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The Hero, Xu Yuans, Favorability Toward You Has Increased

[Wanwan, although there were some accidents during the competition, we all know how powerful your unit is. As long as we dont encounter any strange things in the revival round, it wont be a problem for you to win the Revival Round!]

One by one, Su Wans close friends consoled her. No one knew that her hero had betrayed her.

She looked at Xu Yuan. He was the main culprit!

If Xu Yuan would only take the match seriously, there would be no problem at all in the Revival Round.

At this period, the schools teachers were the primary sources of information. Su Wan was being comforted, some asked how she was coping and encouraged her to give it her all in the Revival Round.

Su Wan decided to communicate well with Xu Yuan this time.

“Director Xu, please can you not pretend to be me from now on The Revival Round is our last chance. We wont get any more chances.” Said Su Wan earnestly. “I know we have not communicated well with each other. I will try my best to understand and accommodate your needs. I would be grateful if you could do the same too. We can negotiate if there is something we both want so that we can reach a win-win situation without throwing the other under the bus. Please”

“Alright,” said Xu Yuan. He nodded. Su Wan was happy that her efforts werent wasted.

[The hero, Xu Yuans, favorability toward you has increased.]

A message appeared on Su Wans panel. Her actions had boosted Xu Yuans favorability toward her!

However, the increase in favorability was of no use. Xu Yuan yawned and continued to sleep.

Did my favorability really improve Su Wan was skeptical. She saw that Xu Yuan was the same as always, no matter what the prompt said.

Maybe I need to take more initiative to increase my favorability…

Su Wan had promised Xu Yuan that if he didnt cause any trouble, she would give him a soft nest to sleep in. Even though he had betrayed her in the second round, she had won the first match.

Su Wan fulfilled her promise. She knitted a soft nest for Xu Yuan while trying to learn from the internet. Su Wan finally created a soft nest for wish.

The soft nest was large enough for him. “Here, Xu Yuan,” said Su Wan. “Wake up. As per my promise, I have made you this.”

When Xu Yuan woke up and saw the soft nest, he was in high spirits.

[The hero, Xu Yuans, favorability toward you has increased.]

A message instantly appeared on Su Wans panel. Her actions pleased Xu Yuan. He pounced on the soft nest, rubbed his head on it and went to sleep.

How can he sleep so much Su Wan wondered. Su Wan was about to snicker as she continued to stare at Xu Yuan.

She had made him a soft nest but as she did, she thought back and got angrier and angrier.

Why did she have to work so hard to please him when he tricked and betrayed her Su Wan wanted revenge. So, she had stuffed a few beans in the soft nest.

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She wanted to see his reaction when he leapt on the soft nest. But he just fell asleep without any discomfort.

Whats happening I made sure it was in the center. No matter how much he snoozes, the lazy bum should have felt the beans by now! ! Su Wan couldnt understand.

No, I have to find out whats going on. Su Wan picked up the sleeping Xu uan and kept him aside. She gently patted the pillow.

There was nothing.Where did the beans go Su Wan was puzzled.

Su Wan felt worn out. Making the soft nest had taken a lot of work. She was also sleepy.I really put in a lot of effort to succeed. Even though I didnt like it, I gave it to him anyway.

The more Su Wan thought about it, the angrier she got. She decided to use the soft nest herself. She lay down on it.

Its so comfortable! thought Su Wan.No wonder the lazy bum likes to sleep every day. I wish I could just sleep all day and do nothing like him.

Su Wans feelings were complicated. She turned the other side and felt the beans poke her.

In front of her, Xu Yuan opened his eyes and looked at her innocently. Su Wan felt really bitter at that moment.

She had put the beans in the center of the soft nest so that it would make Xu Yuan uncomfortable to sleep. But for some reason, the beans were pushed all to the side.

When she used the nest, she had just assumed the beans had disappeared. But when she turned to her side, she felt them.

Wish appeared to be a little unsatisfied, and Su Wan improvised.

“I am only testing your soft nest.”

“Well, there are some flaws in your soft nest.”

Su Wan took the beans out from the nest and threw them away. Xu Yuan wagged his tail happily.

The Overlord in front of him was doing well. Although she was a little weak, she was very resourceful.

[The hero, Xu Yuans, favorability toward you has increased.]

The message appeared again but Su Wan didnt feel happy. She felt like crying.

Xu Yuan, in contrast, wanted to laugh.

Up until the start of the next days Revival Match, Su Wan remained gloomy. The Golden Behemoths and other forces had already started their drills while Xu Yuan continued to sleep soundly.

“The Revival Round shouldnt be a problem, in any case,” muttered Su Wan.

She took a deep breath. White light encased her, her hero, and her troops. They appeared in the arena ring.



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