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Offering Zhao Qingrongs Cut, Blessing of Fate

“Were done for!” Su Wan exclaimed.

She felt hopeless but seeing the prompt appear on the panel after making her choice gave her a little comfort.

[Talent: Steel Shelter: The Lord can use the Steel Shelter on any unit (hero, building or a troop) to increase their resistance.]

Its fine. Its fine. Su Wan tried to convince herself.At least you wont be beaten up.

Su Wan wanted to cry but had no tears. This was already the worst misfortune.

She had thought choosing the third talent would make her a tank and nothing else. But she could work with the current situation. She just needed a hero who could do the other things. That way, when the hero attacked, she could be a support and provide him help from behind.

But the hero beside her was…

Su Wan looked at the swarthy, infant-sized lizard. At this moment, she seriously doubted the heros combat prowess.

If Xu Yuan wasnt very good at combat and he had chosen the worst possible talent for Su Wan, then would they even have a future to speak of

On the other side, Xu Yuan looked up at the sky, as if he had no guilt for what he had just done.

Seeing him like that, Su Wan felt hopeless.

Dark heroes are so difficult to deal with, the textbooks didnt lie! lamented Su Wan.

Su Wan muttered this sentence, as if she was about to break her teeth.

However, Su Wan was a genius favored by the Dean. She not only had talent, but her resilience was also formidable. Su Wan soon calmed down.

She was determined to check the core of the territory. The core of the initial territory assigned to them was a place they needed to protect. If the core was destroyed, the Lord would lose the right to be a Lord.

Su Wan searched for a while and found the core of the territory in the cave.

A huge purple-black crystal was floating there, emitting a strange light.

“No way!” Su Wan exclaimed. It was good that she didnt have to go very far to find the core, but it was bad news that the core was in a cave.

The dark cave looked very oppressive!Wheres the promised beautiful forest The sunset lake The grassland!

Su Wans whole body trembled. Her heart sank. She had fantasized of her core as a beautiful, lush forest. She had imagined lakes and such. She never expected it to be a dark cave.

“This is just hellish!” Su Wan gritted her teeth.

After that, Su Wan looked at the resources in her territory. She felt that her life was becoming increasingly difficult.

[Land: Cave group| 0.3 square kilometers]

[Resources (unit: ton): Wood: 0 | Ores: 10 | Rock: 50 | Food: 0]


[Territory Core: Level 1]

[Population: 2/2000]


“Theres no wood here! Theres no wood in this damn cave!” Su Wans heart sank.

Not only was there no wood, but there was also no food. Su Wan took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

[Do you want to summon the initial troop class for free]

Su Wan looked at the option. She was also curious about what kind of troops she could summon.

What every Lord had to do at the start was to build buildings through the core of the territory. After the Territory Hall was built, a certain number of resources could be used to summon troops. And having troops meant having the manpower and the tools. The territory could slowly develop.

Every new Overlord had a free chance to summon troops when they entered the Overlord Plane.

Su Wan prayed that she could get a stronger troop.

On the other side, Xu Yuan looked at Su Wan thoughtfully. He had been focused on leveling up and didnt pay much attention to her in the beginning. However, a notification from the system changed his mind.

[Territory Core has been upgraded to Level 2. Level 60 upper limit unlocked!]

After looking at it, he realized that his strength was limited. His previous idea of gaining experience by sleeping didnt seem to be working.

Once he reached Level 30, he would not be able to continue leveling up, let alone rover his full strength from the hero plane.

If he wanted to break through the Level 30 limit, he would have to upgrade the Territory Core to Level 2.

Xu Yuan then looked at the Territory Core which required resources to upgrade to Level 2.

[Territory Core upgrade requirements: Land Area reaches 0.4 square kilometers (not achieved) | Total resources needs to be 100 tons (yet to be achieved) | Possess 5 buildings (incomplete) | Population needs to be 2000 (not yet achieved)]

After looking at the requirements, Xu Yuan had an idea.

Su Wan also wanted to try her luck.

“God bless me, Ill sacrifice Rongrongs cut and get a strong troop type!” Su Wan was reluctant to use her friend for glory.

If Zhao Qingrong knew about this, she would be sad about the cut posters for a long time.

[Congratulations, Lord, you have gained one of the three soldier types! Choose one out of three.]

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Su Wan was so happy that she almost jumped up on the spot. She shared the news with Xu Yuan.

“Offering Rongrons cut as sacrifice worked really well!”

Su Wan told him about Zhao Qingrong and her other roommates, including the chance she got to choose one of the three soldiers.

[Lord, please choose one of the three units below. ]

[1. Tauren Warriors X10 ]

[2. Human warriors X50 ]

[3. Low-Level Skeleton Soldiers X100 ]

Su Wan only took a short time to decide. She thought that the second option was the best.

The first option was the Tauren Warriors. They were the strongest in combat, but she would only get ten of them. Besides, Tauren Warriors were clumsy and couldnt do anything useful.

On the other hand, Human Warriors were weaker than Tauren Warriors in combat, but they were flexible and talented and could do other things like building, hunting and farming. The humans could do everything. She thought the second option was the best.

As for the third option, Su Wan didnt even think about it.

The Low-Level Skeleton Soldiers were too weak. Furthermore, they didnt know how to think and were not very bright.

Without waiting for Su Wan to make a choice, a small, clawed limb stretched out and chose the third option.

“Xu Yuan!!” she shouted. “You really just want to go against everything I choose, right”

She couldnt figure out why this dark hero was like this. He did not pitch in with ideas and didnt help her at all but always made trouble at the critical moment.

Is he sent by another competitor she wondered.

After choosing the third option, Xu Yuan looked up at the sky as though nothing happened. Just like before, he had his own thoughts about the choice he made.

From Xu Yuans point of view, Low-Level Skeleton Soldiers did not complain about food and never got tired. They were the best tools to get things done. It was the most suitable choice.

Su Wan was frustrated. The Lords mission was released just at that time.

[Novice Overlord Trial Mission activated: All novice Lords, please attack the nearby barbarian strongholds within 24 hours. You will get 1 point for every barbarian you kill. Calculation of points will be carried out after 24 hours. The Top 10 players with the highest points will be rewarded.]



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