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Hearing that, Master Pei fell silent for a while.

Who should do this job No matter who was going to do it, it couldnt be Pei Jiangchao.

If Pei Jiangchao did that, he might be arrested for playing a role in the crime.

Pei Jiangchao didnt go to see Yang Feng before, but did at this key moment.

It would make people think that he wanted to make Yang Feng the scapegoat.

No one was an idiot!

After thinking for a while, Master Pei said to Pei Jiangchao, “Call over a security guard that has never shown up publicly.”

In a large family, there were private security guards.

Normally, outsiders had no idea about them.

Those security guards had never shown up in public, so nobody would know who they were.

“No problem.” Pei Jiangchao went to do that at once.

About five minutes later, he came back with a security guard.

Afterwards, Master Pei introduced the situation to the security guard, and the security guard immediately took out his phone to call Yang Feng.

Yang Feng agreed to help without hesitation.

He could die at any moment.

If he could get five hundred thousand yuan by doing Pei Jiangchao a favor, he would be more than willing to help.

After all, if he died of cancer, he wouldnt get a cent.

Then they made the plan step by step.

What they didnt know was that their conversation was secretly being recorded by Si Jin.

Since the Leng family already found out that the mastermind was the Pei family, they would definitely pay the Pei family back.

Actually, the bunch of abductors had only contacted Pei Jiangchao by phone.

They didnt meet face to face and the phone number wasnt under Pei Jiangchaos name, so it couldnt be used as proof.

It wasnt hard to prove that this phone number was being used by Pei Jiangchao, but it was time-consuming.

Once the Pei family heard the bunch of men was caught, they wouldnt hesitate to make someone the scapegoat.

Therefore, the quickest and best solution was to spy on them.

Whatever they did, Si Jin would record it.

Now that the Pei family made their arrangements, Si Jin had the video and voice recording of it.

It was the best evidence they could have and it was much more useful than any confession.

If the video was exposed, the entire Pei family would also be dragged into trouble.

After making the arrangements, the Pei family was relieved, but they wouldnt fully relax until this problem was really solved.

“Will they find me” As the main character, Pei Jiangchao was still anxious.

“As long as Yang Feng doesnt betray you, I think you will be safe,” Master Pei said.

Then he seriously warned Pei Jiangchao.

“Dont take any actions without our permission again.

If youre exposed, the whole Pei family will be affected.”

“Sure, I know,” said Pei Jiangchao.

He was really scared.

He had done many bad deeds before, but he had never failed before because he only dared to bully people who were weaker than him.

They were no match for him.

However, this time, he made a terrible mistake.

The next day at 8:30 am, the police went to wait for Pei Jiangchao at the public institution he worked for.

Other people wondered whether someone in their workplace had committed a crime when they saw the police.

Someone asked, “Sir, what happened Who are you looking for”

“Were looking for Pei Jiangchao, Director Pei.

We need him to go to the police station with us,” said Zheng Zhuoming, Dai Xiongyus younger uncle.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

They didnt expect the police to look for Pei Jiangchao.

Since the police came, Pei Jiangchao must have done something seriously illegal.

After all, Pei Jiangchao was born in an influential family.

If it was a normal crime, the police wouldnt be bothered.

They wondered what crime Pei Jiangchao had committed.

However, even though they were curious about it, they didnt dare to ask.

Anyway, even if they asked about it, the police might not tell them.

Late last night, the Leng family sent the video Si Jin took at the Pei family to the Dai family, so the Dai family and Zheng Zhuoming had already watched the video.

Although the bunch of men had betrayed Pei Jiangchao and their words were convincing, there wasnt enough evidence to prove it.

After watching the video, they were completely sure of it.

At the same time, they were furious.

Pei Jiangchao still felt lucky that he got away with it this time, so he was extremely shocked and panicked after he arrived at the public institution and saw the police.

He recognized Zheng Zhuoming and knew that Zheng Zhuoming came on behalf of the Dai family.

In other words, they came to arrest him.

He couldnt believe that those men had betrayed him so quickly.

It was totally unacceptable in his eyes.

He was ill-prepared for that so it filled him with anxiety.

Due to his good education, he soon calmed down, but his anxiety didnt go away.

After that, he pretended to be innocent and asked, “Whats going on here”

“Director Pei, they came to see you,” said one employee.

“What Me” Pei Jiangchao seemed astonished.

At this time, Zheng Zhuoming and the other policemen walked towards Pei Jiangchao.

Although Zheng Zhuoming was angry to see Pei Jiangchao and couldnt wait to punch him, he curbed his anger and said officially, “Hi, Mr.

Pei, Im Zheng Zhuoming, the leader of the Criminal Investigation Division.

We caught a bunch of men who kidnapped Dai Xiongyu last night.

They told us that it was at your order, so please follow us to the Public Security Bureau.

We need to ask you some questions.”

Although Zheng Zhuoming already had the evidence, he didnt take it out right away.

He didnt care about Pei Jiangchaos face, he did it to trap him.

Pei Jiangchao would struggle if they wanted to take him to the police station without evidence.

At that time, he could show everyone the evidence, humiliating Pei Jiangchao publicly.

Since Pei Jiangchao dared to abduct his family member, he should be punished!

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

Pei Jiangchao ordered a bunch of people to abduct Dai Xiongyu

Everyone turned to stare at Pei Jiangchao at once.

They couldnt believe it, but they were curious.

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