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That Hero of Mine Is a Fraud!

“Xu Yuan, lets go and deal with the barbarians”

Su Wan got frustrated very quickly but it passed as fast. The current situation didnt give her time to be sad and angry. There was work to do.

With 100 Low-Level Skeleton Soldiers and Xu Yuan, a dark hero with unknown combat power, it should not be a problem to eliminate some barbarians. The problem was whether or not they could get into the Top Ten.

I will try as much as I can to get into the Top Ten! Su Wan was determined. If it was before, she would have definitely made it to Top Three. However, after entering the Overlord Plane, her experiences hadnt been smooth.

First, she had been scammed by her hero into choosing the worst options. She felt that if she could make it to the Top Ten, it would already exceed her expectations.

“No, I want to sleep!” said Xu Yuan and laid down on the ground.

The strength of a barbarian was between Level 1 and 10. Although, the attributes of Xu Yuan were far higher than those of the same level.

However, he had reached a very critical stage. He needed to upgrade from Level 4 to 5. He had continuously gained experience while sleeping and had reached Level 4.

If he reached Level 5, his strength would take a huge leap. At the same time, his appearance would also change, and he would be able to unlock more abilities.

Xu Yuan didnt want to fail in an easy task, so he felt that it was better to advance to Level 5 first.

At that time, he would be in first place!

Su Wan looked at the sleeping Xu Yuan, and she felt angry.

How is this my hero! she lamented.He acts like he is my master!

“Youre so annoying!” she said. “Forget it. I will go by myself with the skeleton soldiers!”

“Lets go!” She commanded the skeleton soldiers. Every second after the mission announcement. This was because there were other novice Lords fighting the same thing. Their points would keep increasing.

Although Su Wan had already given up hope of making it up to the Top Ten, she still wanted to try. She was a top student at the academy and if she gave up without trying, it would be embarrassing. It was better to go fight instead of spending her time here with lazy Xu Yuan anyway. If she stayed here, she might not even achieve one point.

However, as a high-profile existence in the Academy, it would be even more embarrassing if she wasted her time here withwish. In the end, she would not be able to get a single point!

“Lets go!” Su Wan commanded the skeleton soldiers. They didnt budge from their place.

“Whats the meaning of this” Su Wan was even more frustrated now.

Xu Yuan was already bullying her and now the skeleton soldiers were doing the same thing! Not one listened to her orders. Su Wan realized that every skeleton was looking at Xu Yuan expectantly. It seemed they were asking for his permission.

“Xu Yuan!” said Su Wan. “What is the meaning of this”

Su Wan suspected that since Xu Yuan had chosen them, they would only obey him and no one else.

Xu Yuan lazily opened his eyes. He waved his tiny claw at the skeleton soldiers. In an instant, they set off in an orderly manner toward the outside.

Su Wan typed an urgent message to Mentor Zhenzhen.

[Su Wan: The military power is under the heros control. The troops only obey him. What should I do Need help!]

Su Wan decided not to send the message so she deleted it. It was too embarrassing for her to send that to her teacher who had so much faith in her.

It did not cross Su Wans mind that perhaps Xu Yuans aura was too powerful so everything waited for his approval. This was because when she looked at him, she only saw a harmless, tiny lizard-like creature.

She only assumed that because Xu Yuan had chosen the option, the skeleton soldiers recognized him as their authority.

Such things werent mentioned in the textbooks. However, Su Wan had encountered many things that didnt go according to the textbooks in this place.

Su Wan didnt have time to think about that. She led the skeleton soldiers to fight against the barbarians. Every point counted!

After Su Wan left. Xu Yuan reached Level 5.

[Name: Xu Yuan]

[Demonic Dragons true name: Luphus Olga]

Race: Dark Demon Dragon]

[Level: 5]

[Strength: 210]

[Spirit: 208]

[Agility: 207]

The source of this content is n0/v//el//bin[.//]net'

[Constitution: 210]



[Night Shift LVL 1: As a Dark Demon Dragon, energy of the night can be converted to power. During the night, experience will be automatically gained at all times. The amount of experience gained will increase according to the current skill level.]

[Dragon Gods Slumber LVL 1: as long as you fall into a deep sleep, you will receive the blessing of the night.]

[Lord of Darkness: has absolute control over all dark creatures. Can forcefully control dark creatures.]

[Demonic Dragons Blessing: imbues the Demonic Dragons aura onto dark creatures, strengthening them. All attributes will increase by 300% for 10 minutes.]

[Demon Dragon Wings LVL 1: ability to fly. At night, ability to travel from one dark area to another.]

[Demonic Dragons Breath LVL 1: spit out a Demonic Dragons Breath, causing AoE damage to the target area. Creatures who die from the Demonic Dragons Breath have a 10% chance of becoming an undead (depends on the ability level).]

Xu Yuan looked at his Attribute Panel. He felt that he should be able to take care of those barbarians.

Xu Yuan spread his wings and flew out of the cave. He flew under the shadow of a big tree outside the cave.

After leveling up to Level 5, Xu Yuans appearance had changed. He had gained dragon wings, now he no longer looked like a tiny lizard. With the Demon Dragon Wings ability, he could travel through dark spaces.

There were two trees not far away, and the sun cast shadows under them. Xu Yuan flew from one shadow to the next. It was like traveling through space!

“I guess I have to see how the Lord is doing,” he muttered. He flew in the sky to locate Su Wan

Su Wan was busy venting her dissatisfaction in the dormitory group chat.

[Su Wan: Its over! I feel like I will only barely be able to make it to the Top Ten.]

[Shi Linglong: What!What do you mean you can barely make it Wanwan, how are we supposed to live with these words of yours We dont even have a chance to get into the Top Fifty!]

Shi Linglong felt that Su Wan was being a black belly once again. She was deliberately provoking others.

Only Lin Yao saw the problem.

[Lin Yao: Wanwan, what happened With your talent and skill, you should be able to make it to Top Three. You have always been among the Top Three, right]

Su Wan almost burst into tears when Lin Yao mentioned it.

“That hero of mine is a fraud!”

That was how Su Wan felt about Xu Yuan. But when Lin Yao asked why, Su Wan couldnt tell her about the things that had happened. She was too embarrassed.

“He is lazy. I asked him to come with me to fight the barbarians, but he only wanted to sleep.”

When Su Wan typed that in the group, the other three people sent a string of ellipses.

Zhao Qingrong gloated.

[Zhao Qingrong: Fortunately, my hero isnt a dark hero. He is a handsome elf. He is very easy to talk to.]

When she saw the message, Su Wan felt even more depressed. She almost left the group.

When Su Wan closed the group chat, the skeleton soldiers arrived at the barbarian stronghold and began to fight.



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