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A Fraud!

“Xu Yuan! Can you explain this”

Su Wans account was only accessible to herself and her initial hero. Zhao Qingrongs initial hero had taught Xu Yuan to squander all her money!

Since she had not made any transaction, it must have been Xu Yuan, obviously.

Xu Yuan flapped his wings. “I told you. Call me Director Xu.”

Xu Yuan had no remorse. Su Wan finally understood why he had told her to call him Director Xu before.

Xu Yuan had planned this from the very beginning. “You b*stard! You acted as me and used my account! You dont even do anything good, but you are so enthusiastic about all the wrong things!”

Su Wan was furious, and her hatred for the Elf Archer, the initial hero of Zhao Qingrong, grew. This wouldnt have happened if that accursed elf hadnt taught Xu Yuan to gamble.

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Su Wan was on the verge of erupting, but she restrained herself and remained calm in front of her friends.

“Wanwan, whats wrong” Zhao Qingrong asked in concern.

Su Wan glared at the Elf Archer beside her friend.

“Im sorry, I was in a bad mood because I lost the match!”

Su Wan stopped talking to her friends after realizing she had lost her cool and instead left the place, desperately wanting to return to her territory.

When she returned to her territory, Su Wan put her hands on her hips and glared at Xu Yuan.

“Tell me honestly, Fraud Xu, how did you come up with the idea to pose as me in the first place”

Su Wan had certain assumptions when she saw the money and the source of the fund. But she was interested in hearing it from Xu Yuans mouth.

Xu Yuan had no qualms. He raised his head and explained animatedly to Su Wan.

“Zhang Weis odds were not very good,” he said. “I betted everything on him, and others betted on you. So, having him win would make us rich!”

Su Wan didnt know what to say. Xu Yuan could sacrifice her future for a meager sum of money!

Su Wan took deep breaths to calm herself. The matter had already happened, and there was no point in pursuing it.

She decided to utilize the money properly to make up for the loss she had suffered.

What should I buy Something that can increase my strength Or something that can improve my territory Maybe something to enhance my troops Su Wan hesitated.But money will bring its own troubles.

A box suddenly materialized out of the warped space at this precise time.

[Hello, please sign for your express delivery!]

Xu Yuan flew to it and signed her name on the receipt. He then took the box for himself.

Su wan was stunned. “Wait!”

Su Wan realized that something seemed to be wrong. Xu Yuan opened the box. Nestled inside was a Dark magic Crystal.

It had a note that said it was a magical item from an unknown source and couldnt be used by Blue Plants technology. It was also expensive. Su Wan hurriedly checked her account. Her money was gone!

“You damned b*stard!” Su Wan exclaimed.

Su Wan had convinced herself with difficulty that losing the match wasnt that bad. With the money, she thought she could make up for that loss by buying resources to strengthen her territory and her troops. But now, her money was squandered once again by Xu Yuan!

He had bought a useless Dark Magic Crystal!

“Fraud! Give me my money back!” Su Wans face was red with anger. “Give me that! Maybe it is not too late to return it.”

Before she could snatch the crystal away, Xu Yuan swallowed it.


He then lay on the ground to sleep. “Goodnight,” he said. “Please dim the lights. Thank you.”

He fell asleep to digest the power of the Dark Magic Crystal.

Su Wans eyes were wide. She looked at Xu yuan who lay motionless. She was still angry, but she was more worried. “Xu Yuan, are you okay”

The Dark magic Crystal contained chaotic and unknown magic. “Xu Yuan, you didnt have to swallow it just because I was angry. Just spit it out.”

Su Wan started to worry. Xu Yuan didnt respond. When he ate the dark Magic Crystal, the system prompted him that he had received skill enhancement points.

Xu Yuan now faced a dilemma.Which skills should I enhance

After careful consideration, Xu Yuan decided to enhance the Lord of Darkness skill. With that, he would have absolute control over all dark creatures.

Xu Yuan wanted to sleep and gain experience points. He didnt want to waste valuable time fighting pesky enemies. Lord of darkness skill would allow him to control dark creatures to fight the enemies while he slept.

Now, Xu Yuan used the points to enhance the Lord of Darkness skill.

[Lord of Darkness LVL2: as the Lord of Darkness, you can control all dark creatures. Within your territory, you can use a certain amount of dark energy to resurrect the dead dark creatures.]

This ability is not bad! Xu Yuan thought.

As long as the Lords Territory Core was still unharmed, the dead soldiers could be resurrected after consuming a certain number of resources. However, there were many limitations to this resurrection. The most important limitation was that it did not support expeditions. The dead troops could be revived only in the territory.

When the Lord fought outside of the territory, the resurrected dead troops might not make it back to the fight.

The Lord of Darkness ability made up for this weakness. Within the area of Xu Yuans domain, dead dark creatures could be resurrected on the spot! After being resurrected, they could immediately return to the fight.

Su Wan woke Xu Yuan. He thought about how he could explain the situation to her. Just as he was about to tell her, her attention was diverted by messages in her group chat.

After making sure Xu Yuan was okay, Su Wan looked at the messages in the group chat. They were discussing the next problem.

The next problem was the Revival Match.



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