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Chapter 304 – Legendary Control

Initially, only a trace of Eternal Energy was present in the isolated combat room. However, as time continued to pass, the Eternal Energy in the room grew denser and denser.

In less than a minute, the entire combat room was shrouded in a thin layer of light-purple mist.

What dense Eternal Energy! My brain activity has doubled at the very minimum! Even my affinity with mana has improved by two whole levels! This effect is unbelievable!

Shi Feng mentally exclaimed time and again when he sensed the Eternal Energy enveloping his body.

Typically, one could only find Eternal Energy in the many Legacy Lands of Gods found across the Greater Gods Domain. Even so, the Eternal Energy found in these Legacy Lands usually only existed in trace amounts. At most, it could give players an easier time learning their Legacies. However, the amount of Eternal Energy present in this room was roughly triple the amount found in the various Gods Legacy Lands.

It should be known that Eternal Energy could be used to forcibly increase a players brain activity.

Meanwhile, an increase in brain activity could bring various improvements to players. Not only would this change enhance their thinking speed, but they could also multitask at much greater efficiency. Players would also see a significant improvement in their control in various aspects.

If a players brain activity was doubled, itd be akin to a person having an eureka moment. In such a state, itd be difficult for a player not to improve.

Not to mention, the dense Eternal Energy in the room also helped to increase players affinity with mana by two whole levels.

To put this into perspective, if an ordinary player could initially only vaguely perceive the existence and manipulate this mana as if they were wielding a greatsword with one hand, then after having their mana affinity enhanced by this rooms Eternal Energy, theyd become a genius who could clearly perceive mana and manipulate it as if they were a master calligrapher wielding a feather pen. They could manipulate mana to their hearts desire with little to no effort.

Eternal Energy was also the biggest difference separating ordinary hegemonic powers from upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Any hegemonic power seeking to climb into the upper reaches of hegemonic powers would need an Eternal Sanctuary of their own. This was because an Eternal Sanctuary could help a hegemonic power produce batch after batch of Tier 6 powerhouses continuously. As a result, upper-ranking hegemonic powers possessed far more Tier 6 experts than ordinary hegemonic powers.

System: You have 100 assisted simulation opportunities remaining. Each assisted simulation will show you the perfect way to control your Mana Body. You may only stay in the simulation space for a maximum of five natural days. If you do not use up your simulation opportunities in five natural days, your remaining opportunities will be automatically forfeited.

System: Do you wish to start the first assisted simulation

After taking a deep breath to calm himself, Shi Feng said, “Start!”

Shi Feng only possessed an Epic Mana Body during his previous life. Although he had developed his Mana Body to the legendary 120% Completion Rate, it couldnt serve as a good reference for him to develop his current Legendary Mana Body. In terms of complexity, a Legendary Mana Body was vastly superior to an Epic Mana Body.

If he were to equate magic arrays to gears, an Epic Mana Body would be made up of a few hundred gears, while a Legendary Mana Body would be made up of upwards of 1,000 gears.

Even with his previous lifes experience, he had only managed to develop his Legendary Mana Body to 110% Completion Rate before reaching a roadblock. If he wished to progress his Legendary Mana Body by even 1%, he would have to invest a lot of time and effort into researching the proper way to control it.

Fortunately, he now had the Hundred Refinement Building to show him the way, so all he needed to do was follow and learn the example set for him. It was significantly easier than if he were to develop his Legendary Mana Body by himself.

While Shi Feng was undergoing his first assisted simulation, the occupants of the two rooms next to him were having their minds blown.

Whether it was Wu Xiaoxiao or Midsummer, both were dumbfounded by the Hundred Refinement Buildings environment.

Incredible! This is simply incredible! Midsummer grew ecstatic as she looked at her surrounding environment. Not even the Purple Melody Alliances peerless geniuses can get to enjoy such an environment! No wonder Brother Black Flame said that Xiaoxiao and I will have a chance to pass the preliminaries!

The Mana Body was of utmost importance to every player.

Personally, Midsummer felt that she was quite talented. Not only did she get accepted into the Purple Melody Alliance at a young age, but she also quickly became a core member of the alliance and received plenty of resources as a result. Afterward, she also cleared the World Towers fourth floor, becoming a fourth-floor expert. As an icing on the cake, she even possessed an Epic Mana Body.

Unfortunately, despite her talent and efforts, she hit a dead end after developing her Epic Mana Body to 110% Completion Rate, and increasing it by even one more percent felt like an impossible task for her.

It should be known that even a 1% difference in a Mana Bodys Completion Rate could lead to a significant difference. Not to mention, the Mana Body would undergo a qualitative transformation every 5%. If she couldnt develop her Mana Body any further, a huge gap would form between her and geniuses with 115%, or even 120%, Mana Bodies.

However, with the Hundred Refinement Buildings help, Midsummer was confident she could reach 115% Completion Rate. She might even be able to reach 120%, entering the ranks of peerless geniuses.

In another combat room, Wu Xiaoxiao quickly started her assisted training as well, not daring to waste even a single moment.

Wu Xiaoxiao understood very well that this was a massive fortuitous opportunity.

Ever since she entered the Greater Gods Domain, she came to understand just how weak her isolated homeworld and its civilization was. To make matters worse, the Greater World in reality was a cruel place that operated according to the rule of the jungle. Meanwhile, the only way to succeed in the Greater World was to make significant achievements.

Currently, the connection between her homeworld and the Greater World had yet to fully form. So, she still had some time to prepare, and she needed to take advantage of every opportunity she could get her hands on. Otherwise, it would be too late to do anything if she waited until the passage to the Greater World fully formed in reality, her homeworld to disintegrate, and everyone was forced to live in the Greater World.

It was true that people in the Greater World could live for hundreds of years. Even ordinary civilians could expect an average lifespan of more than 200 years. However, there was a very limited number of towns and cities in the Greater World, and these towns and cities could only accommodate a limited population. If people wished to live in these towns and cities, they would need to make a huge contribution of Star Coins every year.

If a person couldnt earn enough Star Coins to live in a town or city, they would have no choice but to work as a scavenger, collecting various resources for food out in the wilderness every day. Not only did scavengers have to live shrouded in darkness, but few could live past 100 years old.

Not to mention, she had many friends and relatives she couldnt abandon. These friends and relatives were all ignorant of the Greater Worlds cruelty.

Once their homeworld integrated with the Greater World, it wouldnt matter how much money or influence they previously possessed in their homeworld. None of it would matter, and they would have to start from scratch in the Greater World.

Time flowed rapidly, and three days went by in the Hundred Refinement Building in the blink of an eye.

Inside one of the Hundred Refinement Buildings combat room, Shi Feng sat cross-legged as he started his final assisted simulation.

Subsequently, a translucent version of himself appeared before him. Then, his translucent doppelganger manipulated the magic arrays within its body one after another until all every one of them were operating in sync. As soon as the doppelganger accomplished this, it seemingly became the ruler of this space, its every movement influencing the mana in the room.

This method of control is incredible no matter how many times I look at it, Shi Feng inwardly exclaimed when he saw his doppelganger displaying the method to manipulate a Legendary Mana Body with a 120% Completion Rate.

Advanced mana manipulation in Gods Domain could be achieved by constructing some simple magic arrays to manipulate a greater number of magic arrays. When players applied this mana manipulation method to their Mana Bodies, they could exhibit greater strength since their Mana Body could operate more magic arrays.

However, the control method simulated by the Hundred Refinement Building for a 120% Legendary Mana Body was completely different.

Instead of creating multiple simple magic arrays to control other magic arrays, the Hundred Refinement Buildings solution was to create a natural magic array based entirely on the operating principles of mana. Meanwhile, this magic array functioned to resonate the various types of mana that existed, which would, in turn, automatically activate all of the magic arrays in the Legendary Mana Body. The process was akin to granting life to the Mana Body. So long as this natural magic array was formed, there would be no need to deliberately manipulate the Legendary Mana Body to keep it functioning.

This was a method Shi Feng had never thought of before.

Ive tried 354 times already. Regardless of whether I succeed or fail this time, I will have to leave for the Ancient River Secret Land.

After taking a deep breath, Shi Feng began his 355th attempt at achieving a perfect Mana Body.-

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