cow, but then they would get over it and just want the occasional call and letter to know I am okay. Kind of funny, us both coming up with the same idea, right" Xavier said leaning towards her.

She gulped,"I don know, it is a common idea. Also" Willow was trying to form words, but Xavier was really starting to get close. She had been close to him, but the way he way now was completely different.

"I know that this isn what you probably had in mind, but maybe it could be, um," he didn finish what he wanted to say. Instead he just gave up to his instinct. Now normally they were all right, but tonight something must have been messing with the controls. While all he really wanting from her was to kiss her, part of her was craving a whole lot more. However, just for now he would be happy with the kiss he got. She even reacted towards it, but only a little bit, still she didn push him away. He almost wanted to do back flips right there, she liked him, he thought she hated him. At least, this feels like it and something that right now is making all of him feel better even more so than winning at sports ever did. Now, what were the two of them not suppose to do, again?

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