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Ch29 - Jobless.

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Ning You is also a person who has seen a lot of big occasions and has been to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

He is acquainted with a lot of real princes and princesses, but today he is astounded by his own driving prowess. 

“This was an accident.” Ning You said in horror, stepping on the brake with his right foot firmly.

“If it weren’t for an accident,” Li Mu pulled the handbrake for Ning You, “We would have perished together.”



Fortunately, they had already driven out of the birch forest when they rushed out of the road.

There were no jagged rocks on the hillside, only patches of grassland.

Otherwise, it is truly impossible to describe what would happen to the two of them.

“I’m sorry.” Ning You’s voice was still trembling, and at this point, he didn’t care about saving face and suggested to Li Mu, “Why don’t you drive” 

“Otherwise” Li Mu asked in amusement.

Even if Ning You didn’t say anything, he would also have thrown the master driver, whose skills were not up to par, out of the driver’s seat.


The two quickly exchanged seats, and  it wasn’t until he tied the seat belt of the passenger seat that Ning You breathed a sigh of relief, but his heartbeat was still a little out of control.

Li Mu said to Ning You as he skillfully drove the pickup back to the correct road: “Let the driver pick you up and drop you off from work in the future.”

Ning You immediately understood Li Mu’s intention and said, “My car is an automatic transmission, and I drive very well.”


Li Mu didn’t want to listen to Ning You’s explanation, so he just said, “Be obedient.”

“Oh.” Ning You responded dryly, and suddenly realized that something was wrong.

He sat up straight and said to Li Mu, “Brat, who are you asking to be obedient”

“Brat” Li Mu frowned.


“That’s what your brother called you.” Ning You said. 

“Do you know my brother well” Li Mu immediately asked.

“Not very familiar either.” Ning You felt guilty for a moment, but then said loftily, “Even so, I am older than you.”

“Heh.” Li Mu chuckled lightly, “I don’t know how big you are”

Ning You’s mind went around in a circle before he realized that Li Mu was talking about the size there.

If Li Mu’s there could be described as a rough wild species, then Ning You’s is a pampered pretty daughter in a humble family. 

He blushed suddenly, and he wanted to scold but didn’t know how to scold.

In the end, he held back for a long time and could only say, “Vulgar!”

When the two came to the foot of the mountain, tables and chairs had been set up in the square of the health center, and many villagers had come.

The assembly was more of a presentation for the villagers than a meeting.

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At this time, Chief Lin, who was standing in front, just finished reporting and read out the commendation list for the operation.

Many firefighters and police brothers went up to receive the awards, including the two who helped Ning You.


After these little brothers went down, Chief Lin called another person’s name, and the person sitting next to Ning You stood up and came to Chief Lin in the presence of all the villagers.

“I want to mention one name in particular here, our lad, Li Mu.

He has only been here for a short time, but he has already regarded this as his home, so let us give him a warm round of applause.” 

There was thunderous applause all around, enough to feel the enthusiasm of the villagers for Li Mu.

A sense of pride surged inexplicably in Ning You’s heart.

While applauding vigorously, he stared at Li Mu, his eyes stuck to Li Mu from beginning to end, as if… looking at his own hero.

Li Mu said a brief thought, and then returned to Ning You’s side.

Ning You looked at the things in Li Mu’s hand and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice: “Why are they all honorary certificates, and yours is a crimson flower” 

This scene is indeed a bit strange, or a bit funny.

The other people who have been commended have all received official certificates, and only Li Mu is holding a crimson flower in his hand, as if he is superficial.

“Because I’m a volunteer.” Li Mu explained, “They can’t award me with honors in the organization.”

“Volunteer” Ning You was stunned, “Then do you get paid”

Li Mu shook his head. 

Ning You always thought that being a forest ranger was Li Mu’s job, but he didn’t expect that Li Mu’s true identity turned out to be a vagrant.

No wonder Li Mu patrolled the mountains so casually, and he didn’t go if he didn’t want to.

Ning You thought it was strange at the time.

Why didn’t his boss bother him It turned out that no one could control him at all.

“So you have to rely on your brother to support you.” Ning You looked at Li Mu suddenly, “Then why are you arguing with him”

With such an expensive coffee machine and such a nice car.

It turns out that it was sponsored by his family.

Even if a forest ranger only has a salary of a thousand yuan a month, it at least means that he can be self-reliant, which is fundamentally different from being unemployed. 

Ning You felt that the future between him and Li Mu was far away, because he knew Li Zhao’s position, and Li Mu could never compete with him.

“Don’t think too much about it.” Li Mu tapped Ning You’s head with his index finger, “My grandfather left two trust funds for me and my brother, and now my fund is three times the size of his.”

“Hmm” Ning You felt strange, “Why”

If it is managed by the same fund company, there should not be such a difference. 

“Because I took some of it out for my own investment.” Li Mu said.

“Do you understand this” Ning You’s family’s property is taken care of by a special financial adviser, and he himself is not very interested in these.


Li Mu reported the name of one of the top business schools in the world and said, “I graduated from there.”

For the first time since he left home, Li Mu mentioned his alma mater to others.

Originally, he disdained using his academic qualifications to show off, but who let Ning You look at him with suspicion, he can only show off for the first time. 

“Are you sure” Ning You frowned and said doubtfully, “I know a friend who graduated there, he…”

Having said that, Ning You looked at Li Mu’s unkempt beard, as if he hadn’t shaved since the last time they parted, and he continued: “People shave and wear suits.”

Li Mu took a deep breath and suddenly felt a headache.

Ning You sensed Li Mu’s speechlessness.

In fact, he was inwardly inclined to believe Li Mu, so he continued what he had just said, “Then how big is your trust fund” 

Li Mu reported an eight-digit number.

“Hey.” Ning You smiled, “My net worth is ten figures.”

For the first time, Li Mu saw such an infuriating white swan.

He hooked Ning You’s neck with his right hand, pulled him into his arms.

He said through gritted teeth,: “Yes, I know that you’re rich and beautiful.”

The assembly dispersed at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Ning You and Li Mu drove slowly up the mountain. 

Knowing that Li Mu could be self-reliant, Ning You felt a little relieved, but he always felt that it was one thing to take care of property and another to take care of the company.

At least in the shrewdness mentioned above, Li Mu was completely no match for Li Zhao.

“Your brother doesn’t want to give you the Company,” Ning You said in a casual conversation with Li Mu, “Would you hate him”

Although he knew that the two brothers had a good relationship, Ning You had seen too many examples of falling out over property, and he was inevitably a little curious about it.

“No.” Li Mu looked ahead of the road and also returned in a casual tone, “He has his standpoint.” 

“What standpoint” Ning You rubbed his chin and asked, “Growing the company”

“Think about it,” Li Mu said, “How many people in the company are waiting to make a living, and how many are waiting to bring us down”

“Then listening to you,” Ning You felt strange, “You seem to agree with his management philosophy.”

If that’s the case, why the disagreement 

“Understanding does not mean agreement.” Li Mu said, “If I return to the company, I will definitely make drastic reforms, without considering any interpersonal issues.

But he is different.

He has been in that environment for so long and it is impossible to make changes easily.”

“But the way I looked at him,” Ning You said, “It doesn’t seem like he wants to change either.”


“Perhaps, he has more worries than I do.” Li Mu said here, pursed his lips, hesitating to speak, “Actually…”

“Actually” Ning You subconsciously continued. 

Li Mu glanced at Ning You, as if he had been in an ideological struggle, and then confessed to Ning You: “In fact, the company has a lot of illegal emissions, and he smoothed things over with money.”

“What” Ning You’s eyes widened.

He always thought that what Li Mu said was “unfriendly to the environment” was a common problem in pharmaceutical and chemical companies, but he didn’t expect that the Li Family’s Company had reached the standard of violations.

It’s really inappropriate for Li Mu to say this to him, because it’s a family secret, and the Li family was still related by marriage to the Ning family. 

“This is our initial disagreement.” Li Mu said, “I hope to rectify the company, but this will reduce efficiency and require significant layoffs.

He feels that he must be responsible to his employees, so he just goes further and further.”

“In other words,” Ning You frowned and said, “Being friendly to the environment is tantamount to being unfriendly to people; being friendly to people is tantamount to being unfriendly to the environment”

“More or less.” Li Mu breathed helplessly, “I know where our differences come from, so I can understand why he did this.”

If it were Ning You, he would also feel a headache.

It is indeed difficult to make a choice between the benefits of the company and the polluted environment. 

But having said that, since emissions have been violated, even if it is difficult to abandon benefits and employees, social rules should be followed.

“Perhaps you think that he is only interested in profit,” Li Mu continued, “But he is my biological brother after all, and sometimes he has no choice but to do so.

It is the social environment that has forced him to be like this.”


This idea immediately popped into Ning You’s mind. 

For a person with profound shrewdness like Li Zhao, his key word should be planning strategies, and not as a last resort.

Just like lying about smoking, there is no such thing as a last resort, but he himself wanted to create a perfect persona.

“You just asked me if I would hate my brother if he didn’t give me the Company.” Li Mu suddenly said.

“Hmm.” Ning You nodded. 

“You can ask another question.” Li Mu said and looked at Ning You, “If my brother wants to fight with me for you, then the answer is yes.”




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