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The Final Trump Card, Xu Yuan

There was a gust of wind. Su Wan felt the cold in her heart.

The Dark Goblins were also eliminated once the Skeletal Knights began killing one another.

Later, Su Wan ordered the Golden Behemoths and the Three-headed Hellhound to attack simultaneously to avoid any mishaps.

This was dangerous. Su Wan purposefully provided her forces with the Buff of Steel Shelter.

Under the blessing of Steel Shelter, the Golden Behemoths and the Hellhounds charged at the enemy.

“Dont tell me this Golden behemoth cant beat a slime! If I genuinely cant beat them, then something must be really wrong.”

“Everyone, keep a close eye. See if theres any shady business!”

Everyone below the stage was observing the fight, especially Zhang Wei. At this time, everyone was cursing under their breaths thinking that Zhang Wei had cheated and had some prohibited items which caused Su Wans troop to behave like that.


Under the protection of a Steel Shelter, a Golden Behemoth moved in the direction of the slime army. A slime bravely attacked the Golden Behemoth at this very moment.

The slime hit the Golden Behemoth and bounced off as everyone watched.

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The Golden Behemoth just stood there and did nothing as the slime launched into the air.

“Su Wan sent out the Golden behemoth. Can this match still be reversed”

“Theres no need for the Golden behemoth to do anything. Just stand there and let the slimes attack. They will eventually be tired to death!”

“We cant lose this time, and there wont be any accidents!”

The audience was even more nervous and excited than the two people in the arena.

Su Wan believed that this match was over when she witnessed the Golden Behemoth nonchalantly wave its claws and slam the slime out of the arena ring.

Zhang Wei only had the slime, just as everyone expected.

There was nothing the Golden Behemoth needed to accomplish. It would be able to exhaust the slime to death if it did nothing except stand there and let the slime attack. It would exhaust itself. How could they fail to win this contest

The three strong Golden Behemoths in the middle of the arena roared, sending shivers through the slimes.

The three Golden Behemoths then advanced on Zhang Wei like supervillains.

Zhang Wei kept retreating. The pressure from the three Golden Behemoths was too great! It was impossible for him to win.

Zhang Wei nearly fell backwards in his retreat. He was unable to make further retreats after reaching the rings edge. The three Golden Behemoths had also reached the rings edge at this time.


The sky shook by the three Golden Behemoths thunderous roars.

The slime army ran in terror in all directions as the Golden Behemoths advanced. The Golden behemoths were amused at the slime armys retreat. To demonstrate their might, they even pounded their chests.

Then, a Golden Behemoth staggered and fell off the arena ring. He was about to fall when a Golden Behemoth next to him reached out to help and pulled him.

The Golden Behemoth that had been pulled back looked immensely angry for some reason as it hung in the air helplessly. It shook and raged. As a result, he dragged down the Golden Behemoth that was tugging it. In an effort to assist, the third Golden Behemoth pulled the other two.

The scene was quite strange. The slimes failed to take down the strong Golden Behemoths. They chose to court death instead, and they left the ring.

The third Golden Behemoth pulled at the other two, but the more it pulled, the harder it became to stand his ground. The third Golden Behemoth ultimately fell out from the arena.

A dramatic scenario emerged. The Golden Behemoths and the Hellhounds appeared to get along well, and neither group wanted to see the other go.

As a result, the Hellhounds went to grab their dearest friends, the Golden Behemoths who were about to fall out of the arena ring.

But because the Golden behemoth was larger, heavier, and more powerful than the Hellhounds, it not only was unable to help the latter but was also dragged out of the arena ring.

“No!” Su Wan was so angry that her blood pressure was at an all-time high. This circumstance was too peculiar!

Why did her troops experience such odd occurrences It appeared as though her soldiers had been cursed.

The crowd and the arena were both frighteningly silent at this time. Even the sound of breathing could be easily heard among the throng since it was so quiet.

Something is wrong. What peculiar magic was Zhang Wei using

Su Wan had the upper hand in this fight. But how was it that the tables had turned so suddenly

Maybe Zhang Wei has something that can control the Golden behemoths and my other troops…

Everyone was speculating. The two people involved in the fight were equally dumbfounded, especially Zhang Wei, who had no idea what was happening.

He only knew that he was waiting to be eliminated, and then he suddenly hesitated.

“Student Su Wan, Im sorry!” said Zhang Wei and commanded the slime army and his slime hero. “Although slimes are weak in combat, there is strength in numbers. Let me use these slimes to eliminate you harmlessly.”

Zhang Weis slimes began to move. Su Wan panicked.

With so many slimes swarming toward her, she realized that this was the end. She might lose!

However, at this precise moment, a sluggish voice sounded forth, giving su Wan a glimmer of hope. The voice came from her back.

“You all make so much noise!”

A miniature dragon materialized in front of Su Wan as the tiny dragons wings extended out.

“Xu Yuan!” Su Wan was excited.

She wasnt completely annihilated. She still had a trump card, and that was her Xu Yuan!

Although Su Wan didnt think Xu Yuan was as powerful as an SSS-class hero, she knew he was far stronger than the slimes. Xu Yuan was definitely more than enough to deal with the slimes.

“Thats Su Wans initial hero

“I knew she would keep her strongest trump card till the end!”

“Im looking forward to watching the abilities of Su Wans hero.”

Su Wans side was the subject of everyones expectant gaze.

She was an influential figure in the school. She had won first place in the Freshmen Trials. She was a legendary person who had broken the record.

Numerous people, not to mention the initial hero of her opponent, were watching Su Wans every action.

Zhang Wei was still hopeful. From the way this fight had gone, he thought he had a chance to win this no matter how talented Su Wan might be. She was, after all, a First-Year student and her foundation was still weak. Even with her troops and heroes, Zhang Wei felt that he could win with his slime wave tactic and bring Su Wan down.

He didnt anticipate, however, that Su Wans hero would not advance into battle at the last second.

“You guys are the ones who disturbed my sleep”



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