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I Definitely Wont Be Tricked by Xu Yuan This Time!

Su Wan didnt know about Xu Yuans battle going on at the moment. She was still examining the units and troop types she had unlocked.

But suddenly, a prompt appeared.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for obtaining the Black Gold Behemoth!]

Su Wan was perplexed. She didnt know what was happening. She just stayed in her territory and hadnt done anything at all. How had she obtained the Black Gold Behemoth

“Wait… Behemoth”

Su Wan checked the territory. She didnt find the Golden behemoth anywhere. Xu Yuan was also missing.

“No, no, no. Someone took Xu Yuan away”

Su Wan was worried about Xu Yuan. Golden behemoth could hold his own but Xu Yuan was tiny and lazy. He would be in danger!

She tried to calm herself and realized that her worries were unfounded. Xu Yuan seemed harmless and lazy, but he was not that simple. Xu Yuan was a dark hero. He definitely wasnt weak.

At this moment, a tremor spread, shaking her territory.

Su Wan looked outside her cave and saw black and green flames clash. All the light seemed to be overpowered by the illumination that came from the clash.

“Xu Yuan!” The moment she saw the explosion of light, all Su Wan could think of was her hero. “You lazy worm! You better be unharmed.”

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Su Wan couldnt see Xu Yuan. She was afraid he was involved in some kind of danger.

When Su Wan rushed to the scene, she realized that her guess had been partly correct.

Xu Yuan was indeed at the scene of danger. Su Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Xu Yuan was a lazy creature that never woke up.

There was such a terrifying explosion and yet, the lazy hero was sleeping on the grass.

“Wait… Black Gold Behemoth”

Su Wan found a familiar creature lying at her feet. It looked similar to Golden Behemoth, Arega, but his fur was now black gold.

Su Wan looked at the place where the explosion had taken place. An incomparably large three-headed dog was lying on the ground, unconscious.

Was the commotion caused by a clash between the Black Gold Behemoth and Cerberus she wondered.

Su Wan was willing to believe that the explosion and the cause was caused by a fight between the Black Gold Behemoth and the three-headed monstrosity in front of her. She didnt consider Xu Yuan because he was always sleeping. There was no way he could have been involved in such a fight.

Maybe the Golden behemoth had fought with Cerberus and then evolved into Black Gold Behemoth after winning! reasoned Su Wan.

At this time, Su Wan received a notification.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for defeating the Boss, Cerberus!]

[Lord Su Wan, please make your choice.]

[1. Transform Cerberuss soul into the Hellhound troop and unlock the Hellhound troop class.]

[2. Subdue Cerberus. You will receive Cerberus as your Mount!]

Su Wan wasnt sure what to choose at first. She glanced at Xu Yuan who was sleeping on the ground.

Su Wan sighed in relief when she saw that he was still asleep. She was afraid that he would choose it for her again.Its okay. Its okay. He is sleeping.

At this point, Xu Yuan raised his head and looked at her.Can he sense that I have a choice to make

Su Wan thought that he intuitively knew when she was going to make a choice. Just as she was about to make a choice, he suddenly looked at her! He must sense something.

I need to be fast. If he gets to my side, he will trick me again!

Su Wan vigilantly stared at Xu Yuan. He looked sheepish.

“Xu Yuan, why did you run away from the cave What is that on your head”

Su Wan discovered the horns on his head. She also saw something like an eye on his chest. It was tightly closed so she could only see a crack. She couldnt really make out if it was an eye for real.

I have to be wary of that b*stard! Su Wan fiercely shook her head.

Now was not the time to be shocked. She had to make a choice fast before Xu Yuan found out about it.

She definitely wanted an awe inspiring and powerful mount. The troop types she had unlocked were strong enough.

Gold Behemoth soldiers, Black Gold Behemoth soldiers, and Skeleton Knights were all very strong and powerful. Su Wan could create them. She only lacked resources for now.

The more powerful they were, the more resources she would need to create them. Su Wan really wanted a mount. When he rode on Cerberus, she would be everyones envy!

I definitely wont be tricked by Xu Yuan this time! Even if the Emperor of Heaven were to come down and interrupt me, I would still choose the second option!

Su Wan stared at Xu Yuan to make sure he was in his place as she slowly reached out her hand to select the second option. Xu Yuan also noticed it, but he couldnt make it in time.

In the battle of wits and courage with Xu Yuan, she had earned a point today! Su Wan was secretly happy.

The Black Gold Behemoth lying motionless at her feet sensed Su Wans arrival and wanted to get up. He struggled. “My Lord…”

He wanted to say something but when he got up, he bumped into Su Wan. Su Wan fell to the ground because of the force with which Black Gold behemoth had bumped into her.

By the time Su Wan gained her composure, Xu Yuan was already at her side.

“No!” she exclaimed. Su Wan looked at the panel. Xu Yuan had already chosen an option, as expected. He had chosen the first option!

“Xu Yuan! Arega! You two just want to bully me, dont you”

Su Wan was really angry this time. The Black Gold behemoth had bumped into her just when she was about to choose. And Xu Yuan was ready. They must have banded together!

“Who is the real Lord here If this continues, I dont want to be a Lord anymore. I will abandon you both!” Su Wan was so angry that she wanted to cry.

The huge Cerberus turned into green flames and disappeared. A prompt informed her that the Hellhound troop had been unlocked. Su Wan was far from happy.

When she saw Xu Yuans sheepish face, her blood boiled.How could he act so innocent!

Su Wan was really frustrated when a message appeared on the group chat.

[Lin Yao: Wanwan, quickly look at the school forum. The school has already released the news of the selection of students for the Inter-Campus Tournament.]

The selection contest would be held tomorrow, and the Top Ten Lords would represent the Star Academy and participate in the tournament.



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