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Su Wan Eventually Began to Realize That Something Was Wrong

Su Wan and Xu Yuan emerged inside the arena ring after a burst of white light.

Su Wan was enthusiastic at this point.

They possessed an army of Skeletal Knights as well as strong warriors like the Hellhounds and Golden Behemoths.

On the opposing side was the repeat student with his slime hero and some slime soldiers. How could he stand against her

“Su Wan the goddess will triumph!”

“How did that guy, Zhang Wei, have the misfortune to run into Su Wan”

“Poor Zhang Wei. If he had encountered other First-Year students, he might have had a chance but with Su Wan, he has no chance at all!”

Everyone was having a lively discussion.

On the other side of the ring, Zhang Wei stood disheveled.

The blue slime was jumping about him, seemingly unaware of the strength of the person in front of it.

While everyone engaged in a heated discussion, a teacher said to the Dean, “I have arranged it well, havent I”

“There will more or less be doubts if we allow Su Wan to confront the other senior students and then arrange for those senior students to throw the game.”

“However, according to plan, Zhang Wei, a notorious loser, will be defeated by Su Wan and it will not be suspicious at all.”

The few folks working behind the scenes in the office burst out laughing.

“This arrangement by Teacher Ouyang is excellent!”

“Su Wan can continue to win, and we can also prevent other kids from knowing that we were involved. The fact that we can allow student Su Wan to demonstrate her formidable strength is what matters most.”

“The school head will undoubtedly thank us when he hears about our great arrangement upon his return from his business trip!”


In the arena, both were ready to launch their attacks and were waiting for the system prompt to start.

Zhang Wei felt lost. He stood there without making a move as though waiting for Su Wan to just be done with it.

Su Wan decided not to be a sentimental person either.

“Skeleton Knights, charge!”

The Skeleton Knight leapt out at Su Wans command with a whoosh.

Su Wan turned to face the other soldiers.

All of the units, including the Golden Behemoths, the Hellhounds, and Dark Goblins were eager to engage in combat. When she called for them, they were ready which was in stark contrast to the time when they were motionless to her instructions.

Is it possible that after accidentally spending my money, Xu Yuan recognized his error and felt he let me down Is that why he already commanded the other soldiers to heed me commands beforehand Su Wans thoughts were dominated by her own fantasies.

She reasoned that the Golden Behemoths and the other troops were particularly involved in this conflict because Xu Yuan must have spoken with them beforehand.

Really, Im not upset about this small sum of money, but I wish that lazy bum would be more active. Ill allow him to carry this shame and perform well for now.

Su Wans mind was filled with possibilities of making Xu Yuan try to make up for what he had done out of guilt.

Her mouth curled up in a faint smile.


“The goddess is smiling! The goddess is smiling at me!”

“Mama, Im in love!”

“Who can resist that smile”

“Not good, our brothers have all fallen!”

Su Wan thinking of making Xu Yuan do things out of guilt made her smile. appeared because of the guilt of making a wish in her head. She briefly enchanted countless people due to her cold disposition. But the good times didnt last long, and Su Wans imaginations ended.

The Skeleton Knight had already charged up to the front of the slime army at this point.

Zhang Wei was too lazy to even resist and didnt even command his slime army.

“Skeleton Knights, kill those slimes!”

“Goddess Su Wan will win!”

In the midst of everyones shouts, a Skeleton Knight made a mistake in the process of attacking a slime and accidentally attacked another Skeleton Knight.

The Skeleton Knight appeared to be in a rage, so he struck back right away.

But when he launched a counterattack, he attacked another Skeleton Knight.

The scene briefly descended into chaos.

“Whats happening”

“Are these skeleton Knights here to be a joke”

“F*ck! Zhang Wei, youre really ruthless. These Skeleton Knights are your cards, right You bribed these Skeleton Knights”

Despite the fact that everyone was saying it, they all understood that this was a joke because every action made on the battlefield was visible to everyone.

It was normal for Skeleton Knights, who had low intelligence, to accidentally hurt one another. No one was surprised by the chaotic situation before them.

Su Wan, however, harbored skepticism. “Somethings wrong!”

Su Wan had witnessed these Skeleton Knights engage in combat with the barbarians before. The veteran Skeleton Knights had never before created such a problem.

How could there be a problem when they were up against Zhang Wei, a failure and a repeater, and his slime army

Does Zhang Wei possess a unique item that confused the Skeleton Knights to turn against their own kind Su Wan wondered. Many people considered this possibility.

Zhang Wei had attended school for a few more years than Su Wan and had a lot more connections despite the fact that he repeated classes quite a bit.

One could argue that Zhang Weis possession of a few objects with the potential to confuse and kill her Skeleton Knights was a possibility.

While Su Wan was thinking, the Skeleton Knights on the arena had already murdered each other in pairs and fell off the arena one after another.

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There were still some of the skeleton Knights in the ring. Zhang Wei thought he had a chance when he noticed this!

Even if he couldnt succeed entirely, at least he had a fighting chance. He didnt want to be a sore loser.

“Go!” Zhang Wei commanded the slime army to knock the remaining Skeleton Knights, who were killing each other, out of the arena ring.

Su Wans skeleton Knights had almost been exterminated.

Su Wan held her breath.It would be very strange if my troop type were eliminated!

Su Wan had not yet accepted the notion that she would lose. She still had Dark Goblins, the Hellhounds, and the Golden Behemoths! Her chances of winning were very high!

“My Lord, please let us attack!” The leader of the Dark Goblins with the flag wanted Su Wan to let it fight. This was the first time that her troops had shown such enthusiasm

Su Wan was moved. She consented to the Dark Goblins request.

“For the Lord!” The Dark Goblins charged.


“Whos shooting me”

“Bastard, which one of you cut me down”

“Ive been stabbed by your spear, person in front!”

It wasnt what Su Wan had anticipated. She had thought the Dark Goblins would lead her to victory. But the Dark Goblins also fought amongst themselves.

In the chaotic battle, Zhang Wei saw another opportunity. “Attack them as soon as possible, profit from their internal conflict!”

The slime army directly knocked the defenseless Dark Goblins out of the ring.

Su Wan eventually began to realize that something was wrong.



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