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Chosen by the Heavenly Dao

“I am going to start the contract. I wonder which Lord will be fortunate enough to make a contract with me. Will they be full of muscles Or maybe a beautiful young woman!”

Xu Yuan was excited. As an SSSSS-class Dark Demon Dragon, Xu Yuan was unrivaled in the entire plane.

To Xu Yuan, this trip to the lower realm would be an interesting turn of events.

Just as he was thinking about it, a colorful door slowly opened in the air.

“The door to the next tournament has opened! This is my chance to become stronger! With the help of the contract, I can become stronger with the Lord who summons me.”

The area around the door was noisy and chaotic, as if it was a fish market.

Countless creatures approached the door.

“When I go to the lower realm and become stronger, I will be the Overlord of the Hero Plane when I return!”

Some of the creatures had very high hopes. But when they saw Xu Yuan, they froze.

Near the door, most of the creatures were slimes, goblins, lizardmen, and other weak races.

It was a Frost Goblin that had declared that it would become the Overlord of the Hero Plane.

F-Class hero Slime, E-Class hero Lizardman, D-class hero Frost Goblin, Chengcheng.

Xu Yuan looked around and saw that none of them were above the D-class!

Large swaths of F-Class and E-Class experts were gathered together.

At this moment, a Light Ranger walked through the door from the other side of the Pool of Light.

She could vaguely see the scene of countless students exclaiming on the other side of the door.

“Heavens! Its the C-Class hero of the light, the Light Ranger!

The Overlord who has contracted the light Ranger will definitely be in the top ten freshmen! His voice traveled through the door to the hero plane.

Xu Yuan was stunned for a while.He is just a C-Class Light Ranger. What is there to be surprised about

Xu Yuan casually looked around him. Those heroes started at A-Class. S-Class heroes were everywhere, and SS-Class was worse than dogs!

Next to Xu Yuan, a giant dragon with Black Dragon scales and red eyes seemed to have seen through Xu Yuans doubts.

The S-Class hero, Red-Eyed Black Dragon, lowered his head and said respectfully, “Great Dark Demon Dragon King, you might not care about these things.”

It did not dare say that Xu Yuan might not understand these things.

“In the hero dimension, the hero pool is divided by elements. Earth, water, wind, fire, Thunder, nature, light, and dark. The Pool of Light and the Pool of Darkness are the two most powerful hero pools in the upper realm.”

At this point, Red-Eyed Black Dragon finally understood why when he looked at the door that led to the lower realm in the distance, all he saw was a bunch of ugly creatures.

However, when he looked at his surroundings, he saw that S-Class experts were everywhere.

When Red-Eyed Black Dragon was explaining, a beam of light descended from the sky and hit a Lich. The Lich unwillingly walked towards the door.

The Red-Eyed Black Dragon continued to explain to the confused Xu Yuan.

“Great Dark Demon Dragon King, that Lich didnt do it willingly.”

Following that, Red-Eyed Black Dragon explained the rules of how heroes were summoned.

“There are two possible ways to head to the lower realm and form a contract with the Lord. The first is when the hero takes the initiative to go to the lower realm willingly.”

The Red-Eyed Black Dragon looked at the goblins and slimes.

“It is extremely difficult for a weak slime to advance from F-Class to E-Class. The races aptitude limits everything!” The Red-Eyed Black Dragon words were filled with regret.

“Races like slimes, goblins, and lizardmen find it difficult to improve in their entire lives by relying on their own efforts. If they go to the lower realm to make a contract with the Lord, the Lords strength will increase, and the hero can also improve. Even the S-class heroes once used to belong to the slime race and such.”

Just as the Red-Eyed Black Dragon was absorbed in explaining to Xu Yuan, a fallen angel walked over.

The six black wings flapped gently, and black energy circulated around him continuously. A profound array floated behind him. The fallen angel also wanted to make his presence known in front of Xu Yuan. Thus, he jumped on Red-Eyed Black Dragons explanation.

He respectfully said to Xu Yuan, “Great Dark Demon Dragon King, I, an SSS-class hero, six-winged Fallen Angel, Lufasi, will explain the second situation to you.”

The fallen angel was stronger than the Red-Eyed Black Dragon. He pushed the Red-Eyed Black Dragon away, leaving the Red-Eyed Black Dragon with no choice but to remain silent.

The six-winged Fallen Angel, Lufasi elegantly bowed to Xu Yuan. “Great Dark Demon Dragon King, the second scenario is just as youve seen before. It is the Heavenly Daos choice. The weaker the creature, the higher the chance of it being chosen.”

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Lufasis explanation cleared up Xu Yuans doubts. The creatures at the doors werent ugly and aiming higher than their station. They were ambitious. Most of them were chosen by the Heavenly Dao.

“The heroes chosen by the Heavenly Dao must go to battle and head to the lower realm!”

“The Heavenly Dao cannot be reversed Have there been any heroes in history who went against the heavenly Daos choice” asked Xu Yuan.

This scared Lufasi so much that he flew back a distance away from Xu Yuan. He was afraid such words would attract divine punishment. After a while, Lufasi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the divine punishment didnt come.

Just when Lufasi and the other heroes were finally feeling at ease because the divine punishment didnt come, a bell rang in the sky suddenly.

A ray of light descended from the sky and hit Xu Yuan at lightning speed.

The light was too fast. It had always descended slowly before.

However, this time, the light descended as if it was afraid that someone would escape. It did not give everyone the slightest chance to react and directly hit Xu Yuan.

On the side of the Pool of Darkness, everyone fell into a strange silence. They stared at Xu Yuan with their eyes wide open.

“The great Dark Demon Dragon King”

“He was actually chosen”

The Red-Eyed Black Dragon was in disbelief.

Further away, the Succubus Queen grabbed at her hair in frustration. “This is impossible!”

“The great Dark Demon Dragon King is actually going to the Overlord Plane with those lowly and filthy lower-class races”

“A weak human will form a contract with the Dark Demon Dragon King”

“No, I dont accept it!”

On the side of the Pool of Darkness, after the initial dead silence, all the heroes began to shout in disbelief.

As the uncrowned king of the Pool of Darkness, the great Dark Demon Dragon King was actually summoned to the lower realm

“Could it be because His Majesty, the Dark Demon Dragon King, offended the Heavenly Dao” some asked.

“Great Dark Demon Dragon King, please allow us to follow you!”

“Follow the Dark Demon Dragon Kings footsteps and rebel against the Heavenly Dao!”

Many of them had heard Xu Yuan question the Heavenly Dao before. They guessed that he was punished because of it.

However, with Xu Yuans strength, they thought he might actually be able to go against the Heavenly Dao.

After hearing the whispers of the heroes near the Pool of Darkness, Xu Yuan was furious. “Who the *ck is spreading rumors I didnt go against the Heavenly Dao!” I was just asking because I was genuinely curious!”

At the same time, on the side of the Pool of Light, the heroes made strange faces.

“SSSSS-class Dark Demon Demon Dragon is going to the lower realm.”

“Its over. Wont the lower realm be in chaos”

“Lets not talk about the Dark Demon Dragon. If the large number of S-Class dark heroes who followed the darkness Demon Dragon appear in the lower realm too, it will all be in chaos!”

The heroes of the light were having a heated discussion. A petite but dignified elf with pointed ears said, “We must descend to the lower realm!”

SSS-class hero, the Lord of Elves, for the first time, expressed her desire to descend to the lower realm!

Not long after, the SSS-class hero, the King of the Hill, also said that he would go to the lower realm.

The SSS-class hero, Wuji Sword Saint, also suggested visiting the lower realm.

In the blinding light, the Light Hero King, who had twelve pairs of wings on his back, looked at the light heroes who entered the door and mumbled, “It seems that the war between the light and the darkness will continue in the lower realm.”



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