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Did You Squander All My Money

Su Wan was unaware of the Academys murky side. At this point, she was surrounded by three close friends, and her face was a little embarrassed.

“Good job, Wanwan, you actually secretly developed such a powerful troop type!”

Shi Linglongs impression of Su Wans troops were of the time when Su Wan had rushed to help her during the barbarian attacks.

At that time, Shi Linglong had felt a little better when she saw her Skeleton Soldiers.

Su Wan had been lucky enough to surpass everyone. But right now, Shi Linglong was a little envious of her friend.

Zhao Qingrong, on the other hand, stared at the three Golden Behemoths and poked their muscles, seemingly very interested.

Only Lin Yao thoughtfully glanced at Xu Yuan, who was still sleeping, and then at the Golden Behemoths and other troops. She seemed to have some questions, but she didnt ask them.

At this time, Su Wans next opponent was announced.

“Isnt that the legendary Zhang Wei, who has been repeating for almost ten thousand years”

Shi Linglong looked at the opponent and then at Su Wan in surprise.

“Wanwan, youre really lucky!”

Zhang Wei, who had failed for ten thousand years. It was said that his talent was so low that his initial hero had been a slime.

He was neither able to pass the Cultural Study nor the Lords Challenges. Therefore, he had been held back for three years!

Three years had passed since the Overlord of the same cohort had graduated, but he was still unable to do so!

Lin Yao, Su Wan, and the others did not feel that there was anything wrong with this arrangement. They merely believed that Su Wan had excellent luck.

Their four heroes had assembled while the four girls were chit-chatting.

The Flower Fairy was the first to act.

The Flower Fairy jumped over to Xu Yuans side when she noticed that her Lord was having a contentious discussion and wouldnt let up for a while. “Lord Luphus, do you want to win the first place”

She couldnt get the image of Xu Yuan flogging the Wild Boar King with his tail out of her mind. The Flower Fairy thought that Su Wan would never be placed second as long as she had Xu Yuans support.

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Xu Yuan didnt open his eyes, but he wagged his tail. “Im not interested in that.”

Xu Yuan had no interest at this time in attending the so-called tournament between the hundred universities. He wouldnt think about anything before seeing the prize to decide whether it was worth his interest.

Lin Yaos Ice Phoenix and Zhao Qingrongs Elf Archer also followed when they saw the Flower Faily conversing with Xu Yuan.

The relationship between their Lords was excellent. They also intended to get to know one another as heroes.

However, halfway through the journey, the Elf Archer noticed that the Ice Phoenix suddenly froze.

“Whats wrong, Lady Bing Yao”

The Ice Phoenix was an SS-class hero, while the Elf Archer was only an S-class hero. Because of this, the elven archers approached the ice Phoenix with great respect.

The Elf Archer followed the Ice Phoenixs gaze. He noticed that her gaze was on an odd thing that appeared to be resting motionlessly on the ground.

The creature appeared to be of the dragon clan with dragon horns on his head. A tail ablaze with dark blue flames swayed gently while a pair of unmoving black wings lay on the ground.

The Elf Archer was confused. He walked over to greet Xu Yuan instead.

“What are you two talking about” The elegant Elf asked.

The flower Fairy turned around and replied, “We are talking about the Tournament, Yingying.”

After a while, the Elf Archer joined in the conversation. Ice Phoenix seemed a little off, but she still approached them. The four heroes gathered.

It was a little warm outside at this time because of the noontime sun.

“Everyone, hold on a second. Im going to apply sunscreen. I need to take care of my handsome face every day,” said the Elf Archer suddenly.

He took out his sunblock and began to apply it.

The Flower Fairy was astounded to see this. Bing Yao didnt know what to say.

Even Xu Yuan, who was almost always very lazy to care about others, stared at the Elf Archer

“Pointy ears, did you steal your Lords sunblock” asked Xu Yuan.

“The noble elves would never do such a thing! I used the Overlords account to buy this.”

Using the Overlords account to buy it Xu Yuans eyes narrowed.

Su Wan, who was talking with her companions about the competition in the distance, shuddered. She whirled around and peered around to see if someone was talking about her.

The Elf Archer taught Xu Yuan to use his original hero identity to access the Overlords account and make purchases online.

“The Overlord and the initial heroes share a unique bond. We rookie heroes get a number of advantages that other heroes dont!”

Under the Elf Archers guidance, Xu Yuan secretly logged into Su Wans account.

In the chaotic forum, Xu Yuan was attracted by a post.

[In urgent need of Dark Magic Crystals Selling at a low price of 100000 Blue Stars!]

“Dark Magic Crystals”

A system notification then appeared.

[Congratulations, youve unlocked the information related to the Dark Magic Crystals!]

[The Dark Magic Crystal is a crystal born at the end of the deep darkness. It contains an immense amount of energy and is an unknown source that the people of the Blue Planet cannot use.]

[As a Dark Demon Dragon, the Dark Magic Crystal is a good tonic for you. Eating the Dark Magic Crystal can strengthen your skills!]

Strengthen my skills Xu Yuan had an idea.

He examined Su Wans account and found that she barely had 100000 Blue Stars.

Xu Yuan was surfing the forum just then and noticed that everyone was talking about the fight between Zhang Wei and Su Wan with great enthusiasm.

Everyone was very optimistic about Su Wan and thought that Zhang Wei would lose. Many had bets on Su Wans win, and not so many on Zhang Weis side.

Xu Yuans claw tapped on the interface.

Su Wan noticed the decrease in her funds.Where did my money go!

Su Wan started to worry. She discovered via her friends investigation that her hero was the one accessing her account.

“Xu Yuan!” she shouted. “Did you squander all my money”

Su Wan was able to see a decline in her funds, but she was unable to determine where this particular portion of the funds had gone. She hurried over to Xu Yuans side, and after some inquiry, it was ultimately confirmed that he had squandered her money!

Zhao Qingrongs hero was the culprit. He had taught Xu Yuan how to access the Overlords account.

“You never want to do the good things but learn the bad things so fast!”

Su Wan was furious with Xu Yuan, but she was much angrier with the Elf Archer. He was to blame for leading Xu Yuan astray!

Xu Yuan made an innocent face and scratched his back. “Dont call me Xu Yuan. From now on, call me Director Xu.”

Su Wan was speechless. However, she did not have time to respond to that.

[Su Wan and Zhang Wei, please make your preparations.]

When the announcement came, Su Wan tried to calm herself. She had to handle this challenge well.

If they won, they would get two points to advance to the next round!



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