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Rejection and Marriage Stunt

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Violets pov

Im so nervous right now. Weve been waiting for Jake for the past thirty minutes now, you could see the impatient look on everyones faces. The nervousness was making my throat itch so I ordered some water. The only thing you could find on our table was the serviettes that were placed there before we arrived. We wanted the waiter to take our orders at once and Jake is the only one delaying.

Forty-three minutes into the waiting, Jake arrived.

" Im sorry I came late, something came up at work," He said as he hurriedly took a seat.

I looked at Jake for the second time since he arrived, and I could say he came here with the intention to give a bad impression. He was all sweaty, his hair all ruffled. The first three buttons were undone, and creases could be seen all over his suit. He looked like he just came back from a fight.

" I thought I told you to clear all your schedules for tonight, and looked at the way you dressed for a formal dinner with your future..."

"Im sure he didn mean to be rude or disrespectful, you know how impromptu things usually come up at work." My mum said trying to stop Jakes father from flaring up at Jake, even though she was quite shaken from the entrance he made.

"Im sure we can order now, Im starving", I said trying to deviate the attention from Jakes entrance.

" Yes sweetie, we can" Jakes mum, Mrs. Catherine, said before signaling for the waiter to come.

Our order came quickly and I appreciated it. Our parents were discussing pack-related stuff and I was not in any way interested. I preferred life among humans, as you know by now I don really get along with pack members.

" So how has work been Jake?" My mum asked while cutting into her steak. She was trying to start a conversation.

Jake was about to answer when a young lady I would say was made of plastic approached our table. From her big breast down to her enlarged buttocks, you could say she went under the knife countless times. She wore the heaviest makeup I have ever seen, her whole face was caked.

"Oh my gosh, I didn think Ill find you here honey, " The girl said Seductively to Jake.

" Lets go outside and talk, " Jake said as he tried dragging her from the table.

"Oh no, we are talking right here. Are you ashamed to introduce me?" the lady said as she glared daggers at Jake.

" After using my body, you dispose of me as trash? You promised me marriage Jake. I did countless abortions for you and you want to marry this thing. "she said pointing her hands towards me while tears fell from her eyes.

My mum covered her mouth with her hand, astounded at the scene in front of her. If Jake was not disrespecting her by coming late dressed like a thug, then this was the greatest form of disrespect.

" if not for a friend of mine that spotted you here I would not have believed you would do this to me. How could you do this to me, Jake... I did everything for you. Im sure this whore will not change her body for you the way I did mine and you want to leave me for her... For this wench..." The young lady had already generated a crowd by this time and she tried hurting me when Jake blocked her. He dragged her outside leaving my mum, and his parents completely stupefied.

From the moment Jake stood there allowing her to say her trash, I knew it was all a setup. Who knew Jake could pull this kind of stunt, I scoffed at the mere thought of it. He really would go to all lengths just so we could not wed. But I have to give it to him, she was a really good actress.

" Lets go, Violet," My mum said while dragging me out of the hotel. I guess the marriage is not happening. But knowing how hell-bent our parents are on getting us married, I don think theyll give up, just because of this stunt. Maybe they will, cause I could see steam coming off my mums head. She was really angry.

Did Jake win or did he?

Jakes POV

Here is your payment. You did great, I said to the prostitute in front of me, as I gave her an envelope.

I met her at a bar when she came up to me, trying to entice me into sleeping with her. That is when the idea came to me.

And it seems to have worked as I saw Violets mum dragging her out of the hotel.

Everything went as planned, I only just need to think of how Ill escape my fathers wrath. My head banged at the thought of pacifying the old man.

What I would need now is run, through the thick bushes of the forest, but my wolf, Zion, was still not responding to me. I guess he still needs some more days to get over the fact that I rejected the mate bond.

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