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Sin SystemDemonic Harem After Reincarnation Chapter 4

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Jakes personal chamber was a large room brightly lit by magical torches. At the center, there was a large bed with crimson and ebony patterned bedding.

The floor was tiled with smooth dark Kelivr, a type of stone of this world. There was a shelf with various books on the left. Weapons of fallen adventurers as well as the body parts of rare monsters were hung on the right wall.

The entrance out of this large chamber was behind them, a dark corridor. There was a sort of evil aura about this place. However, the two girls sitting on the bed felt more comfortable here. Being creatures of evil alignment, they would instead be unsettled by holiness.

‘Tell me more about how this system works, Jake commanded as he neared the succubus and the vampiress.

[Does the host want to see the newbie guide]


[The Sin System works on Evil Points which can be used to increase your stats – buy items, abilities, or servants from the shop, and spin the Sinners Roulette.]

[Host currently has unlocked only one sin, Lust, so only by doing something lustful can you gain Evil Points at the moment. Examples include, the fondling from earlier, deep kissing, naked cuddling, sex or anything that arouses deep sexual desire. As for the other sins, the host would have to do something else.]

Reading through all of that, Jakes eyes showed understanding. He had a glint in his eyes finding that he could also buy servants. There were groups of monsters displayed in the shop when he checked it earlier.

That meant he could replenish the goblins on the first floor!

With his large muscular body, Jake sat between the two girls. He could smell their enchanting scents. Not accustomed to being around girls, he was a little nervous. However, he mustered up confidence a second later. He wasnt the same now.

“Master… Ah~” Yunna could feel Jakes large hand on her waist. He also grabbed Erins waist and pulled them both closer.

Jake could feel a heat rising within him as he felt their comfortable bodies.

[Lust Detected.]

“I knew it!” Erin smiled charmingly and boldly placed her pale thighs on Jakes lap. Her red skirt lifted and seeing that sight, Jake couldnt hold himself.

‘Fuck it. He entered his hand inside Erins cleavage and felt her bosom. Her fleshy glands were perky and soft when squeezed.

[Ding! You have committed your first lustful sin. You gain 100 Evil Points!]

With his other hand, he held Yunnas chin and pecked her lips. The succubuss inherent ability made him lust for her body even more as he forced his tongue inside her mouth.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 15 Evil points!]

‘Mmm… Yunna closed her eyes. For a succubus, an act such as this with her demon master was vital. Succubi had a “need” which could only be satisfied by a demon.

The sounds of lips sucking eachother resounded within the chamber. Jake could feel a pleasurable sensation while his tongue entangled with Yunnas.

As he broke the kiss to take a breath, a bridge of saliva formed between their lips. Jake could still feel the texture of her lips and the insides of her blushing cheeks.

“Ah~ Master…” Yunna moaned as Jake slipped his hand to hold one of her large breasts.

Yunna was a young succubus, born from the Hells demonic mana about 20 years ago. She was still a child when Baron Jake learned of herTrue Name. Since then, she had become his loyal servant.

However, her master was devastated after being exiled from the Hell by the joint effort of Raelis House. He was busy handling his newly formed dungeon in this human world and hadnt spent much time with her at all.

Turning 20, she could feel that she wouldnt be able to handle her succubi instincts and might jump on her master one of these days. However, todays master was different…

‘Uh, something is rising… Jake thought as he felt Erins fleshy mounds on his pelvis. She had wrapped her thighs around him and looked at him with jealous eyes.

”Master… can I have a little bit of your blood Just a small sip” She suddenly asked.

Jake hesitated. However, knowing that Erin had taken a blood oath to be his servant, he was assured she wouldnt harm him. Otherwise, she would immediately die due to the blood curse.

“Sure.” Jake stroked her thigh and touched her butt.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 15 Evil Points!]

Erin was stunned! She couldnt believe her master agreed so easily. Before today, no matter how much she begged, Jake would never let her have even a drop of his blood. Yet, today he trusted her.

Erin felt exicted as happiness bloomed within her. She cautiously looked at Jakes neck and brought her face near it.

Her fangs stretched longer and she showed a cute smile to her master. Beautiful yet dangerous, that was how Jake would describe her.

“Ah…” Jake felt Erins fangs sinking on his neck. Yet, there was no pain and only heightened pleasure.

[Ding! Your lust is increasing!]

Some streams of blood left his veins and Erin excitedly shook her butt like she was wagging an imaginary tail. As she latched her body on him, the aroma of her red hair wafted in his nose.

Jakes mind fluttered when Yunna kissed his cheek and hugged him. The girls suddenly pushed him and he fell on his back. If it was any other time, their strength would have been insufficient. However, Jake was going along with them here.

Laying on the bed, he felt the weight of Yunnas and Erins body on him. Both their breasts pressed on his chest. By now, Jakes little brother was harder than Yunnas cute horns.

[Ding! Your lust is at healthy levels.]

Erin finished sucking on his neck which had two bite marks. There was not a drop of blood on her lips even though it was bloody red. She wrapped her cold palms around him and kissed his face multiple times.

Jake couldnt smell the blood on her at all. She had absorbed everything and only gave off an intoxicating scent.

Suddenly, both girls cried out in surprise as they felt two large palms pressing the middle of their fleshy mounds.

‘These are so soft…

The girls felt certain fingers rubbing their private parts and couldnt help but moan.


[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 50 Evil Points!]

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 50 Evil Points!]

The systems notifications rang in Jakes mind and he suddenly thought of a brilliant idea.

‘What if I inserted my fingers inside How many points for that


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