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"Ahhh. That was close. I couldve done something Id regret all my life." Luke spoke to himself.

"Why the hell did you scream like that? Obed asked when Luke exited the toilet.

"Nothing serious. I almost pooped on myself during my sleep. Pretty sure if it had been you, you wouldve dropped it right on the bed." Luke replied with pride.

"And you

e proud you narrowly escaped a shameful situation." Obed nodded his head. "Thats the Luke I know."

"What do you mean by that?" Luke asked suspiciously.

"Nothing at all." Obed shook his head. "Its already past seven, I already made dinner a while ago. Ill be leaving for my night shift in a few minutes. Don destroy the house before I come back." Obed scolded his roommate.

"Sure. Im really hungry after all that dump that left my body, but I strangely feel very light. Just like you felt after taking the pill when we were in high school." Luke replied.

Obed asked with shock. "You took the pills?"

"Yup I did. Thats why I almost did number two on the bed. I took ten pills since five didn work for me." Luke answered lazily.

"Ten!? The hell dude. Thats crazy. Don get yourself killed, you sick fool!" Obed twisted Lukes ear making him look like a doting father. "Ill be leaving now. Stay safe Luke." He said walking out of the room.

"Get lost! Oh, and bring some pies when coming back from work tomorrow. Its been a while since I had those." Luke answered as he walked towards the dining table where his food was kept.

After a few minutes, he was done eating and walked back to get a good nights sleep, but he still felt that his body was weirdly lighter than it shouldve been. Soon, he fell asleep, and another weird dream started to unravel itself.

Luke woke up on a different bed, in a different room. When he rode from the bed, he felt shorter than usual. Fortunately, there was a mirror in the room so he walked over to it, thinking he was in control of the body and the body really moved according to his thoughts. A boy was standing in front of a mirror, wearing only a short that ended a few inches above his knees. Probably between the age of seventeen or eighteen. He had deep blue hair and eyes, a pointed nose and ears that seemed to hear everything even though they were small, and of course, a crown-like scar on his right arm which was hardly visible except you already knew a scar was there. This wasn Luke, but this body felt oddly familiar to him.

Then, the body started moving like a game character. Luke couldn do anything to control the movements. Oddly enough, he was still in the body but he had no control over any part of it. He only saw what the bodys owner saw and felt what the owner felt and heard thoughts belonging to this bodys owner. But he wasn surprised at all. It felt like he had been through moments like this before. Hell yeah, he had been through moments like this.

The boy walked over to a chair in the room and picked a black trouser neatly placed on the chair. He wore it and wore a shirt covering almost his entire upper body.


"Hey, get the hell out or Im breaking in. How long do you wanna sleep?" The boy in the room smiled when he heard the voice outside the room.

"Owen, Ill be out in a moment." The boy in the room replied to the voice outside.

"Zeke, come out now. We

e marching into the battlefield as reinforcements in a few minutes. So you better be ready when I come back." The boy, Owen warned.

"Yes, I will." Zeke, the boy in the room replied. Even Luke knew who Owen was and had grown accustomed to him even though they couldn interact.


What was that? Luke heard a rumbling sound.


Then he jerked out of bed again to the toilet like the last time. The pills were still working on his body.

This better be the last time or else, I might go crazy. He thought to himself.

When he finished his business in the toilet, he went back to sleep and his weird dream continued. Only this time, it was weirder than the last.

The boy he usually saw in his dreams was on a battlefield, and it wasn just him. He could recall the faces of a few people he has seen whenever he has dreams of this boy.

But why was he kneeling? Then the boy, Zekes thoughts rushed into Lukes head.

No! Not you. It definitely shouldn have been you. You shouldve stayed behind if you were sick. Luke, who was inside of Zeke, saw Zeke holding someone and was so shocked he couldn gather any thoughts. His intangible body began to shed tears.

While he was tearing up in the dream, tears were escaping from his sleeping self on the bed unknown to anyone.

"Im sorry but Ill be leaving first. I didn want to stay behind when we both promised to go to our first battle together. I couldn break the promise no matter what. Try not to die and become the greatest ever to live in our world. We wouldve both aimed for the top but I won be here any longer. But promise me, youll reach the top no matter what happens." The bleeding person on Zekes hand was also crying uncontrollably.

"I don care about promises right now! Just stay still. Ill try to get you a healer right now. So stay saying youll leave me alone." Zeke shouted with tears pouring out of his eyes.

"Zeke!!" The person forced himself to shout and blood flowed out of his mouth again and Zeke forcefully held his mouth shut. He had been stabbed in various places including his abdomen and both shoulders. He was sure he wouldn make it.

He removed the decorative band that had been worn on his wrist for as long as he could remember and wore it around Zekes hand. "This should help you remember the promise we made here today. This way, you

e not alone."

"I don want any promise right now. I just want you to survive." Zeke shouted back. "Is it too much to ask for? The gods, the stars, anybody, just do something please!" Zeke screamed at the top of his voice but the sound of blades, swords, and hammers clashing completely drowned his shouts.

"Be a good brother just this once. Promise me youll carry on our promise to become the greatest. Take my bracelet wherever you go so Ill be there when you achieve our dreams." The injured person made Zeke promise.

"Ah!! Fine. Ill do what you want, the band will never leave my side but you also have to survive too." Zeke begged.

"Stay well, my brother Zeke." Owen smiled and he fell into the embrace of eternal darkness.

"Ah! No!! Noooo!!!" Zeke screamed uncontrollably when Owen finally died in his hands. Luke, who was like a spectator, was also crying nonstop.

Zeke closed Owens eyes and took him to a nearby boulder and placed him behind it. He would come back to take his corpse when the battle ends or hed perish with him on this battlefield. "Ill start my promise to you with his head as a gift."

His anger had risen so much that he became terrifyingly calm. He just walked around the battlefield, looking for the enemys commander. The battle would end if I killed him right? he thought as he walked like a ghost all over the battlefield that spread about two miles in all directions.

No one could sense his presence on the field. He had truly become like a ghost with no presence. One enemy spotted him and thought he was a warrior who had gotten exhausted physically and mentally and moved to attack him. Well, the enemy was right but the current Zeke was so angry that exhaustion left him alone.

"Ahhhhh." The enemy approached while shouting, drawing the attention of a few others around who attacked as soon as they saw him.

"Im very very mad right now so…" Zeke took a deep breath and something like glass shattered in him and then he shouted. "GET LOST!"

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