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Dai Xiongyu didnt believe it until now.

Was this pill really as poisonous as Gu Ning described Or did she exaggerate its effect Those men might get stiff after taking it, but they wouldnt really lose their lives three days later.

That was Dai Xiongyus thought.

“Do you think its possible Answer my questions.

Or you all will suffer it one by one,” said Gu Ning.

The bunch of men hesitated, but they were thinking about changing their minds.

“Enough, Im out of patience now.

Since youre unwilling to tell me, I can only make all of you take this pill.” Gu Ning appeared impatient and pretended to pour all the pills out.

Upon hearing that, someone opened his mouth.

“Stop, stop, I can tell you.”

“Lao San…”

Once Lao San spoke, the other men were angry because he yielded so quickly.

However, they didnt criticize him, because they had the same idea of giving in.

They didnt have any reasons to criticize Lao San.

“Da Ge, didnt you see Lao Ers reaction I dont want to die,” Lao San said in a resigned tone.

He was an orphan without a family, so he wasnt afraid of revenge.

Although he had a close relationship with his brothers, he was unwilling to die with them.

After all, he was not even thirty years old and his life hadnt begun yet!

Therefore, he chose to be honest.

He might be put in jail for several years.

After he got out, he could change his name and go to a different city to start a new life.

Lao Er, who was unfortunately punished by Gu Ning as a warning to the others, immediately agreed with Lao San.

“I can tell you too.

Just give me the antidote.”

Lao Er felt his body getting stiff, but it wasnt serious yet.

Gu Ning said it needed three days, so he was incredibly scared.

“I give in as well.

I dont want to die,” Lao Si said.

In the end, five of them agreed to tell Gu Ning the truth.

“We serve Pei Jiangchao, the second son of the Pei familys collateral branch.

He ordered us to abduct Mr.

Dai,” Lao Da said.

He was afraid that Gu Ning didnt believe him, so he added at once.

“What I said is the truth.

You can do an investigation to make sure of it.

I have Pei Jiangchaos private number and our call records.”

Although the call records couldnt prove anything, it at least proved that they had indeed contacted each other.

“The Pei family They side with the Yuan family,” Gu Ning said.

The Pei family wasnt strange to her.

“I didnt expect it to be done by the Pei family.

In that case, the Yuan family should be the mastermind,” Dai Xiongyu said coldly, blaming the Yuan family for it.

“The Pei family indeed sides with the Yuan family, but it has nothing to do with the Yuan family this time.

It was Pei Jiangchaos own decision.

Im not defending the Yuan family, but its the truth,” Lao Da interjected.

Gu Ning wasnt fully convinced by his words, and still held doubts.

Dai Xiongyu, however, still believed that it had something to do with the Yuan family.

“Whats Pei Jiangchaos purpose Why did he want to abduct Mr.

Dai What would you do after you kidnapped Mr.

Dai” Gu Ning asked.

“Were not clear about it, because Pei Jiangchao ordered us to contact him after we drove Mr.

Dai to the appointed place.

He would tell us what to do next afterwards,” Lao Da said.

“Where is your destination” Gu Ning asked.

“After going through this winding road, we had to go another ten kilometers away.

But in order to avoid pursuit, we planned to get out of the car halfway with Mr.

Dai first.

Its about five kilometers away from here.

Then we could find a place to hide.

About ten minutes later, another car would have come to pick us up, and we could go over then,” Lao Da said.

The moment he finished speaking, his phone rang.

He didnt immediately take out his phone, but turned to look at Gu Ning.

Currently they were controlled by her, so they didnt dare to move as they wanted.

“They must be calling us because they didnt see us.”

“Answer it.” Gu Ning said, “Put it on speaker.

If they ask you where you are, tell them youll be there in a minute.”

“Of course.” The man didnt dare to go against Gu Ning.

He tolerated the pain and took out his phone.

His legs were broken, but his hands were fine, so he could smoothly answer the call.

He only felt a sharp pain when he moved.

He was right, and the caller was indeed the man who they would meet after abducting Dai Xiongyu.

“Where are you” The man sounded slightly impatient, because they were late.

“Well be there in a minute,” Lao Da said.

“Great, be quick, or the police might catch up to us,” the man said, then he hung up.

Gu Ning then took away their phones and told them to get into the rear seats of the car.

Afterwards, she said nothing further, waiting for the police to come.

The police, who were sent to chase those men, were the Dai familys people, so Gu Ning called Leng Yuanqian to ask them to come here.

Because Gu Ning remained silent, the bunch of men didnt know what to say.

Dai Xiongyu had some questions, but it wasnt the right time.

After their phones were taken away by Gu Ning, Gu Ning turned them off.

That way, if other people called them again, they couldnt get through to them.

All of their phones were turned up, so those men who came to meet them got anxious.

It was obvious that something went wrong.

They wondered whether the bunch of men had betrayed them or if they were caught by the police.

Without delay, they called Pei Jiangchao and reported the situation to him.

Hearing the news, Pei Jiangchao was worried too.

He was mainly afraid that the men might betray him.

If he wasnt exposed, he actually didnt care about their lives at all.

However, now he couldnt get through to them, so he could only hope that they wouldnt betray him.

About ten minutes later, the police arrived and the leading policeman was Dai Xiongyus younger uncle.

Although the policeman was his younger uncle, the policeman wasnt much older than him.

His young uncle was only about seven years older.

“Xiongyu, are you alright” Once the leading policeman got out of the police car, he rushed to Dai Xiongyu and asked with concern.

At the same time, he checked Dai Xiongyus body to see whether he was fine.

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