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2914 Wu Yiwei Confesses

“If I go with you, but it turns out to have nothing to do with me, can you pay the price for the damage to my reputation Can justice do that Show me solid proof if you have,” Wu Yiwei demanded.

“Miss Wu, if you disrupt public services, you can be punished according to the law,” the policeman said.

“You…” Wu Yiwei was mad, but didnt dare to argue any longer, because it wouldnt do her any good.

It was not only Wu Yiwei, her assistant was also taken away.

Wu Yiwei was taken away from the company, so the news quickly went abroad.

Everyone was discussing the reason.

“Did she secretly scheme against someone out of jealousy”

“I dont think she would do that.

Is there a mistake Or was she framed”

“You cant judge a person from their appearance.

Wu Yiwei isnt a kind person.

Some people prefer to scheme with others in private.”

“No idea.

We can only find out after the result is out.”


On their way to the police station, Wu Yiwei still insisted on saying that she was innocent, but no one took her words seriously.

The police would interrogate her at the police station.

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In the police station, Wu Yiwei and her assistant were interrogated separately.

When Wu Yiwei wouldnt stop saying that she was innocent, a policeman directly asked her, “Can you explain why you transferred six hundred thousand yuan to him”

“My assistant borrowed money from me.

She told me that her cousin was in trouble and might commit suicide if he couldnt overcome it.

My assistant has worked for me for years.

Shes always been diligent and good at work.

She turned to me for help, so I helped her.

Anyway its not much money in my eyes,” Wu Yiwei said.

It was a prepared answer, so she said it quickly.

“Do you mean its your assistant or her cousin who has a conflict with the victim However, after our investigation, you are the one who has the motive to do it.”

“What No, there is no grudge between me and Chu Peihan,” Wu Yiwei said.

The moment she finished, she realized something wasnt right.

The policeman laughed and said meaningfully, “Miss Wu, we didnt tell you who the victim is, but you said it yourself.

I think thats enough.

Youre not innocent at all.”

“I…” Wu Yiwei panicked at once.

She didnt realize that they hadnt spoken about Chu Peihan at all until that moment.

The policeman only saidthe victim.

At that moment, Wu Yiwei felt like giving herself a slap, but she couldnt take the words back.

She could only explain it to the best of her ability.

“I heard it from other people.”

“You heard it from other people Who told you Its not public yet,” the policeman said.

“I-I…” Wu Yiwei was struck dumb.

Because no one told her that, she suddenly didnt know how to make it up.

“As far as we know, the leading actress of that TV show that youre filming now was said to be you, but Chu Peihan replaced you before it was released.

You were dissatisfied, so you decided to take revenge.

During the shooting, you found fault with Miss Chu every now and then, but you didnt want to cause a scene otherwise the show couldnt be finished.

Therefore, Miss Chu wasnt really injured by you back then.”

“The show was completed later and you heard about the trouble your assistants cousin encountered.

You wanted to make a deal with them and promised to give him six hundred thousand yuan if he helped you ruin Miss Chu.

He could pay his debts back with five hundred thousand yuan and keep a hundred thousand yuan as compensation for his time in jail after he is arrested.

Am I right” the policeman asked.

“No, I didnt.

I didnt…”

Hearing the policemans words, Wu Yiwei was extremely anxious, but she still denied it.

As if she would be fine by doing that.

“Wu Yiwei, you have already been exposed.

Its useless no matter how you deny it,” the policeman continued.

“No, thats not enough to prove Im guilty!” Wu Yiwei argued.

At this time, the policeman walked out for a while, then came back.

“Your assistant has already confessed.”

“What She confessed Didnt we…” Wu Yiwei was mad and anxious, but she stopped the moment she realized that she said something wrong again, but unfortunately it was too late.

“You what Did you agree to pin the blame on her cousin Did you agree to deny it and claim that you know nothing” the policeman asked.

Because the policeman pointed the truth out, Wu Yiwei didnt know what to say.

“Wu Yiwei, if you confess to your crime, you can receive a lighter punishment.

Otherwise itll be serious.

Weve collected solid proof.

If you admit to it now, you might spend fewer years in jail,” the policeman said.

Wu Yiwei still said nothing, because she felt that Chu Peihan wouldnt punish her lightly whether she admitted it or not, but she had to admit it in the end.

The police immediately called Chu Peihan and told her about the result.

After Wu Yiwei confessed, they still needed to charge her before they could sentence her.

The police filed a lawsuit the same day and Wu Yiwei went to the court the next day.

Because of that, the news went abroad and shocked a lot of people.

They couldnt believe that Wu Yiwei would do something like that.

She had worked in the entertainment industry for years, but she didnt have much fame, so she didnt have many fans.

Although Chu Peihan had joined the entertainment industry for only two years, she got popular quickly.

She had many more fans than Wu Yiwei.

So once Chu Peihans fans learned about Wu Yiweis deed, they heavily criticized her.

At the beginning, Wu Yiweis fans defended her, but they soon gave up.

Chu Peihan had support, not just from her fans, but from Han Chenglins, Gu Nings, and Shi Xiaoyues fans as well.

Besides, Wu Yiwei had broken the law, so no one dared to stand out for her.

Chu Peihan had her own company, so she didnt have an agent.

If anyone wanted to work with her, her company or she would talk about business with them.

Therefore, after the news came out, her company sent out a post for her.

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