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A Once-In-A-Century Phenomenon

Lower realm, Stars Academy.

At this moment, the sky above the academy had completed a strange transformation.

Just a moment ago, the sky was clear and bright, but now, it was suddenly covered with dark clouds, with lightning and thunder.

“What a terrifying aura!”

In the academy, countless teachers and students raised their heads to look at the sky. An extremely terrifying aura emanated from the dark clouds!

There was a sort of terror engraved in the depth of their soul.

“Whats happening The previous contract went smoothly. How did it suddenly become like this”

The Dean was tired from all the talking so he had gone to rest. As for the students, they followed the instructions and entered the Overlord Plane.

However, as soon as he went out, he saw that the weather had completely changed. The Dean returned.

He patted a mans shoulder and asked with a grave expression, “Zhiwen, do you recall something like this happening before

Dean Zhiwen tried to recall, and he remembered one such incident five hundred years ago. He exclaimed in surprise. “Could it be that a powerful hero is about to appear!”

Dean Zhiwen remembered the history. “Five hundred years ago something like this happened in the Imperial Lord Academy. A mighty hero had appeared then. When the hero was ready to make a contract with a lord, the sky was filled with brilliant golden clouds. Rays of golden light had shone, and a gold rain had fallen on the earth. That was when the SSSS-class light hero, Holy Angel descended!”

The Lord of the SSSS-class hero had created the Sage Council. The Sage Council was spread all over the Blue Planet. It was the most powerful force on the Blue Planet!

Even the current Stars Academy was established under the management of the Sage Council.

The Dean did not say anything. Instead, he nodded solemnly at Dean Zhiwen.

The students felt uneasy looking up at the sky. Such a phenomenon scared them. They thought a great terror was about to descend into the world.

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A timid freshman shrank into a corner and shivered. Some of the new students clenched their fists tightly, their hearts filled with ambition.

A great crisis was accompanied by a great opportunity. They thought that they could seize this moment and turn the tables for themselves.

While everyone was discussing, the teacher in charge of the freshmen contract had received the Deans order to continue with the process!

The teacher trembled. He was also panicking, but he had no choice but to continue to preside over the contract.

“Next, lets invite student Su Wan to come on stage to carry out the contract.”

Everyone had been focusing on the strange phenomenon. But when the teacher called out Su Wans name, everyone started whispering.

“Its Su Wans turn!”

Su Wan

As the students waited excitedly, a girl walked out from the crowd and went up to the stage.

The girls jet-black hair cascaded down like a waterfall, and there were two black butterfly hair pins on both sides of her head that held her hair in place.

“Mentor Zhenzhen” Su Wan greeted the teacher who was in charge of the contract.

The teacher nodded, acknowledging her.

The girl in front of him was wearing a black dress. With her long black hair, she looked like an elf in the dark night.

Su Wan gracefully walked up to the stage. Su Wan raised her hand and swept her messy hair behind her shoulder.

“Student Su Wan, please stand in the middle of the array.”

“Yes, teacher.” Su Wan elegantly bowed to the teacher.

Some people from below the stage shouted, “Su Wan, marry me!”

The male student who had shouted had already imagined his and Su Wans childs name.

A female student gritted her teeth. “How can there be such a perfect person in this world”

Su Wans entrance test results were outstanding. The Deans evaluation was that this contract hero must at least be an S-class.

Su Wan was very talented. At the same time, he was never arrogant. She was very humble and did not look down on others. Instead, she was always helping others and herself improve.

Everyone was a new student and had just entered the school recently, but Su Wans hard work was apparent.

“Isnt this too much How are we supposed to survive if shes working so hard.” In the crowd, a young lady stomped her feet in anger. She was so anxious that she was about to cry.

At this moment, some of the people in the crowd below had even formed a cheerleading team. All of them were male, and they were shouting together.

“Su Wan, I love you!” Their voices reverberated.

Su Wan on the stage couldnt stand it. These so-called cheerleaders were all men. They were all dancing and shouting. It was annoying to watch.

The teacher waved his hand at Su Wan.

In an instant, the entire stage seemed to be closed off from the surroundings. No Noise was heard from outside. The teacher urged Su Wan to continue with a smile.

“Student Su Wan, you are a student with potential. Dont let those rowdy students distract you. The contract is very important. Ignore them and focus on the hero that belongs to you.”

“Thank you, teacher,” said Su Wan. She sighed in relief.

An array flickered and a ray of light suddenly appeared. Su Wan disappeared from the array and headed to the Overlord Plane.


In the dark cave, water dripped from above. “E, what place is this”

Xu Yuan looked around. He sensed that he was in a cave. It was very dark, and he could only rely on the bioluminescent moss for the faintest light.

“This is the Overlord plane Why is it so dark”

Xu Yuan looked out of the cave, where the full moon hung high in the sky.

“I feel like theres something wrong with my perspective.”

Xu Yuan was used to seeing things from the Dark Demon Dragons perspective in the hero plane. Now that he was restricted by the rules, he didnt know what he had become.

He felt that his current perspective seemed to have become much narrower.

[Dear host, you are currently in the dark. The skill “Night Shift will automatically give you an experience.]

In an instant, Xu Yuan was raised to Level 2.

[Name: Xu Yuan]

[Demonic Dragons true name: Luphus Olga]

[Race: Dark Demon Dragon]

[Level: 2]

[Strength: 60]

[Spirit: 58]

[Agility: 57]

[Constitution: 60]


“I leveled up just like that”

Xu Yuan didnt expect the “Night Shift” skill to make him this powerful. He had increased a level without doing anything.

“For an ordinary S-class, the basic attribute increase after leveling up is about 10 points, but I actually increased by 50 points more!”

[Congratulations to the host for completing the first level! You are rewarded with the early unlocking of the skill “Dragon Gods Slumber”.]

The Dragon Gods Slumber!

Xu Yuan remembered that this ability was supposed to be unlocked only at Level 30. He hadnt expected it to be unlocked so soon.

[Dragon Gods Slumber: as long as you fall into a deep sleep, you will receive the blessing of the night.]

“This combination of abilities is amazing!”

Normally, Xu Yuan was able to gain experience if he was in the dark. However, it was inconvenient during the day. But now that he had unlocked Dragon Gods Slumber, he could continuously gain experience points if he slept, even during the day!

“Then Ill have a good sleep!” He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

When it lightened outside, it was already daytime. A young woman in a black dress appeared at the entrance of the cave. She was a little confused.

She saw a sleeping creature not very far away and covered her mouth in surprise. “A dark hero!” she whispered.



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