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The Blood Trial

The next day, Su Wan still sulked over Xu Yuans choice. Because he had changed everything to the darkness attribute, Su Wan could only create skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses.

The skeleton soldiers performance was unstable and Su Wan was unsure whether the newly created skeleton soldiers had the same ability to mutate as the one hundred skeleton soldiers before them.

As usual, Xu Yuan was completely useless. She couldnt even create more Golden behemoth soldiers.

She was happy the Golden behemoth hadnt disappeared after being converted to Dark-Type. But with the resources she had, it was impossible to create more Golden Behemoth soldiers.

“Theres no more hope,” lamented Su Wan. “Everything is ruined!”

“Ive completely ruined it!”

Su Wan looked into the distance. Countless goblins were gathering. The first wave of attack in the Blood Trial was the Goblin army!

Su Wan looked at the skeleton soldiers and pinned her hopes on their bouts of extraordinary performance.

Su Wan had thought of making a batch of Golden behemoth army but soon realized that it was impossible to do that even if she went bankrupt.

A single Golden behemoth might not be able to deal with a wave of goblins. In that case, usually a Lord relied on her hero.

Su Wan looked at Xu Yuan. He only cared about sleeping! He wouldnt even fight when there was a battle.

Su Wan stared at Xu Yuan and the Golden behemoth. They were surprisingly getting along. The Golden behemoth had made a soft blanket with collected beast fur.

He spread the blanket on the ground and invited Xu Yuan to rest on it. Then the Golden behemoth went to cut some wood.

Su Wan was so curious that she couldnt help asking, “Arega what are you doing”

The Golden behemoth didnt even turn his head. He focused on his work but replied to Su Wan without looking her way. “I am building the throne Kasaya for Lord Luphus.”

Su Wan was now more confused than ever. “Lord Luphus” she said. “That lazy thing”

The Golden behemoth realized that he had accidentally let slip Xu Yuans true name. He glanced fearfully at Xu Yuan. The Golden behemoth didnt speak again.

He was scared that if he revealed more information about the Dark Demon Dragon, he would be a target.

Su Wan suspiciously stared at the Golden behemoth and Xu Yuan. She recalled the strange things that had happened when Xu Yuan was around and realized that this small, lizard-like creature wasnt as simple as she thought.

Su Wan didnt have time to think about that for now. The Blood Trial had started, and the goblins were rushing over to her.

Outside the cave, many goblins shouted.

“This is bad!”

Su Wan commanded the skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses to meet the enemy head-on. The goblins were not ordinary.

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Su Wan looked at the goblin whose body was ablaze in flames, another whose breath was filled with frost, and yet another one whose body flickered with electricity.

“Elemental Goblin Army!”

“Dammit! Is this really the Blood Trial” Su Wan felt despair.

The skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses charged, but they were defeated by the Elemental Goblin Army!

The blazing goblin shot out fireballs. There was a rumble. Flames burned the surrounding area.

The lightning goblin used Lightning Spears and shot them at the enemy. The Lightning Spears pierced through the skeleton soldiers!

“How are we going to deal with the enemy The Blood Trial is too difficult!” Su Wan felt that everything was over. Her career as the Overlord ended here.

At this moment, the group chat was filled with the concerns from her friends.

They all had been informed by Shi Linglong that the Blood Trial was going to take place today. So, they were all paying attention to it.

Shi Linglong, who was the closest to Su Wans territory, had asked Su Wan if she needed her help.

Su Wan hid the matter and could not ask her friends for help. So, she told them that everything was going smoothly. After lying to her friends, she looked at the sky in despair.

If she told them the truth, Shi Linglong would definitely come to help her. Seeing the Elemental Goblin Army, Su Wan felt that she would be only inviting her friend to her death if she asked for help.

Her Overlord career was about to end, but Su Wan didnt want to trouble her friend and involve her in this mess. She did not want to waste Shi Linglons resurrection chances.

“Xu Yuan, do something. If I die here, will we still be partners in this realm”

However, Xu Yuan stretched on the blanket and yawned. He went back to sleep. Su Wan felt anger boil her blood.

“You bastard! How can you sleep at a time like this” Su Wan gritted her teeth.

“I dont want to be the Lord anymore!” Su Wan raged. However, Su Wan wasnt someone who gave up easily. “Forget it! I will fight till the end no matter what.”

Su Wan was so angry that she decided to vent all her frustration and anger at the goblins who invaded her territory. Even if she got annihilated today, she would take care of the pesky goblins.

When Su Wan turned around to deal with the goblins, Xu Yuan opened an eye to look.

“Lord Luphus, are you going to let the Lord fall” asked the Golden Behemoth.

Xu Yuan didnt answer. Instead, he waved his tail gently, and the blue flames flickered.

“Dark Fusion!”

Blue flames appeared on the bodies of countless skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses.

“Wait, whats going on” Su Wan was confused. “Are the skeleton soldiers mutating again”

Under Su Wans expectant gaze, the skeleton soldiers and skeleton horses fused together. The skeleton soldiers rode on the skeleton with a powerful aura.

“Demonic Dragons Blessing!”

Xu Yuan secretly blessed the skeleton soldiers.

In an instant, the skeleton soldiers fused into Skeleton Knights, their body ablaze with blue flames.

The powerful Skeleton Knights charged towards the Elemental Goblin Army.

The Skeleton Knights easily dodged the elemental goblins ice blades, fireballs, and electric arcs. It then appeared at the goblins side and used its bone as a blade to kill the goblins!

Under the charge of the enhanced Death Knights, the Elemental Goblin Army reduced in numbers as they fell.



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