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Demon Dragons Blessing

“Eh That is definitely a lively fight!”

Xu Yuan finally found Su Wan. He perched on a tree and looked down at the ongoing battle.


[Level: 5]

[Strength: 20]

[Spirit: 12]

[Agility: 17]

[Constitution: 25]

Xu Yuan had overestimated the capabilities of a Level 5 barbarian. He could crush those if he was even just a Level 2!

Their attributes were very weak. Su Wan was in the midst of the battle commanding the skeleton soldiers.

“Steel Shelter!”

Su Wan provided resistance to the skeleton soldiers. But it didnt do much. The barbarians were too strong for the skeletons. They scattered into pieces after being hit.

“Damn Xu Yuan,” muttered Xu Yuan. “I wonder how much resources I need to spend to revive these skeleton soldiers!

Su Wan felt more and more depressed looking at the skeletons on the ground. She regretted everything. If she had chosen the Human Warriors, they would have fought, slashed, and made traps. They would have won against the barbarians without suffering much damage.

But because of Xu Yuan and his choice of these skeletons, Su Wan suffered a lot in the battle.

“Dont tell me I will be obliterated even when just attacking a stupid barbarian stronghold!” muttered Su Wan.

Looking at more and more skeleton soldiers falling, Su Wan was anxious.

Su Wan looked at her own attributes.

Im level 6 now, and my four attributes are all above 50. Its easy for me to kill a few barbarians but…

Su Wans attributes were quite strong. But there were just too many enemies to fight. And the skeletons around her were very weak to withstand even one attack.

No, even if I have to go to the battlefield personally, I have to regain my face!

Su Wan was so anxious that she intended to roll up her sleeves and deal with the barbarian.s head-on

At this moment, Xu Yuan, who was perched on a tree, used Demon Dragons Blessing on the skeleton soldiers.

[Low-Level Skeleton Soldiers]

[Level: 5]

[Strength: 10]

[Spirit: 6]

[Agility: 8]

[Constitution: 12]

One could see that although they were both Level 5, there was a big difference in the attributes of the skeleton soldiers and the barbarians.

At this moment, a black light hit the skeletons.

The skeleton soldiers body was surrounded by black mist, and its white bones instantly turned black.

[Low-Level Skeleton Soldiers]

[Level: 5]

[Strength: 30]

[Spirit: 18]

[Agility: 24]

[Constitution: 36]

In an instant, the skeleton soldiers attributes tripled, and they surpassed the barbarians.

Su Wan was preparing to go into the fight scene. She caught a glimpse of a black shadow flying from the corner of her eyes. She saw the black light hit the skeleton soldiers.

The skeleton soldiers roared.

Wait… how did the general attributes of these skeleton soldiers increase so much

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Su Wan watched the skeleton soldiers rush and fight. They annihilated the barbarian stronghold.

Are these really the weak skeleton soldiers from a moment ago Su Wan rubbed her eyes. She was afraid that she was hallucinating.

The ten minutes were up, and the skeleton soldiers returned to their weak selves. When Su Wan checked their attributes, it was the same as before.

“How is this possible Could it be that sacrificing Rongrongs cut is really that effective Did they mutate suddenly” Su Wan couldnt figure it out.

If they were human soldiers, she could have asked them, but these skeleton soldiers didnt know human language.

332 points! I can definitely make it to the Top Ten! thought Su Wan.

At the moment, everyone was exploring the map and searching for the barbarians. Even if they found it, they would have to come up with ways to annex the stronghold.

It was rare for someone to wipe out an entire stronghold at one go.

“Hmph! Lets go and let Xu Yuan see how we can do this with or without him.”

Su Wan withdrew her troops and returned to her territory with the skeleton soldiers. When she reached, she saw Xu Yuan still sleeping on the ground. However, something was different. There was something on his back.

“Xu Yuan, whats that on your back” Su Wan asked with concern.

The wings were folded so it looked like a bump.

“Are you feeling sick” Su Wan was worried.

She thought about Xu Yuans behavior. She had gotten angry at his laziness. But now she realized that he was trying to sleep all the time because he had been ill all this time.

This was just as Lin Yao had said. Some heroes were afraid that their attributes were too low and would drag down the Overlord, so they refused to sign the contract.

Furthermore, Xu Yuan was so drowsy from the beginning and had been on the ground from the moment they had met.

Su Wan was now sure that he was ill. Su Wan didnt care about being polite any longer. She carried him in her arms, trying to see where he felt unwell.

“Xu Yuan, dont worry. Just tell me where it hurts. I will cure you or find a way to make it better!”

Su Wan was very worried about him no matter how he had treated her in the beginning. He was her first hero, after all. The significance of the first hero was great. Nothing could replace him.

Just as Su Wan was about to send a message in the group chat to ask for some help, Xu Yuan opened his eyes.

This was the first time he had seen her at such a close distance. Su Wan couldnt see clearly in the dark cave.

Suddenly, Xu Yuan spread his dragon wings. The wings hit Su Wan on the face.

“Ow! What was that” Su Wan was so scared that she let go and Xu Yuan flew away.

“Xu Yuan What was that”

Su Wan turned to see that Xu Yuan was once again on the ground. Xu Yuan had retracted his wings and gone back to his previous form.

Su Wan was confused. She didnt know what was in his body.

Meanwhile, Xu Yuan played dead. He was gaining experience by just sleeping. He didnt want to waste his time on other things. Besides, he felt that if Su Wan found out about his wings, she might make him her scout and send him flying to patrol the area.

So, Xu Yuan laid on the ground and pretended to be dead.

Su Wan stomped her feet in anger. The cave was so dark and she couldnt see properly. She was especially frustrated because Xu Yuan kept ignoring her.

Just as Su Wan was about to interrogate him for more information, Shi Linglong sent a message to the group.

[Shi Linglong: F*ck, I accidentally poked the barbarians nest. A Level 15 barbarian leader is chasing me! Sisters! Please save me! If it keeps pursuing me, it will discover my Territory Core!]



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