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Under the oath, a purple light came down from the sky and entered Li Mo Chen's mind. This is the response to the oath taking effect.

However, after Li Mochen swore, there was no thunder coming. Obviously, Li Mochen did not lie.

So they turned their eyes to Lingfeng again.

The two elders directly asked, "master, is what he said true"

Lingfeng did not answer the two elders, but looked at Li Mochen: "hum! You say your name is Li Mo Chen, who knows if you are called Li Mo Chen

Hearing this, many people also have such doubts.

"I can swear, too." Li Mo Chen said, then again made an oath, still did not get the thunder punishment.

This, more can prove Li Mo Chen said is true.

"Master, what else do you have to say" The second elder asked again, but he was already angry.

The two elders were upright and did not favor anyone, so they were really angry when Ling Feng killed Lingyin.

If this is true, even if there is no revenge of Li Mochen, Lingfeng, the leader, can't be the leader and will be disposed of by the Council of elders.

"Master, should you give us an explanation"

Of the seven elders of Tiancheng sect, two of them are from Lingfeng, but the other four are not. So everyone starts to make trouble with Lingfeng.

Lingfeng could not hide it, so she didn't want to hide it.

"Yes, Lingyin was destroyed by my sub body. I could kill Lingyin ten years ago, and I can kill him after ten years." Lingfeng said grimly and fiercely. A black shadow floated out of the storage space of Lingfeng and entered Lingfeng's body at the moment. Then Lingfeng released the boundless Qi field, carrying the momentum of thunderbolt, and covered everyone.

All of them were surprised. They were influenced by the momentum of Lingfeng, and the weak practitioners even vomited blood and fell to the ground.

Leng Xiaoyao and Li Mochen did not have any influence, because they were already out of the body period. At the moment, the momentum of Lingfeng was just that of the out of body period, and it was still the peak momentum.

And this peak momentum, really ghost cultivation attachment.

Yes, now Lingfeng is not only Lingfeng, but also a combination of Lingfeng and Guixiu.

How could they have imagined that there was such a ghost cultivation beside Ling Feng.

Even the big elder and the four elders don't know about it, but the big elder has something to do with Lingyin's death, so he can't be alone in this battle.

Li Mo Chen also flies from the sky, running the chaotic force in his body, and pours at the Ling wind.

The elder also immediately hands, toward Leng Xiaoyao and others attack and go.

There are also some disciples who he Lingfeng can't leave behind, so are some.

However, the elder is only the peak of Yuanying. Is Leng Xiaoyao the opponent who is really respected out of the body

Moreover, Lingchen was also ready, so at the command, his people also appeared to intercept.

The great cultivation made the great elder lose in Leng Xiaoyao's hands. The four elders, who were still tangled, refused to do so and chose to stand by.

Originally, this was the battle between Li Mochen and Lingfeng. Other elders did not start, but soon, this was not their personal battle.

Because Lingfeng released thousands of living corpses. These living corpses not only have the power of living, they can use magic power, but also have strong body and infinite power. They are not afraid of death. Moreover, their accomplishments are in the golden elixir period and Yuanying period. They are even more powerful than the living golden elixir and Yuanying period.

As soon as these living corpses came out, people were shocked.

As soon as thousands of living corpses appeared, five of the monks who were not in Tiancheng sect were left out because these living corpses had come to attack them. If they did not fight back, they would be them.

Obviously, the disciples of Tiancheng sect are not the opponents of these zombies, and the casualties are obviously more than those of them, and there are few living corpses.

Li Mochen immediately took out the runes from the space, and hundreds of Yuan Ying Fu people attacked the living corpses together with the disciples of Tiancheng sect.

Li Mochen and Leng Xiaoyao don't know that Lingfeng colludes with ghost Xiu. If they do, they won't rush to Tiancheng sect.

With the addition of the runes, the Tiancheng sect's children have reduced casualties, but this is still a fierce war.

Fortunately, Leng Xiaoyao is already out of the body stage. One person can deal with many living corpses.

The two elders are closed, too.

Two Taishang elders, one is in the middle of out of the body, the other is the peak of the out of body. As soon as they appear, they give the Tiancheng sect more chances to win.


After a day of fighting, it finally subsided and won. Naturally, Li Mochen and Tiancheng faction won, but Tiancheng faction also suffered countless casualties.

Is Li Mo Chen, also hurt spirit soul.

Although taking pills, but not for a while.

Li Mochen is the cause of this matter. Although he is blamed by many people, he also knows that if there is no fight this time, there will be another fight.Lingfeng and Guixiu will become more powerful. They will not win.

Li Mochen and others stayed in the Tiancheng sect for a month, and their injuries recovered completely.

Lingchen sat on the leader's position as expected, Lengyan and they became the disciples of Tiancheng sect again.

The identity of the usurper can't be concealed. People with high accomplishments can see it at a glance. Therefore, at the beginning, they also expressed their true identity.

Nanweiyue and qiner also successfully stayed in Tiancheng sect, directly under the leader.

Li Mochen became the elder of Tiancheng sect, but he was only a temporary post.

Of course, it was only Li Mochen's own decision.

A month later, Li Mo Chen takes cold Xiao Yao to leave.

Lengyan and others want to follow, but they are rejected by Li Mochen. After all, they are lovers, but they don't want to have more light bulbs around them!

They are no longer looking for a place to practice, but to play, playing all the way, where there is fun, where to play.

Two months later.

It was two years since Leng Xiaoyao left Gu Ning.

Today is exactly two years.

On the peak, Li Mo Chen embraces Leng Xiao Yao. At the moment, his mood is very heavy.

"I don't know, will I disappear suddenly" Leng Xiaoyao said, thinking that he may disappear, or they can not control and resist, Leng Xiaoyao has angina pectoris.

She wanted to go back to her parents, but she couldn't give up Li Mochen.

Li Mo Chen smell speech, immediately will cold Xiao Yao embrace more tightly: "no matter where you go, I will not separate with you, even if temporarily separated, I will try to find you."

Although the words said so, but can do it, he has no bottom, so his heart is very flustered, even uncontrollable shaking.

At this time, the sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds, and gradually formed a vortex. From the whirlpool, there was a beam of light shining down, which just hit Leng Xiaoyao and Li Mochen.

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