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Su Wan: Is this my Xu Yuan

In their territory, Su Wan took a bowl of fruits and placed it in front of Xu Yuan.

“Xu Yuan, we are selected to participate in the Inter-Campus Tournament. Will you help me out”

Su Wan felt that she was indeed very humble. She was going to great lengths to please and negotiate with her hero. Any outsider would think that their roles were reversed. It looked like Su Wan was the hero and Xu Yuan was the Lord!

Xu Yuan wagged his tail. He was in a good mood. He raised his claws as though to flex his muscles.

“Dont worry. I am very strong.”

This was the first time Xu Yuan had talked about his strength with Su Wan. Su Wan was anxious. “No. I mean… can you communicate with the Skeleton Knights and make them fight obediently”

Su Wan still regarded Xu Yuan as a harmless little creature who knew only to sleep. She was just afraid that the troops under her would not listen to her. So, she wanted to communicate with them, especially in the competition.

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She needed to make sure Xu Yuan and the Skeleton Knights wouldnt cause trouble.

Xu Yuan grunted indifferently. He had thought Su Wan needed him to fight so he had been willing. But seeing as she didnt intend to get involved directly, he didnt care anymore.

Su Wan created two Golden Behemoth soldiers with her resources. Among the troops they currently had, the Black Gold Behemoth had the highest combat power, followed by the Golden Behemoth.

However, the Black Gold Behemoth required too many resources to make one. Su Wan had to set aside some resources to facilitate the resurrection of troops and heroes when they died. She was unwilling to exhaust all her resources to create another Black Gold Behemoth, so she settled on making two Golden Behemoths.

The Black Gold Behemoth had turned back into Golden behemoth after the Demonic Dragons Blessing ran out.

At present, Su Wan had a total of three Golden Behemoths.

“3 Golden Behemoths, 100 Skeleton Knights, 10 Dark Goblins, and 10 Hellhounds. Thats more than enough.”

After she finished the preparations, she pressed on the option to enter the arena. Xu Yuan felt the spatial fluctuation. He found himself in a strange arena.

There were countless heroes, soldiers, and Lords there. In the middle, two Lords fought.

“Xu Yuan, you have to be careful. When we go to the middle later, protect yourself!”

Xu Yuan turned to Su Wan in surprise. He hadnt expected her to be so concerned about him. He thought she disliked him.

[Next, Second-Year Student, Deng Delin, against First-Year Student, Su Wan!]

When the names were announced, there was a roar in the crowd.

“Su Wan is going to fight”

“I heard she won first place in the Freshmen Trial. She might be strong enough to defeat a Second Year Student.”

“Thats impossible. As a First Year, you can only compete properly with the students in your own year. You will be greatly overpowered facing a Second-Year student!”

The Lords at the scene discussed animatedly.

Su Wan and Xu Yuan were engulfed in a white light. They disappeared and reappeared inside the ring in the arena.

“The selection contest is split into the Arena Challenge and Territory Challenge. You get one point for each win. Whoever scores two points can enter the Territory Challenge.” Su Wan explained to Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan just yawned disinterestedly.

[We are now in the preparation stage. Both Overlords, you can summon your troops.]

Su Wan summoned Skeleton Knights, Dark Goblins, Hellhounds, Golden Behemoths and other troops.

“Its a Golden Behemoth!”

“Student Su Wan actually has an elite troop type”

“Its a pity that shes up against a Second-Year student. Otherwise, she could really dominate the new students!”

The appearance of the Golden Behemoths made everyone exclaim.

Su Wan looked at the opponent in front of her.

Second-Year Student, Deng Delins army type was a very standard Wing Wolf Cavalry. In terms of the army type, Su Wan had the upper hand.

However, there was a huge brown bear standing bedside Deng Delin.

“S-class hero, Bear of The Earth”

“The Second-Year student isnt weak!”

“Which one is Su Wans hero”

The other Lords were really invested in the match. Their gazes swept around, and finally locked onto the three Golden Behemoths.

“Is it one of the Golden Behemoths”

When she heard the others, Su Wan turned around and saw Xu Yuan hiding and sleeping again.

It was no wonder the other Lords ignored Xu Yuan. Nobody would even think that the lazy, sleeping creature was Su Wans hero.

[Arena Challenge begins!]

Everyones attention shifted when the notification was displayed.

“Go! Skeleton Knights!”

Su Wan sent out the Skeleton Knights first. The black mass of Skeleton Knights rushed towards the Wing Wolf Cavalry.

Soon, the two sides started fighting. The Skeleton Knights and Wing Wolf Cavalry were a blur. Weapons clashed and clanged.

The Wing Wolf Cavalry and the Skeleton Knights were on par.

At that moment, the Second-Year student, Deng Delin, gave a command that changed the situation.

“Warley, go!”

The S-class hero, Bear of the Earth, charged, shaking the entire ring.

It pounced on the arena.


The Skeleton Knights were crushed under its weight.


“Shouldnt it be soldier type against soldier type, and heroes against heroes”

Seeing Su Wan in a disadvantageous position, some students shouted that the situation was unfair. Deng Delin was a senior and had a better foundation than Su Wan who was a new student.

Even though arena fighting didnt have any specific rules on soldier types fighting soldier types or heroes only fighting heroes, the students felt it was unfair because the hero was called in so soon.

“Isnt Su Wans hero going to appear”

“Su Wan, quickly send out your hero to teach that guy a lesson!”

Outside the arena, everyone was shouting and urging her on. Su Wan felt bitter. She knew what kind of hero she had. Her hero was unreliable and lazy.

Su Wan looked at the Golden Behemoths, the Dark Goblins, and the Hellhounds. She had already decided to send them into the arena.

However, all of them were gathered around Xu Yuan at the moment as if he was their leader.

Su Wan was baffled.I am really just a figurehead, arent I I have no power over them.

She had once mentioned jokingly that Xu Yuan seemed to be their leader so she needed him to communicate with them to be obedient in the arena.

Her authority as the Overlord had been stripped away!

“Xu Yuan, get up!”



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