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A Strong Opponent, SS-Class Hero, Golden Dragon

[The match begins! ]

With the announcement, the two sides officially started the fight.

Xu Yuan didnt fight this time. Su Wans leadership led the Skeleton Knights to attack, and the final battle included the Golden Behemoths and the Hellhounds. The enemy was quickly defeated.

Those who participated in the Revival Round had all lost in the elimination round. Except for Su Wan, all others who participated were very weak.

Su Wan quickly took the lead and obtained enough points. After she won the Revival Round, Su Wan made it to the Top 20.

Only 10 people would be chosen, which meant that half of them would be eliminated.

Su Wan looked at the group chat. Lin Yao and the others had also entered the Top 20. Everyone was competing to make it to the Top Ten.

[The next fight for the Top Ten will be between Su Wan and Long Quan.]

When that was announced, everyone discussed in hushed tones. “Su Wans luck is quite bad.”

“First, a repeating student like Zhang Wei defeated her. After doing good in the Revival Round, she now has to face the one who was in second place in the previous tournament. The heir of the Long family, Long Quan!”

“If she doesnt win against Long Quan, Su Wans hope of entering the Top Ten will be crushed.”

There were several teachers in the office who were also nervously observing the match. The Dean was anxious. He tapped his fingers on the table.

“Believe me, Long Quans chance of winning against Su Wan is slim seeing how she performed today.”

Teacher Ouyang was running his mouth again.

“Why dont we try to bribe him”

The Dean immediately rejected this foul proposal after it was put forth! “He is the heir of the Long family! What would you even bribe him with”

“If it wasnt for your bad idea at that time, Su Wan would never have thrown the game while fighting with Zhang Wei! Then, she wouldnt have to fight Long Quan at all!”


In the arena, Su Wan was focused.

Long Quan was a veteran. He was an influential person in the school. He was one of the competitors for Star Academy in the Inter-Campus Tournament last year.

Moreover, Long Quan had won second place at that time!

Long Quan was calm and collected. He faced Su Wan elegantly.

“Hello,” he said. “I am Long Quan. Nice meeting you, Junior.”

Many young women screamed from the audience watching Long Quans polite greeting to Su Wan.

“Marry me, Long Quan!”

“Please look in my direction! I also want to fight you if it means that I can be closer to you!”

Su Wan filtered out the screams of those people. “Arega, you need to be careful. The opponent is not an easy one.” Su Wan warned the Golden Behemoths and others.

The opponent was Long Quan, and he had three types of troops.

One of them had a human form, but he had a dragon tail, dragon claws, and dragon scales on his body. He was a half-dragon human.

The other two were the Earth Dragon and the Sky Dragon.

He had many smaller dragon troops. Most were Earth Dragons, and a few were Sky Dragons.

“This is not good!”

Su Wan knew that even with the Golden behemoths, this battle would not be easy to fight.

The Golden Behemoths could tear an Earth Dragon apart with their bare hands. But the dragons were too many.

At present, Su Wans resources were not enough. She only had three Golden Behemoths. It was very difficult to deal with dozens of Earth Dragons!

Moreover, Long Quan had the Sub-Dragon troops!

“Since junior is not making a move, I will take the liberty to make the first move,” said Long Quan.

The half-dragon half-humans rushed toward Su Wan.

“Skeleton Knights, prepare for battle!” Su Wan deployed them.

She only had three Golden Behemoths, ten Hellhounds, and ten Dark Goblins. They were too few compared to what the opponent had.

There was a 40–60% possibility that the Skeleton Knight would triumph over the dragons.

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In the face of the dragons brutal strength, the Skeleton Knights were forced to retreat. Long Quan still had the Earth and the Sky Dragons and the remaining Sub-Dragons.

How can I win against that

Su Wan fixed her gaze on Long Quan. A Golden Dragon was positioned next to him. The air was filled with the Dragons power. Because of that, the Skeleton Knights were only able to exert half of their strength.

“SS-class hero, Golden Dragon!”

“As expected of the heir of the Long family. The troops and heroes are all related to Dragons!”

“This is the Dragon-blood family”

Everyone exclaimed.

Seeing her Skeleton Knights so easily defeated, Su Wan was anxious.


“Damn fate!” Su Wan clenched her fists tightly.

She ultimately succeeded in making it through the Revival Round and entering the arena after a series of unpredictable battles. However, she lamented encountering such a strong opponent at this stage.

Su Wan felt a surge of hopelessness and sorrow. She didnt have a chance even if she had the Golden behemoths with her.

Su Wan glanced at the majestic SS-class hero, Golden Dragon. Then she looked at her own hero, Xu Yuan, who did nothing but sleep.

Su Wan felt her blood pressure start to rise once more.

Xu Yuan had brought the soft nest she had knitted, and he slept soundly. As she pondered, a black mist rose. It engulfed the Skeleton Knights and the Dark Goblins. They burst into pitch-black flames.

They are mutating

Su Wan was no longer surprised as she had seen this happen many times.

She felt even more hopeless. No matter how hard she tried, she couldnt even unlock the mystery behind their transformation.

“Hmm… the opponent indeed is very interesting,” said Long Quan eagerly.

“Dont worry. Those small fries cant compete with us no matter how much theyre strengthened!” said the Golden Dragon in disdain.

The Golden Dragon could tell at a glance that the Skeleton Knights had been strengthened by an unknown power.

However, the difference in their strength was too great. Even if the Skeleton Knights had been strengthened, they would still lose against the dragon army.

“Su Wan has worked very hard.”

“Any other new student would have broken down by now.”

Su Wan hadnt even lost and yet everyone was feeling sorry for her.

The Skeleton Knights and Dark Goblins, who had been strengthened, steadily swung the battle against the dragons in their favor while everyone watched intently.

They were even somewhat restraining the army of half-dragons. They werent the strongest half-dragon army, though.

Long Quans Earth Dragon Army and sub-Dragon Army had yet to make a move.

The Earth Dragon Army and sub-Dragon Army of Long Quan were still stationary. If they joined in, the fight would be over in seconds!

“Its a pity!”

“Both of them are deserving of being in the To Ten. But since they have to face each other, only one will make it.”

Long Quan did not appear to want to stretch things out any longer. He started his final assault.



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