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Every glass and wood in his room had been shattered. What the hell happened while I was asleep? he asked no one but himself.

After waking up, he hadn felt the changes in his body. He was too terrified at the condition of his room that he didn even know his body now had traces of mana.

"Ugh…" The memories from his dream flooded his head and was accompanied by a painful ache in his head. The dream was now stuck in his head.

Ah… I totally forgot about the dream the moment I saw the rooms condition. Luke sighed.

Now, it didn feel like a dream but a memory, like he had been the one that fought those gruesome battles. He fell to the ground, throwing out everything in his already empty stomach when he remembered the slicing and bleeding that had taken place in this dream or rather memory of his.

But he was sad. The death of Owen seemed to repeat in his head and he mourned him, someone hed only seen in weird dreams.

He rose from the ground after his gagging stopped. "Obed will definitely kill me when he sees this. I don even know how Ill explain it to him. Damn the explanation. I don even know what happened here." He scratched his hair like he was about to go mad.

Could it have happened when Zeke did "that"? Probably. That was the only theory his head could come up with. He couldn even begin to understand how a dream had affected reality. This isn some twisted fantasy world, right? This is reality! He tried to convince himself of what had happened to him.

He sighed after a while. "Nothing will change if I just stay here straining my brain. I better start cleaning up so Ill finish earlier."

He rushed out of the room and when he returned, he was holding a big black nylon bag into which he hurriedly threw the broken items in his room. Anything he picked, he would have a closer look and if it was not useful anymore, he would put them in the bag.


The door leading into the apartment, which was directly facing his room door, opened. "Hey, Luke Im ba…ck." Obed could just barely finish the sentence when he saw the mess in Lukes room from the opened bedroom door.

"Hehe… welcome back." Luke was sweating nonstop but a forced smile crawled onto his face.

"What the hell happened while I was gone for ten hours?" Obed shouted as high as he could, walking towards Lukes room.

"It wasn my fault. I saw the room like this when I woke up too." Luke spoke half the truth, it was his fault. He had done it while asleep.

"Its not your fault? Then whose fault was it? Who slept in your room aside from you?" Obed asked.

Luke, who couldn counter the question, scratched the back of his head. "No one. I slept alone."

"Phew. I just left for half a day and your room is already a huge mess. If I had been gone for a week, you wouldve brought down the whole building. Let me drop these," He raised his bags in his hand so Luke would understand what he was referring to. "Ill be back to help with the trash." He walked back to the kitchen and dropped the bags on a table.

He moved to the sitting room, dropped his bag, pulled off his shirt and shoes, and walked back to Lukes room to assist him with the cleaning.

With a big nylon bag also in his hands, he emptied everything he came across into it.

"Hey, stop. Some of those things are still useful. No! Not that one. Give it to me." Luke yelled at Obed as he dumped everything into his bag.

"What use does this have? A useless answer and Im putting you in my bag too." Obed threatened while holding a slightly broken glass with writing all over it and a wooden bottom.

"Thats an award. Can you see?" Luke asked.

"Yes, it is."

"Give it to me. Its hardly damaged."

"No, it goes into my bag." Obed retorted.

"Thats one of the few awards I have and you plan on throwing it away? Are you crazy?" Luke questioned his friend.

"Yes, I am." Obed sighed. "Do you want me to help?"

"Of course, itll be easier that way." Luke answered.


Obed threw the award into the bag. "Then shut up and clean up. If there are things you want, you can just search my bag after we

e done with the clean-up."

Luke felt like rushing at this stubborn-headed friend and beating some sense into him. "Fine, but be careful so you don break them even more. With the way you keep throwing them into the bag, things like that award are bound to break."

"Fine, Ill stop flinging them like that." Obed agreed. "But what the hell happened to the walls? Why are they cracked?" He asked.

"How the hell should I know? Don ask me that." Luke yelled at Obed again.

An hour later, their bags were filled and the rooms floor was totally empty of any debris. They placed it close to the door at Lukes request. He still had to take his award and a few other things he saw from Obeds bag, but he was too hungry to do it at the moment.

"Ill prepare something to eat." He told Obed before walking into the kitchen.

"So you honestly have no idea how that happened?" Obed asked after some thinking for a while.

Ah, you bas***d! Just stop with the questions. I have no idea and even if my theory was right, you would think Im going crazy. was what he wanted to scream at Obeds face.

"No, I have not a single clue about what happened or how it happened." Luke answered while he raised the pot of meat from the fire and placed a different pot on it.

"Fine. You better hurry up. In about an hour and thirty minutes, you should already be at the shop." Obed spoke back.

"Does it look like I can go any faster than this? Im not the fire, neither can I make it hotter. Ill be fine soon, don worry. I should go clean up while this is still on fire." Luke left the pot on the fire and walked into the bathroom to bathe.

By the time he came out, the food was ready and Obed had served them on the table. "Did you fall asleep in there? You spent more time than any human shouldve spent in there." Obed was already eating.

"Forget about it. I don wanna talk. Once I finish eating, Ill be leaving." Luke walked to the table with a towel on his waist.

"Its still too hot for me to eat." That was what Luke said when he saw the vapor rising from the food but the first spoon had already entered his mouth. How can it be like this when theres still vapor rising from it? He asked himself. The food seemed just the right temperature the moment it entered his mouth even though it shouldve been too hot for him.

Without talking much, he placed spoon after spoon into his mouth, and soon, he was done. This hit food didn seem like much to him.

"That was fast. Wasn it hotter than how you usually like it?" Obed asked seeing Luke finish his food before he had eaten half his own.

"No, it was just the right temperature for me." Luke chuckled and walked away to the kitchen to clean his plate before returning to his empty room. The only things occupying space in the room were the worn-out wardrobe and his bed. He opened the wardrobe and pulled out a shirt and a trouser to wear.

He returned to the sitting room not too long after he left. "Ill be leaving now, want me to get anything when coming back?" Luke asked while heading for the exit.

"Nah, just be safe." Obed waved him off.

"Sure. See you later." Luke walked out.

He walked out of the building he resided in. With his body filled with unprecedented energy, and his face wearing a huge smile, he walked toward the grocery shop where he worked during the day.

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