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Crackantula, a Diamond level Beast

“Yiyi, we cant return empty-handed! There are so many Demantula eggs for us to choose from. This is a great opportunity!”

“Thats right, Yiyi. Despite everything else, we should give it a shot, right”

“I also want a new Beast.”

A Beast egg with a Mid Iron level potential could be sold for at least a few hundred thousand in the market.

Not to mention those with higher potential.

And here, the Demantula eggs were all over the place for them to choose from.

Not many people would be able to resist such temptation.

This was particularly true for students like them. They would never pass up an opportunity to better themselves.

Liu Yiyi shook her head helplessly but then said, “Do you have enough money to raise another Beast However, given the circumstances, now is a good time to choose a Beast egg.”

After all, the stronger Demantulas were not around, and the strongest of the remaining dozens were only at the Upper-9 Iron level.

It had even fallen asleep.

As long as they kept quiet, they wouldnt alarm it.

“We can think of another way to get the money. If we miss this opportunity, well really miss it.”

“At most, Ill just get a job.”

“Thats right, thats right!”

Everyone couldnt wait to pick out the Demantula eggs.

After getting Liu Yiyis approval, they immediately took action.

The group moved by relying on rocks and other obstacles, bending their backs, and carefully avoiding the Demantulas line of sight.

When they arrived in front of a pile of Demantula eggs.

One by one, everyone stepped forward and tried to form a pact.

Making a pact without knowing the details of the egg was undoubtedly a risky bet.

But they had no choice since no one was an appraiser on the team.

They didnt want to miss such a great opportunity, so this was their only choice.

However, this was not a problem for Su Bai at all. He directly opened the panel to check Beast eggs information.

“None of them are good.” Su Bai shook his head after reading it.

Out of the nine Demantula eggs, the one with the highest potential was only of Mid Silver level.

Su Bai didnt even care about it.

During the academy term, students would usually not train more than three Beasts simultaneously.

The training cost was one of the reasons.

More importantly, the students cannot do the full range of things.

There were indeed people among Beastmasters who owned many Beasts.

However, almost all of the Beasts were support-type.

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A truly capable Beastmaster would have no more than ten Beasts in their lifetime.

Perfection was the word, and it couldnt be more suitable to describe the Beastmasters.

“Damn, this wont do.”

The students in the team had all tried, but all of them failed.

This was a very normal phenomenon.

Most Beast eggs the academy prepared for the students were at the Bronze level, and the requirements for forming the pact were low. Therefore, the success rate was very high.

However, out of the nine Demantula eggs in front of everyone, six had potential at the Silver level.

“Youre not planning to take one with you It shouldnt be difficult with your talent,” said Su Bai. He looked at Liu Yiyi and chuckled.

Liu Yiyis talent belonged to the rare type. Thus, it was easier for her to gain the favor of the Beast egg.

Liu Yiyi shook her head and said, “Forget it. I will take one step at a time. Plus, Im quite satisfied with the Illucub and didnt want to be distracted by other Beasts for the time being.”

“Youve got the point there,” Su Bai nodded and agreed with Liu Yiyi.

None were rich kids, so they had no extra resources to spend.

But if the potential was high enough, Su Bai wouldnt mind having one more Beast.

The students in the team had all failed, and the excitement from before had faded by quite a bit.

But there were still people who were unwilling to accept defeat.

Liu Yiyi could only helplessly say, “Lets try one more batch. If it fails, then give up. Who knows when those Demantulas will return”


Everyone cheered up again and went to the new batch of Demantula eggs.

Su Bai opened the information panel and checked the eggs stats one by one with interest.

They were about the same as the previous batch. None of them were too good, but their potential was not low either.

Su Bais attention was drawn to a Demantula egg wrapped in spider silk not far away.

Su Bai opened the information panel out of habit to check on the egg.


Then, he was suddenly stunned.

Name: Crackantula

Lineage: Thousand-Demon

Potential: Lower Diamond

Talent: Extrasensory (Epic)

Element: None

Nature: Perseverance

Affinity: 69

It was a spider-type Beast egg with Diamond level potential and an epic level talent!

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that Su Bai had hit the jackpot.

A Diamond level Beast egg was extremely rare in the entire Los Monstaria.


Moreover, they would usually not be taken out for sale.

Su Bai didnt expect to encounter one when he encountered a nest.

Its as if one suddenly got a whim on an ordinary day, bought a lottery ticket, and won first prize.

“What potential do these Demantula eggs possess None of us could successfully form a pact.

“Is my talent really that bad”

“Alright, lets retreat.”

“Theres still a chance. Ill report this to the teacher. There might even be a reward.”

“Since were already here, why dont we carry one away”

“No can do. Taking away the Beast eggs might alert the Demantulas here.”

“Sigh... Im so depressed now.”

Unsurprisingly, everyone failed utterly again.

They had already given up on the idea of taming a new Beast.

When they were about to leave, Su Bai signaled them to wait for him.

Under everyones watchful eyes, Su Bai sneaked up to the pure white Demantula egg with Diamond level potential.

“An affinity of 69 is a little unstable,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai didnt need to worry if it was a Beast egg below the Platinum level.

However, a Beast egg with Diamond level potential was different.

An affinity of 69 could only be considered above average, and there was a certain probability that forming the pact would fail.

Once the pact failed, Su Bai could not form a second pact with it.

“I should just try.” Su Bai muttered to himself. He had never liked unstable factors, but there was no other way.

Su Bai gently touched the white eggshell with his palm.

Suddenly, the systems notification tone rang out.


Simplification is in progress... Simplification complete!

Master, the simplified effect is that you can increase the Beast eggs affinity by touching it!

Su Bai was so happy that he could soar into the sky.

Seemed like he could get whatever he wished for!

“What is Su Bai doing over there”

“No idea.”

“He seems to have taken a fancy to that spider-type Beast egg. I think he wants to make a pact with it.”

“I thought Su Bai and Yiyi were the same. In the end, Hes still moved.”

They thought Su Bai was tempted like them and was just embarrassed earlier.

Everyone was stunned when Su Bai reached out his right hand and crazily touched the spider-type Beast egg in the next second.

“Whats he doing…” Liu Yiyi was equally confused.

Aside from his purpose, the key was that Su Bai was wearing a strange smile while touching the egg like a pervert!



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