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Star-crossed Chapter 1

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It is late in the afternoon, much later than he like. He was doing his best to get through the woods without being seen but not succeeding. With the warm weather coming it was going to make it hard to come and go. He swore as he tripped over a large rock. He really needed to start paying attention more, or he wouldn have basic things like clothes any longer.

Just a little bit more, he thought, then I can lay back and rest. His mind drifted a bit, which caused him to hit his head on a tree branch. This wasn his day, hopefully there is something in the way of food made when he got back. He was starving and with all the pain is now going through he should at the very least get a meal.

Upon reaching the cave, he began to move slowly, almost like he was expecting someone to come out and yell boo....or worse. Satisfied, he walked and greeted the person inside there. A girl who looked like she could have been trying out for mud wrestling. She was covered in dirt from head to toe, and her hair looked like it had not seen a brush in ages. But she still had something different to her, something he just couldn put his finger on.

As he sat down, she looked at him half in worry and half in relief, "Did anyone follow you?" she asked, bringing him some water. He took it with a smile and they both sat down against the wall of the cave.

"No...I don think so," he said, trying to drink and talk at the same time. "Don worry, she said shell come...." another drink of water and then a loud gulp of air, "she just had to get her shop closed up, after all it was midday when I saw her."

It had been months, but a lead 3 months ago lead them to here. By now they were willing to try anything, they had been on the run for 6 months and it was starting to take its toll. Neither one wanted to talk about it, both of them had gotten very accustomed to not having certain things that they had taken for granted all their lives, the biggest one food every day.

"Did anyone come close by today?" he asked. "It is starting to get warm and-"

"No, I didn see anyone, but I heard some campers near, by so no matter what we are going to want to find somewhere else to be tonight," she said looking towards the entrance. "I don know who they are but still better than having talked around the town and bringing someone here." she started to pace a bit. She felt too uneasy at this time to have to wait for someone that they didn know and could be dangerous.

"You know I can believe you are talking like this," he said, leaning back in the chair he had been resting in. A look of mischief on his face, he was tired, but he still wanted to have his fun.

"Like what Im just trying to be careful," she said the begins of another fight, how many of these have they had again? She had lost count and it really didn matter anymore. They always ended the same way, no matter who started it, it had to end really quick. He was just trying to get a rise out of her and he was always good at it.

"If I recall you used to be quite a romantic type." he said, leaning forward,"you were even telling me about all the books youd write....and about the charters and how theyd fall madly in love.....what changed?" looking at her his elbows on his knees.

"This did. This whole thing that made me have to run for my life," she said as she started to cry. "Ill never be the writer, I want to be now, because I look like Im fourteen years old who will take me seriously!" she yelled.

It was true, neither one had changed in a year and a half. While both had gone through some of teen years fine, there were still some things lacking. Not only that, in one town they had seen that their parents had reported them as missing so it made it hard to go anywhere. He didn really think about the future, or at least, he never did up until now, but she did and to him it felt wrong to take that from her.

"Hey....she will come and she will help us" he said standing up."Have faith okay"

Just then a middle aged woman came in through the opening of the cave. She looked out of breath and her clothes looked older than them. She looked around and then gave a loud breath of relief. "I thought I had gotten lost for a bit. But here I am and like I told him earlier, I make no promises. However, are you okay, dear, you look pale." Already the woman had command of the room, grabbing the attention of both teens. "In fact son....you also are looking like you

e a bit under the weather. This isn how I saw you a few hours ago, what happened" she asked.

"Don worry, it happens every time it will go away soon." he said.

"Yeah, we just need to eat something....."

"And I bet you are really thirsty right now? Aren you two," the woman asked, rubbing at her nose. "Not again Alex is going to have a fit when he sees this."

The teens looked at each other then at the woman, there must have been something that they didn get because she was now acting like meeting them was the worse thing in the world. "Ummmm....its okay if you can help us we can-"

She stopped them mid way"No....no no no no. In fact, I think you may need to come with me. My store has a back room and you can stay there. Does that sound like a good idea?"

Both not sure, but having very few options to speak of they go with her from the woods to the small town. If anything could be said about these two it was that they looked like they were sweating bullets about it. But as soon as the door closed and locked they started to ease just a little.

"I have a place in the back where there is a bed and a place to eat why don you start there while I call someone about this." she started to lead them to the back area. It looked like a dorm room would, "sorry about the mess in here sometimes this is where I stay and finish things. I found its easier if I have a place already setup if I need it, and youd be surprised how often I need it" and with that she went to the other room. "Here are some blankets, you are welcome to eat anything in that there is, I have to go call my friend and get yelled at, but I will be back as soon as I can. If you need anything just come and get me" Both of them looked confused. "Don worry about it...but know that nothing will get you while you are here, okay" Both nodded slowly and she left the room. They looked around the room and wondered what do we do now?

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