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The two hold on to each other in the hope that they can be taken back together.

The next second, they were sucked into the whirlpool.


because Gu Ning is in his early 40s and Leng shaoting is almost 50 years old, and now they look like they are only 30 years old, so now they seldom go out.

Even live, all live in the suburbs of the manor, because this will avoid meeting too many people.

When Leng Xiaoyao opened her eyes and found that she was sleeping in bed, and still in her original room, she immediately got up.

She came back, back to her original home, back to her parents' side, but, Li Mo Chen!

Leng Xiaoyao immediately ran out of the room, and just out of the room Leng Xiaoran installed a positive, but also directly cold Xiaoran this infant early hit the ground.

Also, now Leng Xiaoyao is out of the body stage, which is higher than Leng Xiaoran's level!

Leng Xiaoran was stunned directly, but he couldn't think of it. A monk in the early days of his new baby was hit on the ground directly.

Who hit him

Look up, straight silly eye.

And Leng Xiao Yao saw Leng Xiao ran, also Leng in situ, and then tears couldn't help falling down.

"Ah! Leng Xiaoyao, how can you appear here Then, Leng Xiao ran made a deafening cry. If he had not been hit, he would have doubted whether he was dazzled, or because he wanted to be cold, he had hallucinations.

The voice of cold and bleak ran was so loud that it spread all over the manor and was heard by everyone.

Then the crowd came running.

Shangguanyang, jingyunyao, Leng shaoting and Gu Ning.

When they see the cold Xiaoyao moment, tears also do not strive to flow out.

Although before they got Leng Xiaoyao's dream, they said they would come back two years later. In recent days, they have been looking forward to seeing Leng Xiaoyao appear one day.

Therefore, although they have already made psychological preparations, when they see Leng Xiaoyao appear, they still can't control the excitement.

"Far away..."

"Dad, mom, grandma, Shigong..." When Leng Xiaoyao saw them, he couldn't help it any longer. He cried out and immediately rushed to Gu Ning's arms.

Jing Yunyao also came to embrace them. Leng shaoting's hand also clapped on Leng Xiaoyao's shoulder. She looked both crying and laughing.

Shangguan Yang didn't join in, but he was like them, crying and laughing.

"And me..." Leng Xiaoran felt that he had been left out, and immediately went to embrace them all.

After a long time, people's mood gradually calmed down.

Then, Leng Xiaoyao told everyone about his experience in the past two years. When he thought of his grandfather and uncle over there in the Seven Star country, Leng Xiaoyao felt miserable.

However, everything has to make a choice, but as early as when she went back to the cloud land, she had already arranged the things there, and knew that she could not go back, so no matter how sad she was, she did not have too much obsession.

Just Li Mo Chen, where is he!

Hearing Leng Xiaoyao's experience, everyone can't help but sigh.

In particular, I know that her cultivation is out of the body.

For decades, shangguanyang's out of body period has not broken through, because he has not continued to practice.

While Leng shaoting is the peak of out of body, Gu Ning is the middle stage of out of body.

Jingyunyao is the peak of Yuanying, and Leng Xiaoran is just at the beginning of Yuanying.

They practice slowly because they don't have much resources.

But Leng Xiaoyao now has more resources, and will certainly let them keep up with the next floor.

"Aren't you already married with Mr. Li You can sense it and see if you can sense him Shangguan Yangdao.

Cold Xiao Yao smell speech, then immediately to the induction of the existence of Li Mo Chen, but simply can not sense.

"Can't sense..." Leng Xiaoyao was so anxious that he almost cried.

"Maybe there is no way to cultivate the truth here!" Shangguan Yang Dao, because it has been a long time since there have been no practitioners to form a Taoist couple, because there is no knot at all.

Therefore, it may be related to the way of heaven here.

Smell speech, Leng Xiaoyao more lost.

"Do you have a picture of him You can advertise if you have some! " Leng Xiaoran said that he was also curious about the sudden appearance of his brother-in-law. What did he look like!

Because Li Mochen and Leng Xiaoyao have been two generations of love, so Leng shaoting and Gu Ning didn't feel that their daughter had been robbed by other men. Instead, they thought that this kind of love between two generations was really rare, and we must cherish it.

"Yes! Why didn't I think of it "

Leng Xiaoyao suddenly realized when he heard the speech and immediately took out his mobile phone. There was a picture of Li Mochen in it. If Li Mochen really came here with her, it should be easy to find the advertisement.

Just afraid, Li Mo Chen did not come with her.Anyway, I'll try it.

Back home, see parents and relatives, Leng Xiaoyao is very happy, but the heart has been thinking about Li Mochen.

After a few days, there is still no news of Li Mo Chen, which makes Leng Xiao Yao feel more uneasy. I don't know whether he has crossed with him or not.

In the past week, not only Leng shaoting has sent many people to look for it, but Leng Xiaoyao himself has been constantly searching for it.

During the day, she drives around, releasing her consciousness.

In the evening, she flies directly against the sword.

A week later, Leng Xiaoyao finally saw the figure of Li Mochen in the divine consciousness.

And when Leng Xiaoyao's divine consciousness falls on him, Li Mochen also feels that they see each other directly through the divine consciousness.

For a moment, Li Mochen wants to fly the sword and run towards Leng Xiaoyao, but his reason tells him that he can't, so he can only run in the direction of Leng Xiaoyao.

He came with Leng Xiaoyao, but he was sent to a place far away from the imperial capital.

He doesn't have the ID card here, so he can't fly.

He flew the sword, but did not know the direction, so he went a lot of crooked ways, and finally came to the imperial capital today.

He didn't know where Leng Xiaoyao's family lived. He could only look for it blindly all the way.

Finally, he found Leng Xiaoyao.

Soon, the two finally met, regardless of the image and other people's eyes, directly in the street embrace and cry.

Although the two talents have been separated for a week, they seem to be separated from each other.

In fact, it's right to say that it's another generation. After all, they came through time and space.

If you are not careful, you will never see the situation.

Fortunately, he followed.

They just hugged each other without words. After a long time, they let go of each other. Then Leng Xiaoyao took Li Mochen home

Fortunately, the ending is good.

Fortunately, they all grasped happiness.

Fortunately, there is you!


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