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On the first floor of the dungeon, Jake and the three women were standing at the center.

Suddenly, a pack of black snakes fell from above their heads. Jake used [Fear Aura] the moment he purchased these Wine Snakes, making them scatter in all directions. He could only store inanimate objects in his inventory.

[Wine Snakes × 90]

[Mature size, Length:- 1.06m, thickness:- 6.5cm]

[Description: These creatures can feed on anythings flesh. When bitten, the victim will feel intoxicated as if they have overdosed on wine. Wine Snakes poison sacs are valuable as they can be used while making various potions.]

[Cost: 1100 Evil Points]

With these on the first floor, it wouldnt be as easy to go down. Jake also added some 1000 normal rats here, so that the snakes wont die of starvation.

After that, was left with barely 400 Evil Points. He decided to plant some more seeds and hopefully, that will create food for the rats.

These plants would feed on the dungeons mana instead of the nutrients from the soil. Thus he didnt need to worry about photosynthesis or irrigation.

The wine snakes were at the top of the food chain in this floor but itll quickly change once more powerful monsters come here.

This was all an investment. If he was going to make this dungeon his base, then he should start forming the ecosystem.

The three girls were stunned seeing him conjure monsters and plant seeds out of thin air.

“How…did you do that”

“Yes, how!”

Jake didnt want to tell him about his system. Not so soon. He just gave the same explanation he gave to Lena and refused to say any further.

They were curious about Jakes mysterious abilities, which Erin and Yunna were sure he didnt have a week ago. However, they knew better than to anger their master and thus didnt mention it twice.

Perry was smarter and didnt even ask. She had seen him take out a potion bottle out of thin air, so she wasnt as surprised as the other two.

“Our work here is done. Yunna, inform the spider queen to move one floor higher.” Jake turned around and ordered.

Yunna nodded and quickly headed downstairs. Jake then turned to Erin and ordered her to scout the area around the dungeon. Especially the forests and the villages surrounding it.

“Bring me a report of monsters residing nearby. Their types, strength, packs sizes and which is the leader. You should be able to do that, right”

Erin proudly raised her chin. Such a thing was easy peasy for a vampiress like her.

Jake nodded and leaned towards her. He then added something in her ear and hearing it, Erins expression turned surprised. She didnt know why her master would want her to spread false rumors in human settlements.

‘Does our dungeon really have stocks of beautifying potions for females Erins eyes flashed with doubt.

She couldnt understand Jakes aim here but as it was his command, she would spread those rumors nonetheless.

“Then, master. Ill take my leave.” Erin bowed and turned into numerous bats the size of human fists, flying out of the dungeon into the embrace of night.

‘Im counting on you Erin. Jake flashed an evil smile. He had just found an excellent way to earn points.

‘I should learn a memory erasing spell… As he thought of this, he turned to Perry who was standing there with a smile on her face.

They started walking and Jake commented, “You know, although you have lost that holy aura, you still radiate nobility.”

Perry descended with him with willowy steps. She could be a supermodel with such grace in her movement.

“I have been trained to act as such from a young age, my lord.” Even her voice was calming to hear, yet somewhere there was this hint of mischief which she recently gained.

“I see…”

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 8 Evil Points!]

Jake casually pulled her closer and massaged her breasts as they walked. He couldnt get enough of her beauty.

Jake and Perry reached the sixth floor. They went through the dark corridors that were littered with spiderwebs. It appeared some of spider queens children had reached here. Jake burned those webs along the way and they reached the chamber where Keirth was caged in.

As they entered, Jake saw that the boy was actually awake. Finding that someone was finally entering, Keirth raised his head. His eyes bulged when he saw a horned demon with a beautiful demoness…

”Miss Perry!”

The boy cried out and struggled to break free of the chains that bound him against the wall. These were also Erins chains. However, she wasnt here to free him. He hadnt eaten much during these days and his strength fell short.

”Who” Perry asked with a confused expression on her face, then she smiled as Jake massaged her butt cheeks.

”M-miss Perry, its me! Keirth!” The boy shouted, clearly in shock. He then saw Jake casually stroking the priestesss thigh and couldnt help but burst in rage.

”Demon! How dare you touch mis-” He suddenly couldnt utter a single word. A terrifying aura came out of Jakes body and his whole body turned limp as if he was standing in front of a ferocious predator.

”How dare I touch your miss Perry” Jake smirked and suddenly kissed the girl.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 10 Evil Points!]

In the eyes of Keirth, Perry blushed and buried herself into Jakes embrace. The demons left palm sank into her plump breasts as he suckled on her tasty lips. Hearing Perry let out aroused moans, Keirth felt like his whole world was falling.

No! NO! T-This must be a dream, a nightmare! Miss Perry… such a gentle person. She was the epitome of purity and righteousness, how could this happen!

”Mmm, master,” Perry said while gasping, ”Please ** me like last time~”

”Youve been getting real naughty, huh.” Jake slipped his hands from her waist and grabbed handfuls of her asses with his both palms, kneading them as if he had forgotten about Keirths existence.

The boys eyes were red as blood and tears were threatening to drop. They were tears of anger, at himself for being so weak and at the demon for corrupting pure miss Perry. His fantasies about one day marrying this beautiful priestess and living with two children in a remote mansion instantly broke into countless pieces.


”Shut up. Cant you see were busy” Perry said with a frown on her face. The next second, she kissed Jake as he started undressing her.

Jakes mind was actually scheming something else as he gave Perry his middle finger to suck. The reason he was doing this little act was to make the boy angry. So angry that his blood vessels may rupture, his veins may snap.

Only by feeling immense anger would the boy be able to consume the Demon Heart and become a Hell Knight. The angrier he was before consumption, the greater chances of him becoming a high-ranked knight.

‘System, show me the rage meter, He ordered as he touched Perrys underwear. This was a new feature of the system he had discovered, it was under the Sinners Roulette and measured the sinful emotions a person felt.

[Rage: 209 Points]

A normal human would have 10. A slightly angry person would have around 50. Going past 100, that person would surely be seeking revenge for something or someone. However, 200 points were abnormal.

‘But not enough. I need it to be 500. Only then there is the prospect of him becoming a Rank 3 Hell Knight, Jake thought as he looked at Keirth who had stopped glancing, tightly closing his eyes.

Jakes face turned ruthless the next moment. He took out a clean bed from his inventory and it made a loud sound as it fell to the floor. The bedding nearly fell but he used [Demonic Grasp] to keep it on the bed. This skill was his strongest, almost exactly like telekinesis.

Seeing a whole bed fall out of thin air, Keirth couldnt help but be stunned. However, wrath burned within him when he saw the naked miss Perry climbing on the bed together with the demon.

Jake suddenly threw a small seed at the boy which enlarged to form a sticky mass and sealed his mouth shut. Keirth wanted to scream but he couldnt. His whole body started shuddering as he looked at Jake climbing on top of miss Perry.

”Get on all fours.”

”Yes, master~”

Perry happily replied and got into a sexy position. Jake looked at the panel which only he could see.

[Rage: 269]

‘A good number… He thought, pulling the priestesss white underwear and showing her pink lips.


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