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Impossible! Theres A Conspiracy!

Xu Yuan took to the skies, his dragon wings gently flapping. The slimes were so terrified when a wisp of the Demon Dragons aura stretched out that they slumped on the ground and turned into a pool of muck.

As he flapped his wings and flew, his afterimages appeared in the arena. There were numerous afterimages all over the sky. In the blink of an eye, countless slimes were sent flying out of the arena ring.

Zhang Wei was shocked at Xu Yuans speed. The small dragon assaulted hundreds of slimes in an instant.

Many people shouted from outside the arena. “Student Su Wan will definitely win!”

“Zhang Wei, youd best give up!”

Everyones clamor increased the pressure on Zhang Wei.

“No, I want Wufu to put up a final resistance!” Zhang Wei ordered his initial hero which was a slime.

Xu Yuan hovered in the air. He flapped his wings and Zhang Weis slime blew away in an instant.

“Were done for!” Zhang Weis face fell. His hero had already fallen off the arena ring.

“Damn it, fate plays a mean game! I obviously cant win but fate teases me with a chance and gives me hope only to be shattered.” Zhang Wei muttered to himself.

Su Wan, on the other hand, had already been traumatized by what had happened to Skeleton Knights and the Dark Goblins.

She said to Xu Yuan, “Xu Yuan, please just hurry and finish it. Dont give him a chance to catch his breath.”

Xu Yuan was in absolute control and crushed the slime any time because the slime was at the bottom of the food chain. But no matter how great his strength was, defeating a slime was just a small matter. It wasnt very grand. Any average hero could defeat a slime.

So, Su Wan didnt really think Xu Yuan was very strong. She thought he was just average but strong enough for a slime.

Even the Golden Behemoth had fallen for Zhang Weis scheme and fell out of the arena ring.

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Su Wan felt that Xu Yuan was definitely as strong as the Golden behemoth, and if he continued to delay, he would suffer the same fate as the Golden behemoths, and the Dark Goblins. That was why she had asked him to be quick with it.

Xu Yuan pretended to listen to Su Wan to give her some face. He nodded at her in front of everyone to show that he had heard his Lords orders.

He waved his dragon tail and flew toward Zhang Wei.

“Thats bad!” When Zhang Wei sensed a wind gust, he instinctively dodged. He just narrowly avoided Xu Yuans attack.

A second wind gust then suddenly appeared from behind. The adversary was advancing! In a terrible state, Zhang Wei managed to avoid Wishs onslaught.

“Good work! Now take him out!” said Su Wan.

When everyone was cheering because Xu Yuan had made a move on Zhang Wei, conflicting emotions ran through Su Wans mind.

This guy has given me enough face today, thought Su Wan.Even though he sleeps a lot and always goes against me, he chose to pretend to obey me in front of outsiders…

Su Wan was moved.

I will treat him better in the future, resolved Su Wan.

However, her joy didnt last long. Xu Yuan flew up in the air and down again. This startled Zhang Wei every time. He was playing with the enemy. Xu Yuan, in a fit of overconfidence, overcharged and rushed out of the arena ring.

[Lord Su Wan no longer has any troops or heroes to use. According to the rules of the arena, Zhang Wei wins!]

Su Wan was stunned at the announcement. Su Wan was encased in a white light and disappeared from the arena.

Zhang Wei was even more astounded than Su Wan. The match had been extremely confusing, to say the least. He had thought he was done for but in the end, he had won!

Su Wan reappeared outside the arena ring. She was surrounded by her friends. Everyone looked at Su Wan with a confused expression. They wanted to comfort her but didnt know how to.

Everyone was silent. They were all in shock. It wasnt until Su Wan disappeared from the arena ring and reappeared in the audience that everyone finally reacted.

For a moment, everything was a noisy chaos.


“Theres a conspiracy!”

“Theres a problem with the results of this competition!”

“School leaders, please investigate Zhang Wei!”

Everyone was unable to accept that Zhang Wei had eliminated Su Wan. The teachers and school leaders were equally flabbergasted.

In the office, the head of teaching was investigating Teacher Ouyang.

“Director, listen to me. Zhang Wei really didnt take any weird items to the fight!”

The fight had been Teacher Ouyangs suggestion. Now that there was a problem, he was the one held responsible.

Zhang Wei was a repeating student who didnt do well in anything. All the teachers and the students knew about it. But now that there was a problem, there needed to be a scapegoat. Therefore, as the initiator of this proposal, Teacher Ouyang was held responsible.

Teacher Ouyang wanted to cry. His plan had been foolproof. He wasnt sure how it had ended this way.

Teacher Ouyang still thought he could save himself. “I think I know the reason!”

“Everyone knows that Student Su Wan has her pride. Maybe she found out somehow that by choosing Zhang Wei as her opponent, we were conspiring to let her win Because of her pride, Su Wan might have thrown the fight.”

Teacher Ouyangs explanation made most of the teachers come to their senses. It seemed like the only plausible explanation. Otherwise, the way the fight had progressed had been too bizarre.

“Dont worry, theres still the Revival Round.”

“If Su Wan threw the fight because of our interference, she will have the revival round to prove herself. Without her interference, she will definitely win!”


While the teachers were trying to find a reasonable explanation for the strange happenings in that fight, Su Wan received a message.

She just received a large sum of money in her account. Su Wan traced the source of the funds. If she hadnt, she would have never found out the truth. Su Wans blood pressure rose.



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