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Everyone turned their heads and saw the talking bat descend towards Jake. Midair, a red mist covered the bats body, and a bloody smell permeated the air. They saw with wide eyes how it mushed into a red liquid and formed a humanoid figure. Within no time, the previously strange bat became a female human!

Red hair, red irises, smooth pale skin, and long nails… it was a beautiful girl in a crimson gown who looked to be in her early twenties.

”Ehe… So you people want to kill my master” She gazed at each one of them and moved her curvy hips. The glow in her eyes became brighter and brighter as she smiled, showing her fangs.

To Jake, Erin looked cute as hell. But to others, she was a creature of night, a dangerous being.

”A vampiress!”

”Diana, she knows how to transform. What do we do” Harris asked. Any vampire who could transform was at least at the 2nd Circle. They could suppress a demon, but if a vampire also joined, things would get more dangerous. Now even that thief called Vin was acting.

At present, Matthew was already dead, and Alex was down. The four of them remained, but Riri couldnt fight. So that meant only he, Gordon and Diana were left to fend off their opponents. If they tried to avenge Matthew, then they all might die here!

Ting! Diana blocked Jakes attack and shouted, ”We have to leave and inform the guild. The situation is not in our fav- Ah!”

Jake used [Dark Fire] on Dianas lower body. Before it could consume her feet, she threw away her boots. Getting away from him, she looked at Harris. Seeing her signal, he lifted Riri, but before he made any other movement, his blood started boiling for no reason.

He gritted his teeth and looked at Erin, who was holding her hand out with a smile. The next second, she moved forward like a ghost.


Another explosion resounded at this moment as Vin came to assist Jake in fighting Gordon, who had gone berserk. This giant completely didnt care no matter how much Jake injured him. In a berserk state, one didnt feel pain or any emotions other than rage.

‘Rage I can just- No, I dont have sufficient points to buy a Demon Heart again. Jake jumped back.

On the other side of this floor, Erin was using her Blood Magic to fight against Diana and Harris. They were holding out well when working together. However, everything changed from here on out.

A roar came from the staircase which led to the second floor, and monsters poured in the next moment. Goblins, kobolds, trolls… Even the orcs had come.

Jake ordered the monsters to target Gordon and immediately dashed towards the direction of Erin. Vin followed him close behind, amazed and frightened by so many monsters.

”Diana, Run! Take captain and inform the others a demon has spawned along with the dungeon!” Harris shouted with great determination. He had always told his teammates that he was their guardian. Now was the time to show it.

Clang! Keeping Riri behind him, he blocked Erins bloody nails.

Diana bit her lips. She wanted to say something, but seeing more monsters come out; she steeled her mind. Someone had to live. If they all died, then those who came later would face the same fate.

”Harris…” She looked at this man one last time and turned around. However, Diana was met with something shed never expected.

[Bewitching Eyes]

It was Jakes new skill, which he hadnt used even once. This was enough to put her in a trance. Right at that moment, a nearby wine snake bit her bare feet. The skills effect disappeared, but a strong drunkenness replaced it.

Her sword fell at this moment and Harris cried, ”Diana!”

He suddenly paused when he felt something enter from his back.

”W-what…” His voice cracked as he turned around and saw a monster. In the hands of that kobold was a spear with which it had pierced Harriss heart.

”No! Harris!” Riri pushed a goblin but before she could go any further, she felt a strong pulling force.

”Come here,” Jake said as he used Demonic Grasp. Her body was light, so she directly flew to his side and he caught her by her waist.

”Aaaa!” Riri pulled out a knife which she had been hiding and tried stabbing Jake. However, he caught it with ease.

”You demon!” she tried struggling. Jake had an expressionless face as he slapped her, immediately making her faint.

Jake put her body down and ordered the kobolds to take Harris away. They made subservient noises and backed away while stabbing the man, who was letting out horrifying cries.

Erin came beside Jake at this moment and pointed at Diana, who was stumbling while holding her head. She had already killed the snake, but she could fight no longer.

”What about her” Erin asked.

”Bite her, but dont make her your slave.” Jake commanded and Erin giggled before moving her legs. Her body became a red shadow as she neared the swordswoman.

Vin watched all this in a nervous silence. Jake turned his gaze around and saw the goblins carrying the mage.

”Stop.” Jake walked to them. The goblins looked at him with confused faces.

Jake punched one of them, and they all screamed. However, he didnt care and crushed that goblins skull. After that, he took the ring in its hand. All the goblins widened their eyes. Someone of their kin had tried stealing that humans ring!

”Leave the body and get out of my face before I slaughter your entire tribe.”

Hearing this, the goblins fearfully bowed, put the mage down, and ran to the 2nd floor. Jake sighed and ordered some orcs to bring the mage to a chamber on the 5th floor. He would still find the tribe of that goblin and exterminate it. That will keep these sneaky creatures obedient.

After the orcs, goblins, and kobolds left… Jake glanced at Gordon, who was surrounded by trolls. The berserk man was already tired and the battle would soon finish. He didnt need to worry now.

Jake carried this petite woman called Riri and turned to Erin, who had finished having her share of blood.

”Master, are we not killing them” she asked as she carried Diana.

”No, I have better uses for these two.” Jake started touching the adventurers weapons and stored them in his inventory.

[Ding! You have committed your first greedy sin. You gain 450 Evil Points!]


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