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The End of The Blood Trial

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for surviving the first wave of the Blood Trial and obtaining the reward: Army type, Dark Goblin]

I made it Su Wan was stunned. She was still stuck in the despairing mental state because she was sure she would fall.

The skeleton soldiers and horses had been like paper in front of the goblins. They were cut down so easily.

However, the skeleton soldiers had fused into a powerful army of Skeleton Knights and fought through.

Furthermore, the Skeleton Knights emitted a black mist similar to the one that appeared when the skeleton soldiers had mutated before. The black mist turned into black flames, making the Skeleton Knights even more powerful.

The Skeleton Knights crushed the Elemental Goblin Army.

Su Wan gulped. If the Skeleton Knights could maintain this state, she could easily surpass the Blood Trial. The second wave was coming!

With the prompt that informed her of the same, she saw dust billowing in the distance.

“War Stomp!”

Su Wan could not see clearly in the dust but she knew what they were. The Tauren Army!

Su Wan was certain that it was the Tauren Armys War Stomp!

The ground shook, and the cave trembled as though it was going to collapse any time. Seeing the enemy approach, Su Wan realized that the Blood Trial wasnt so simple.

The charging minotaurs glowed with a red light.

“Berserk Tauren!

“Damn it!” Su Wan cursed. This Blood Trial level was too high for her. Su Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry at that moment.

The ordinary Tauren Army could crush all the new Lords with their War Stomp. Even the seniors would find it difficult to withstand the army. She was a novice!

Why is my luck so rotten

These werent even ordinary Tauren. They were berserk Tauren! They were extremely violent and had high attributes.

However, the Skeleton Knights were not afraid. They bravely charged forward to meet the enemy.

Su Wan felt like doing something for the Skeleton Knights. Otherwise, they would die senselessly at the hands of the Tauren Army.

“Steel Shelter!”

Su Wan remembered the Overlord talent she had obtained. She used it to increase their resistance.

The Skeleton Knights were having a difficult time fighting the Taurens but when Su Wan gave them resistance, they became sturdy and strong.

They charged at the Taurens as one and sent them flying. Teams of Skeleton Knights charged into the berserk Tauren Army. In the blink of an eye, the Tauren Armys formation was broken, and they were scattered.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for surviving the second wave of the Blood Trial. All resources of the territory have been increased by 100 units.]

Su Wan was overjoyed. Now, she continued to develop her resources, whether it was building units, or upgrading them, creating the newly unlocked Dark Goblin troop type, or spending all her fortune to create a Golden Behemoth soldier!

She had not expected that surviving the second wave would increase the resources by 100 tons!

“After the Bl Trial, I can create Dark Goblins!”

Goblins were similar to humans. They could do more flexible things than the rigid skeleton soldiers!

Before Su Wan could even catch a breath, a prompt appeared again.

[The final wave of the Blood Trial is coming]

“The final wave This is the last round of the trial”

Su Wan was nervous this time. But her Skeleton Knights were strong, so she thought they could still hang on. There was still hope!

Very quickly, the figures of the invading monsters appeared in the distance.

“A hellhound!” Su Wan cried out in surprise.

Those red hounds covered in flames were a powerful troop type! Hellhound troop types were medium-grade among Dark-Types. Skeleton soldiers were only the best among the low-level.

“Theres still a chance!” Su Wan encouraged herself and her skeleton soldiers.

The skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses fusion time was up, and they separated from each other. If the ordinary skeletons fought with the hellhounds, it would be suicide.

In the blink of an eye, bones scattered everywhere. These were all left behind by the skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses that had died in battle!

“Do the heavens want me dead” Su Wan thought she had a hope of surviving this trial. However, she wasnt so sure now.

This is the end!

Golden Behemoth received a command from Xu Yuan to attack. “Wait, Arega! You cant do this alone!”

Su Wan wanted to stop the Golden Behemoth, but he had already made his move.

The Golden behemoth roared, and black smoke curled around it.

It appeared again!

When the skeleton soldiers had mutated, the same black mist had appeared. Now, the Golden Behemoth was shrouded in it!

“The Golden Behemoth is mutating” Su Wan muttered in a low voice.

At this moment, the Golden Behemoth grew bigger and bigger, almost to the size of the Wild Boar King. Countless hellhounds roared.

The Golden behemoth charged toward the hellhound army, and everything turned to chaos.

The powerful hellhound troop was like an ant facing an elephant in front of the super large Golden Behemoth.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for surviving the third wave of the Blood Trial and obtaining a permanent integration of the troops!]

[Low-level skeleton soldiers and low-level skeleton horses detected. The skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses will automatically be fused and upgraded.]

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for obtaining the middle-rank army type, Skeleton Knight! It can be created by collecting resources!]

“Its finally over!” Su Wan was exhausted. She leaned against a tree and looked at the battlefield.

Although she did not fight much, she was mentally exhausted.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for completing the Blood Trial. Do you want to announce your name]

“No!” Su Wan was vigilant this time, afraid that Xu Yuans claws would reach out once again and choose [Yes]. She hastily pressed [No].

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[Announcement: Congratulations to Lord XXX for completing the Blood Trial!]

Seeing that the notice didnt announce her name, Su Wan was relieved. This was the first time Xu Yuan hadnt cheated her out of her choices.

After resting for a while, Su Wan returned to the territory.

“Golden Behemoth troops, Dark Goblin troops, Skeleton Knights troops. Hehehe…”

When Su Wan got back to the territory she examined the soldiers. She saw that Xu Yuan was no longer lazing around. He gestured to the Golden behemoth.

After a while, Xu Yuan and the Golden Behemoth quietly left the territory.

“Lord Luphus, the aura cant be wrong.”

The death of a large number of hellhounds had attracted Cerberus!

The Golden Behemoth felt a powerful aura radiating from nearby and reported to Xu Yuan. Xu Yuan nodded and looked ahead.

A creature, the size of a small hill, slowly approached. Its body was covered in flames.

The three hideous heads looked around as if looking for something.



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