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Sin SystemDemonic Harem After Reincarnation Chapter 2

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As Jake instinctively touched the dark red disk that came in his sight, the disk started spinning. After five seconds, it stopped and he heard the systems notification again.

[Ding! Congratulations, you have unlocked the Sin of Lust!]

At this moment, Erin and Yuuna were confused seeing their master waving his finger at the empty air. They looked at each other and thought that it was some new power master had gained.

”Master, two adventurers have entered the valley!” Jake jolted as he heard that sudden voice in his left air.

From the entrance of the chamber, a green sprite flew towards him looking worried. She was the dungeon fairy. As long as the dungeon core wasnt destroyed, she would remain alive.

Jake stood up from his seat and placed his feet on the cold black floor below. It was hard and stony. Erin and Yunna, the two girls, slipped from his lap and stood beside him.

Jake had never been this close to girls, much less being so intimate with them. He wanted to savor that moment, however, it seemed there was a more urgent matter at hand.

He still hadnt gone through the new memories he had gained and needed some time to make out this whole situation. Thus, he ordered the succubus and the vampire to go with Lena, the dungeon fairy, to see just who was it that had intruded upon his dungeon.

After they left with their beautiful bodies and sweet smells, Jake couldnt help but take a deep breath. Acting was hard and… holy **!

”I actually reincarnated!” Jake started feeling all over his body. He still couldnt believe what just happened.

Jake remembered that there was a mirror in another chamber, thus he went there and saw how he looked at the moment.

”Whoa-” He wasnt overreacting when he saw that he literally had two black horns like that of a cows.

He was big, around 66” with a buff body and a scary-looking face. Jake turned to the left and to the right, comparing his biceps and then leaned closer to take a good look of his face.

He had thick eyebrows, a refined jawline, long red hairs, and a roman nose. His eyes were deep black and his pupils seemed to contain a malice that could only be found in a real demon.

Jake clenched his fists, feeling the strength in his body. He was tens or even hundreds of times stronger than a normal human on earth. He felt like he could easily punch through the walls around him. However, he didnt want to test that now.

”What was that Sin System from earlier” As he asked that question to seemingly no one, a notification again rang in his mind.

[Please use thestatus command to view your stats.]

‘This magical voice in my mind… its real. Jake then said ”status” and a dark panel appeared before him.

[Name: Jake Farlen]

[Species: Demon]

[Rank: 2nd Circle]

[Title: Demon Baron ( 30 Reputation among Demon Nobles, partial command over lesser monsters)]

[Job: Dungeon Master]

[Evil Points: 0]

[Sin(s) Unlocked: Lust]

[Strength: 201 / Agility: 216 / Stamina: 205 / Vitality: 241 / Intelligence: 230 / Mana: 290 / Charisma: 232 / Will: 201]

[Abilities: Fear Aura (Superiorーlvl. 3), Demonic Grasp (Rareーlvl. 1), Mana Communication (Superiorーlvl. 5), Dark Fire (Rareーlvl. 2)]

[Inventory / Shop]

[Sinners Roulette (Unavailable, Requires 10,000 Evil Points to spin again)]

[Please commit a lustful sin to get Evil Points.]

”So this system is designed to make me the ultimate bad guy…” Jake couldnt help but laugh nervously.

Then he remembered how powerful other demons or even the humans in this world were. Jake had to be strong to survive. Here, people would come to kill him the moment they found out about his existence. He couldnt be going around being the good guy…

”This system can make me powerful. I would be a fool to not acknowledge its abilities. With the help of it, I might even be able to return to Hell and get back my fiefdom…” Jake had already accepted that he was a demon now.

From his memories, he remembered that Demon Jake had already sinned a lot. Without knowing, Jake from the earth was getting influenced by the psyche of Jake the demon. The earthling Jake viewed the world to be selfish and Jake the demon WAS selfish.

The end result of their memories clashing changed Jakes beliefs. He suddenly chuckled and thought,I have decided. In this life, I wont hold back. Ill be the strongest and take everything that I couldnt get on earth.

Humans were inherently sinners. If sinning brought him power which brought happiness and freedom in return, even if it was dangerous, why would he back away from such a prospect

Jake clicked the shop icon on the panel before him. Seeing that everything cost Evil Points, he frowned. The system said he would have to commit a lustful sin. Lust… Lust… how much would a session of sex give him

Just as Jake thought of this question, he heard a disturbance in the dungeon. A fight was happening!

”Master, a priestess and a swordsman have entered the dungeon. The goblins on the first floor are getting slaughtered!” Lenas cute voice rang in his left ear.

Hearing her, he quickly headed towards the higher floors with a shrewd look on his face.


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