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– (R-18) –

Rose hung a flickering lamp in her right hand as she led him to the second floor. Jake was subjected to the enticing view of two gigantic buttocks moving up and down as Rose climbed the stairs. He followed right behind her without talking.

The corridors floor creaked when Rose and Jake stepped onto it. The hostess suddenly stumbled, and Jake caught her by her hand. As if by accident, his hand landed on one of her breasts.

”Be careful, miss Rose, youre too drunk.” Jake intentionally squeezed the flesh bag in his hand, sinking his fingers deep.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 15 Evil Points!]

”Eh, thank you, young man…” Rose didnt even realize what he was doing to her. The lamp fell from her hand but fortunately, it stood straight on the floor and its light didnt go out.

”You have to wake up early tomorrow to assist in the marriage, dont you” Jake suddenly lifted her in a princess-carry.

”Let me take you to the room.”

”Eh, but wasnt I going to…” Rose trailed off. Her eyes were cloudy and her cheeks flushed.

Jake walked towards his room, leaving the yellow lamp there. His footsteps were slow, yet firm. The wind outside made the inns wooden planks shudder. The rain intensified, subduing the sound of his footsteps.

Rose held Jakes collars and looked at him. She couldnt see his face in this darkness. Still, this Johnnys powerful arms and broad chest reminded her of her husband. He was also a fiery adventurer. But alas, he died fighting a basilisk five years ago.

Now that she thought of it, she had never been this close to a man since her husbands death. Rose was a loyal wife. In this world where patriarchy was prevalent, widows remained unmarried until death. Thus, any mans death was a curse to his wife. Such a backward society.

”Were here, Miss Rose.” Jake took out his key and inserted it into the doors hole. Rose looked ahead as Jake stroked her thighs through the gowns skirt.

”This is my room…” She asked in an absent-minded manner.

”Yes, this is my room.” Jake walked inside, closing the door with his feet.

A gust of chilly wind invaded inside from the open window. There was one lamp hanging inside the room. Thick glass covered its flame, so it didnt go out.

The sky suddenly thundered.


Rose instinctively closed her eyes and clung to Jakes neck. She sobered up for a moment and was confused about being in that position. However, the dose of alcohol kicked in again, and she felt dizzy. Ugh, she shouldnt have drunk that much, but it was the marriage of her friends son tomorrow.

She felt sad thinking of young people marrying. She remembered her husbands face 18 years ago. The passion in his eyes, the love for her that night.

”Eh Braun… you came back…” Rose stretched her hands towards Jake as he gently laid her on the bed.

The blue lightning briefly illuminated Jakes face, and a loud thunder rang two seconds later. It startled Rose. Her tipsy attitude then disappeared and rationality pierced the cloud in her eyes. She couldnt help but be scared seeing Jake towering above her, looking down on her vulnerable body.

This time Jake noticed she was sobering up, and he sighed. He didnt want to use it. For the first time, he was about to get laid without the help of the system but it seemed he was still too inexperienced.

[Ding! You have equipped the title ”Lust Demon.” Females around you within a 10 meter radius from you will be aroused!]

‘What… am I… Rose suddenly felt her pussy getting itchy. Her nipples hardened, and she felt a profound need for someones touch. This feeling… it was more powerful than an adolescents thirst for sex!

”Ah~” She involuntarily moaned as her hand went towards her pleasure organ on its own.

Rose could feel that something had awakened within her, something she had suppressed deep within herself for five whole years.

”Miss Rose, your body seems hot,” Jake gently touched her neck and then slipped his palm down to her breast.

”Here too, are you okay” He seemed genuinely worried for her, slipping his hand inside her gown and touching her bare breasts. He could feel the warmth of her body as he kept his wrist on her cleavage, his palm sandwiched between her two large boobs.

”Hah… hah…” Rose was already rubbing her private part. Just a mans presence near her was making her go crazy. What was happening

She knew this wasnt right. She shouldnt be doing such a shameful act in the presence of a young man. However, her defenses were falling down one by one. She was already imagining Johnnys rod inside her, fulfilling her lust accumulated all these lonely years.

Rose heard the belt being pulled. Then two big hands grabbed her mature thighs and spread them apart. Jake easily tore her skirt and her gown became an erotic one piece.

Jake could see her fair thighs extending from her curvy hips. Rose worked hard each day and despite having such bountiful assets, which she gained because of her motherly constitution, she was fit. Not too thick, not too thin – thats how her waist, hands, and legs were.

Such a great woman and yet she had to suffer each day, unable to ** and enjoy the pleasures of life. How could he, Johnny the Savior or better yet, Johnny the Sinner, not save her

”Rose,” Jake omitted the ”miss” title. ”You look beautiful tonight, just as beautiful as you were the night we took our first ride.”

”Braun…” Rose muttered as Jakes pants fell, showing his long, meaty stick.

‘I feel cringe, yet not, Jake thought, climbing onto Roses sexy body. This was his first attempt at being a medieval Casanova, so his lines would, of course, be rather amateur.

”Yes Rose, its me. You mustve longed for this every night, didnt you” Jake brought his demon blade close to her mouth.

Kissing the tip of Jakes cock, Rose couldnt help but be confused for a second. Her husbands rod wasnt this thick and straight. However, the lust in herself threw her reasoning away as she opened her salivating mouth.

Jake impatiently tore her upper clothing apart as well and turned around. He could feel his pelvis flattening Roses juicy breasts as he leaned towards her spread legs. He then pulled her underwear off and threw it on the floor. A wet, meaty pussy was waiting for him to eat.

The moment Jake kissed it, he felt two pink lips sucking the tip of his little brother like a lollipop. Rose held his shaft with both her hands and took his cock deeper inside her mouth. Meanwhile, Jake inserted his tongue to feel the warmth and softness of her insides as she wiggled her asses in pleasure.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 34 Evil Points!]

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 35 Evil Points!]

The sixty-nine had begun.


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