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Chapter 303 – Complete Effect

Gazing Moon City, Hundred Refinement Building:

When Shi Feng accepted the Legendary Quest, the old Great Wizard immediately vanished into thin air, leaving behind only the shabby Battle Arena and an old key.

“Could we have been scammed by that old man, Guild Leader Black Flame” Wu Xiaoxiao asked worriedly when she saw the old Great Wizard disappearing.

Midsummer also nodded in agreement with Wu Xiaoxiaos concerns.

Although the system quest was unlikely to be fake, the Hundred Refinement Builds effects the old man had mentioned were simply too far-fetched to believe.

It should be known that opportunities to simulate a Mana Bodys development were extraordinarily precious in the Greater Gods Domain.

Normally, players could only receive such simulation opportunities using Tier 4 Mana Body Training Scrolls. However, not only did these training scrolls only provide one simulation opportunity, but they also cost 200 Gold Mana Coins at a minimum. They were significantly more expensive than the average Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

More importantly, Tier 4 Mana Body Training Scrolls were incredibly rare and hard to come by. Typically, one could only find these scrolls sold in the capital cities of kingdoms and empires. Moreover, they would only occasionally appear in the monthly auctions of Advanced Auction Houses.

Meanwhile, whenever a Mana Body Training Scroll appeared on auction, it would start a fierce competition among the various powers.

After all, unlike geniuses that could be recruited every year, Mana Body Training Scrolls were a commodity that appeared randomly. Not to mention, Mana Body Training Scrolls were irreplaceable when it came to helping players establish a solid foundation. The benefits of using a Mana Body Training Scroll would carry on throughout the rest of a players career in Gods Domain. Trying to buy one such scroll for only 200 Gold Mana Coins was practically a dream.

Yet, according to the old Great Wizards words, players could experience simulating the development of their Mana Bodies 100 times with the help of the Hundred Refinement Buildings first floor.

Entering the Hundred Refinement Building once was equivalent to saving a minimum of 200 Gold Mana Coins. If converted to Seven Luminaries Crystals, thatd be 2,000 units. Yet, it only cost 50 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to activate the Hundred Refinement Buildings first floor for each player. That was a discount of 1,950 units.

In other words, so long as 50 players used the Hundred Refinement Building once, Shi Feng could potentially earn back all 100,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal he had spent on the Hundred Refinement Building. No matter how Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao looked at it, this seemed too good to be true.

Not to mention, there was still the second floor the old Great Wizard had mentioned.

Simulations that assisted players in creating a Mana Body were unheard of in the Greater Gods Domain.

Even with the base layers effects as a reference, the core layers effects were heaven-defying.

It should be known that Mana Body Creation was a necessary condition for players to reach Tier 5. It was also a crucial factor that would determine a players strength at Tier 5 and Tier 6. Depending on the quality of the Mana Body created when getting promoted to Tier 5, the difference between two Tier 6 players could be even bigger than the difference between a human and a dog.

It was for this reason many peerless geniuses had chosen to remain at Tier 4 instead of ascending to higher tiers.

If the Hundred Refinement Building could truly let players simulate the creation of their Mana Body 100 times, even the various apex powers would lose their minds over it…

“It shouldnt be a scam.” Looking at the bronze key in his hand, Shi Feng smiled bitterly and said, “Moreover, what we should be worried about isnt whether the old man has scammed us.”

Originally, Shi Feng already had a huge need for Seven Luminaries Crystals because of his quest to collect 300 God Crystals in three months. Now, he had to collect another 89,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal on top of that.

It should be known that the Primal Ore Veins production volume was about 4,000 units per day. Even if they worked without rest, they would still need 23 days to collect 89,000 units.

It seems Ill have to hire some NPCs. Shi Feng sighed.

Although players could hire NPCs to mine ores on their behalf, the cost would increase depending on the value of the ore vein. Simply put, the NPCs would take a cut of the ores they mined. In the case of a Primal Ore Vein, the NPCs would take 30% of the ores they mined. This price was no different than highway robbery.

This was why powers that owned a Primal Ore Vein would usually have their own members do the mining rather than wasting over 1,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal each day to hire a bunch of NPCs. Their members could even get the benefit of leveling up quickly while mining in the Primal Ore Vein.

However, Shi Feng evidently didnt have anyone he could rely on to mine the Primal Ore Vein for him right now. So, he had no choice but to hire NPCs. Otherwise, hed either have to do it himself or let the Seven Luminaries Crystals go to waste.

Fortunately, there were also benefits to hiring NPCs. Firstly, he wouldnt have to worry about the Primal Ore Veins safety and secrecy. Secondly, he wouldnt have to worry about the NPCs slacking off or stealing some of the harvests.

Subsequently, Shi Feng, Midsummer, and Wu Xiaoxiao left the Hundred Refinement Building to hire 30 NPC Miners for the Primal Ore Vein. With 30 Tier 3 NPC Miners working in two shifts, it was possible to fully harvest all of the Seven Luminaries Crystals the vein produced each day.

Only, after hearing the NPC Miners asking price, Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao would rather mine the Primal Ore Vein themselves.

However, there were only three days left before the Rookie Competition began. Every second counted, so Shi Feng naturally couldnt let Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao waste their time mining.

After taking care of the matter regarding the NPC Miners, Shi Feng had Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao quickly start their training simulations in the Hundred Refinement Building. Then, after seeing the two girls each enter a combat room, Shi Feng also found himself an empty combat room and entered it.

System: Do you wish to start the Hundred Refinement mode

“Start!” Shi Feng said without hesitation.

System: The base layers complete state is currently active. Do you wish to spend 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to undergo a perfect simulation

Complete state

Shi Feng grew a little curious when he saw the system notification. Immediately, he agreed to start a perfect simulation.

The Hundred Refinement Building he entered during his previous life wasnt in a complete state, so it only cost 50 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to enter the Hundred Refinement mode. Even then, the Hundred Refinement mode still allowed him to raise the standard of his Mana Body by half a level, which was a significant improvement.

So, he couldnt help but wonder what would await him in a complete Hundred Refinement mode.

As soon as Shi Feng chose to start a perfect simulation, the majority of the 100-plus units of Seven Luminaries Crystal that remained in his bag disappeared.

Immediately afterward, the old and dilapidated combat room that had barely any mana suddenly transformed into a miniature world that isolated him from the outside world. At the same time, the density of the mana in the room began skyrocketing.

Gas… Liquid… Solid…

The Hundred Refinement Buildings miniature worlds in his previous life only maintained their mana at a solid state. Yet, the density of the mana in the miniature world he was currently in continued to increase even after reaching a solid state…

After the mana density continued to increase for nearly a minute, a presence Shi Feng was incredibly familiar with began to fill the miniature world. Meanwhile, the appearance of this presence allowed his mind to achieve an unprecedented state of flexibility and clarity.

This is…Eternal Energy!-

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