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Keirths whole body was covered in red marks. If Jake pushed his limit even a bit further, the boys mind would break and he would die of rage, literally.

Jake stretched his hand forward and it glowed with a dark light. He used [Dark Fire] to burn Erins chains and it melted into blood that converged into a red ball. Erin could take this blood back later.

After freeing Keirth who was in no condition to do anything, Jake used [Demonic Grasp] to drag the boy out of this chamber. He went to the largest area of the sixth floor where monsters would reside with Kierth following him.

Reaching the middle, Jake placed Keirths body there. He was bloodied, had dust all over his body and looked absolutely horrific right now. Anyone who saw the boy would surely mistake him for a possessed human.


A system panel appeared before him just as he called. Jake withdrew the last item and a beating black heart appeared in his hand. Holding it, he could sense the power inside that heart. It was a real demons heart which cost him 6666 Evil Points.

Everything he gained after **ing Erin when she advanced was used to buy it.

[Demons Heart]

[Item Grade: Unique (Mid)]

[Description: Taken out from the dying body of a 4th Circle Hell Demon. Eating it would corrupt the consumer with the properties of Hell, giving that person or animal unimaginable power.]

[Prerequisites: Extreme Rage]

So it seemed the power cap was fourth circle which required about 2000 Rage. Only those demons of destruction bloodline would qualify for that. 500 was already more than good. Jake looked at the boy laying on the floor and brought the Demons Heart to his mouth.

A normal person would be disgusted by it and would run away if someone tried making them eat such a thing. However, Kierths mind right now was filled with anger, so much so that he wanted to kill and destroy everyone and everything.

When the beating black heart with red blood on its surface came near his mouth, Kierth immediately attacked by biting. Jake pulled his hand back and saw the boy pull flesh out of that heart.

Jakes eyes narrowed as he used [Demonic Grasp] to make sure Kierth didnt throw away even a drop of blood or a piece of flesh. He made Keirth eat everything!

Before Keirth had eaten even half of it, the transformation had already started. Jake backed away as the terrific power of hell invaded Kierths body.


The dungeons air seemed more malevolent. The spiders one floor above were so scared that they didnt move even an inch, including the queen. Yunna recognized this aura. She thought that the master mustve opened a gate to hell and hurried down to check.

But when she reached the stairs and looked below, she saw a man going through demon transformation. Kierths body was enlarging. His veins got bigger and his eyeballs bursted. A demons blood squirmed inside those veins!

Keirth was rapidly absorbing the dungeons mana. Within a minute, a dark mana core formed just beside his heart. For some time, the dungeon had no mana at all before the dungeon core started replenishing it.

Jake was standing before the boy with a large dark red fire burning on his palm. His eyes were fixated on Kierth whose face melted to reveal the skull. The skull also got large and flesh covered it again, hardened red flesh.

Blood coagulated to form charred black skin which had red cracks all over it. Keirths frame had enlarged up to 8 feet and a bloody armor formed around his body. It was connected with his flesh and blood.

A large broadsword formed in Kierths hand whose length was as long as Yunnas height, 57”. It was crimson and had a metallic sheen to it, just like the armors in his body.


Keirth stood up. One giant ball was squirming in his face. He didnt have his nose, eyes, mouth or anything, just that ball underneath his skin. It was about to split open soon.

Jake walked forward now. Honestly, he was pretty nervous. Keirths transformation was almost complete and only one thing remained.

‘I have to place my soul mark on him before he opens his eye! Jakes eyes flashed as he came before Keirth.

He first used [Demonic Grasp] to make this giant kneel. Fear Aura wouldnt work. Jake wasnt surprised by the resistance he met. He kept his calm and stretched his right hand forward.

The moment he tapped on that face ball, Jake used his new skill [Marking] to place his unique soul mark on Kierth.

Jake felt a connection with him and the Hell Knight. He could order Kierth with his mind now. Maybe because Kierth had to use all his rage to resist the corruption from Hell, there was no mental resistance when Jakes soul mark was placed on him.

Suddenly, Kierths only eye opened and an aura of Third Circle Demon radiated inside the dark room!

Although Jake was only a 2nd Circle Demon, his status was way higher than Keirth as he had the title of a Demon Baron.

”Stand up,” Jake ordered and Keirth stopped kneeling.

”From now on, you are the Guardian of the Sixth Floor. Anyone who reaches here without my permission, you are commanded to kill them. As my knight, you will die defending this place if needed.”

Keirth nodded to show that he understood and walked towards the back of this floor with his sword.

His body was like a statue as he stood with his eyes closed. Keirth didnt need to eat, **, or sleep. Now, his mind was tenacious but was not as complex as a humans. The only thing he would do was kill every single intruder who reached here.

‘Finally, I have a last line of defense. For now, unless a high-ranking mage or adventurer comes here, I can rest assured that no intruder will go past this floor. Jake thought as he walked towards Yunna who finally descended downstairs.

With Kierth here, the security of his dungeon had improved by leaps and bounds.

”Master… How did you turn him into a… Hell Knight” Yunna asked while looking at Keirth with a bit of apprehension.

Jake patted her head and replied, ”He ate the Demon Heart.”

Yunna was stunned! Demon Heart This was a treasure that not even Counts would have. How did her master even get it Yunna felt like Jake was getting more and more shrouded in mystery and she had no way to explain it.

‘Hah… h-he also seems more interested in a lowly succubus like me… She thought, feeling his naughty hand stroking her butt. She then looked at him and saw the same secret hand signs that would make things appear out of nowhere.

However, Jake wasnt using the inventory at the moment. He instead bought the skill with the points he gained earlier. He had been wanting to buy this skill and only now did he have another 1050 Evil Points to spare.

It was the skill [Demon Eye] which could show him the status of someone or something. The moment Jake used it, a visible purple glow appeared in his left iris. He could see the Hell Knights status now.

[Name: Keirth Vinel]

[Species: Demon]

[Rank: 3rd Circle]

[Title: Servant of Jake Farlen ( 10 Reputation among demon nobles)]

[Job: Hell Knight]

[Strength: 313 / Agility: 302 / Stamina: 322 / Vitality: 340 / Intelligence: 67 / Mana: 188 / Charisma: 26 / Will: 105]

[Abilities: Heavy Swordsmanship (Superiorーlvl.4), Heart Palpitation (SuperiorーPassive), Berserk (Rareーlvl. 6), Lesser Regeneration (Rareーlvl. 7), Eye of Anger (Uniqueーlvl. 2)]

Jake was impressed by the stats and abilities of Keirth. There was even a passive skill in his arsenal. It would definitely come handy if Keirth was ever cornered by a large group!

Jake then glanced at Yunna while descending towards the last floor. He knew her abilities and she also had about the same stats as he had guessed.

Illusory Pleasure, Whispers of Lust, Life Steal, Vigorous Stamina… Oh, what was this Her Charisma was over 300!

However, what shocked him more was that she also had a bloodline!

[Bloodline: Demoness of Desire (1st stage)]

[Origin: Asmodeus]

[A creature with this bloodline can evoke uncanny desires within others. Just by being around, the creature will drive others crazy with lust and greed. However, that creature will feel a deep sexual need every week. Satisfying that need is good for the creatures health and also increases the bloodlines power.]

Yunna innocently looked at her master feeling his piercing gaze. She herself wasnt aware of her bloodline. It was only in its 1st stage. However, after her first sex with Jake, she had been feeling somewhat itchy lately…


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