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Reincarnated in MCU with skill creation 5 Creation Tech & Abilities

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Location: USA, Newyork 1992

[ MC 3 Pov ]

Currently i was in my room its been 3 days since i met Yao, Things have been going smoothly so far and now i am officially addicted to Yaos tea but sometimes I feel like someone is watching me..

(A/N: Because someone is... And its non other then Apollo from my novel * Reincarnated in Tensura with a system If you have reading the latest chapter then you know it) Anyway i am addicted to it and coffee. About my abilities and

power i haven created much and i really want to make more of them as well as some super advanced tech but i can do that here because i was waiting to buy a mansion with Super high,

security and high-tech underground basement,

And i will finally do that but not today because today because I have some \OTHER\ thing to do


[ First Person Pov ]

Currently i was Chilling in my room watching anime from my old world when i thought of something that came to me to me completely by accident.

What if i take the tesseract and take the stone out of it without breaking it and put some tiny energy extractors and the ability to transmit energy through air and space from an infinite distance.

In simpler words i will be able to create small

tesseract(s) and use that energy from an infinite distance far if it works i atleast have to try it I Thought and a crazy expression came on my face

"Alright then lets get to work..."


[ 3rd Pov ]

Location: !#*[email protected]@

Currently inside an unknown space a handsome boy was working with some tech and has a blue tesseract like object with him, this is non other then our mc Luke.


[ MC 3rd Pov ]

currently i was inside my personal space that i created using {Domain Creation} just as i said i am working On that project i also have the tesseract well how i got it i don remember (A/N: Because i didn want to write another flashback |: )

And currently i am trying to open a portal with tech if it doesn work then i will use magic... So i set up everything i am going to use I.D.P MK2 or InterDimensional Portal mark 2 that is the latest project of LukeDevs.

I check again to make sure everything is okay once more for reasons... After the last check i activate the I.D.P And...


When i activate it suddenly i hear a very loud explosion and swirling noise which came out of nowhere and destoryed my machine.

I found out that the noise was actually the sound of the Space-Time continum breaking and twisting and Repairing itself, If you want to know how it did that and why it exploded(A/N: Warning! everything about it i will say will be bullsh*t so if you want you can skip it)

Well it turns out that creating a portal is very hard unlike those in Movies, It requires to literally bend and recreate space-time continum itself! Because if you don you are ded! *Ahem* Dead because if you don do it the portal will become unstable and,

Boom! It will explode thats the reason my portal and machine exploded, so yeah and for how i will twist the space-time well i created a machine which will exactly do that and create portals,

But the problem is that it requires humongous amounts of energy, but i have magic to do so well lets try it out!...

[ MC POV ]

"Alright... Lets see if this works or not i technically spent 2 years with my time manipulation... Ahhh!" I say to myself and look at the portal creation machine its huge... Like yo mama hahahaha!

*Cough* Anyways this machine is 2km wide and 1.5km tall it can create portal to anywhere in this Universe, The size portal it can make it is 200M Miles and machine itself is red in colour.

Now after working for so long finally I will activate it and if it doesn work i will fu***** destroy this shi*** galaxy!

"Please Work" I say as i turn the machine on, and it worked and! Oh boy was it amazing as soon as I turned it on hundreds of thousands of gears started spinning and the inside of the frame of the machine itself started spinning, as i was watching the machine in amazement the machine spoke something.

("Machine Activation Complete... Please Put the coordinates off the place where you want to open the portal and select the size of the portal")

"Ahhhhhhh! Who is the-... Oh yeah its the machine"

I say to myself and look at the machine it told me to put the some coordinates, so i want to test it so i put the coordinates of Andromeda Galaxy,

And as soon as I put the coordinates the machine started spinning really fast.

And i mean really really fast like faster then the speed of light, and suddenly the between the fame of the machine a blue portal appeared and disappeared in an instance, but that also sucked me inside.

(A/N: Its like the time travel machine from Avengers Endgame but horizontally and blue in colour and the opening and closing is really fast like at the speed of light)

"Agghh! Where the heck am i- Oh yeah i Teleported using the machine" I say as i look around and found out that i am in space and behind me is the portal i came through, and i can see the other side of it.

"You know what! I am going back i don like it here one bit" I say fastly and head back to the portal and iit sucked me in again and closed like it was never there but unknown to me someone was watching me...

[ Unknown Pov ]

"Hmm intresting looks like my guess is right its a novel that i read from my past life... If i am correct the MC will be visiting me soon i think i should make some preparations" Said $&#@&

[ MC POV ]

"Fuc**** hell yeah! It worked! But i ain gonna do the other things now i will do the Other Thing that i planned" I say And laughed like a maniac

[ MC 3rd Pov ]

If you may wonder what is this other thing well i found out that i can travel to novels that i have read in my past life like i can travel to *Reincarnated in marvel as a slime* Or others.

So i plan to go to one of them! Hahahahah! ha! anyways i am planning to go to one of them and meet the MC of that novel and copy some of his abilities.

I think i am ready to do it...

[ MC POV ]

"Alright lets do this {Other Worldly Gate}!" I shouted as i used one of my spells

And as i did that i felt my entire being torn apart and being repaired again and again, the space-time itself tore apart like glass and i blacked out...

(Timeskip: Time: Unknown, Location: Unknown))

"Uggghh! Hell i should have been more prepared before travelling to another world" I say to myself and look around- Oh my god! Tej sence is so beautiful i am in space but its so beautiful so many colours everywhere and billions of stars in the sky shinning.

"Enjoying the view huh" Said someone and scared me

"Hey let him enjoy the view will you Apollo" Said Someone

"Don take his side Veldanava, anyways its nice to meet you Luke" Said Apollo

(A/N: Yup its a crossover between my two novels *Reincarnated In MCU with Skill creation* and *Reincarnated in tensura as a system*)

"Uhh- Yeahh hi" I said awkwardly as i recovered from my shock

"Haha no need to be scared child we will not hurt you" Said Veldanava

"Thank you" I say somewhat relived because i didn think that the MCs can attack me how stupid i am

"Yeah you are pretty stupid, Anyways ow lets have a talk shall we" Said Apollo

"Hmm why a talk" I asked confused

"Because we want to know why you came to this Multiverse" Said Apollo In an scarstic tone

"But aren you Omniscient?" I Asked totally confused

"I have it but i turned it off to actually hear it from you" Said Apollo as he created a table and two chairs and tea

"Hey why two chairs! i will also talk you know" Said Veldanava sad and angry

"Shut up you idiot" Said Apollo as he created another chair and i just watched

"Anyways now tell us why did you come here" Asked Apollo and Veldanava

"Well You see..." I say as i tell them the entire reason i came here

"Alright! let me get this straight, you came here because you wanted to copy some of my skills and ask me to make your skill creation Ablity more powerful?" Said Apollo in an harsh tone

"Y-Y-Yes" I say scared because why the hell wouldn i be scared of a being that can destory the entire outervese and is an boundless being

"Don worry i wont kill you, I will allow you to copy them" Said Apollo

"Really!" I shouted excited and happy

"Yes, now coy them fast because i don have enough time!" He shouts

"Yes" I say as i proceed to use my {Skill Copier} to copy his [{Primordial: Breeder Reacter}], [God Of Supreme Creation: Brahma] and [Judgement God: Heimdal].

As soon as I did that i felt my entire being overflowing with power and energy as soon as I do that i asked

"Its done! So can I go to my world now?" I asked i wanted to go because i was tired because i absorbed this much energy.

"Yes you can" Said Apollo

As he gave the permission i used my spell again and i was gone.

[ Apollo Pov ]

After he was gone i asked Veldanava

"So what do you think about thia kid" I asked him

"He is pretty god, he has power, is fearless, puts others before him overall he is good" Said Veldanava




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