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Elite Soldier, Golden Behemoth

Time flew by and it was already the day for the Blood Trial. Knowing that it was tomorrow made Su Wan feel very anxious.

She possessed strange skeleton soldiers, she had made it to the first place in the Freshmen Trial, the gap between the first and the second place was huge…

Su Wan didnt feel even the slightest of the pride and satisfaction she was supposed to be feeling. Instead, she felt worried.

Su Wan was the only one who knew that the skeleton soldiers were powerful but their ability was limited. They were unstable.

She had studied them, but she was unable to figure out what caused their burst of power. The skeleton soldiers were too unstable. She needed more soldiers who were reliable.

These days, Su Wan used the skeleton soldiers for their characteristic trait. They could endure hardships and work a lot. She sent the skeleton soldiers to cut trees for wood and collect resources.

In a short period of time, she had accumulated a lot of resources. Skeleton soldiers werent that bad.

Su Wan realized that Xu Yuan had made a good choice by choosing the skeleton soldiers though it hadnt felt like that before.

When it came to manpower, what would be better than the skeleton soldiers who didnt need food or rest and could work non-stop

[Do you wish to spend resources to build the Territory Hall]

The prompt panel appeared. Su Wan did not hesitate this time. She chose [Yes].

She now had a collection of resources available to build the Territory Hall. If she could build that, she could then proceed to create other units.

While Su Wan waited, a small building appeared in the dim cave.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for successfully building the Territory Hall. You have obtained an opportunity to recruit random elite troops for free!]

Random elite troops Su Wan looked forward to it.

Xu Yuan was a useless hero. If she could recruit powerful elite troops, her situation would vastly improve.

[Do you want to use the random elite troop draw]

Su Wan was a little hesitant. Random draws depended on luck. There were items that could increase ones luck. If Su Wan chose not to use the draw right now and kept it for the future, she could find some item to increase her luck first and then use the draw.

Su Wan let out a long sigh.If I cant pass the Blood Trial, there wont be a next time to use the draw anyway.

Su Wan decided to use the random elite troop draw.

She was doubtful about her skeleton soldiers. They were unstable so she wasnt sure if she could win the Blood Trial. But an elite troop would increase her chance of winning immensely.

“Draw!” Su Wan exclaimed and spun around.

The wheel was filled with all kinds of units. In the end, the needle of the wheel stopped on the grid of the Golden Behemoth.

“Yay!” Su Wan was so happy that she jumped for joy. She picked up Xu Yuan and kissed him on his head.

Xu Yuan opened his eyes and stared at Su Wan.Whats wrong with this woman Has she finally gone mad

Su Wan wanted to share her happiness with Xu Yuan. “Xu Yuan! I got an elite soldier, the Golden Behemoth!”

Seeing that Xu Yuan was indifferent, Su Wan tried to make him feel something. “Thats an elite soldier! The legendary powerful soldier that once tore apart the Earth Dragon with their bare hands! I hope you can hang out with the Golden Behemoth in the future!”

Su Wan stopped speaking. She wanted to tell Xu Yuan how useless he was and not worthy of the attention of the Golden behemoth. She wanted to anger Xu Yuan so that he would be more motivated.

However, she had special feelings for her initial hero. She couldnt bring herself to say those words aloud.

However, Su Wan thought that was enough. In the past, Xu Yuan was superior because all Su Wan had were the skeleton soldiers. But now that she was becoming an elite soldier, she hoped Xu Yuan would feel the pressure to do better.

Xu Yuan yawned and continued to sleep. Su Wan was speechless.

“You think Im lying to you” asked Su Wan.

In a dazzling light, a big man with building muscles appeared near Su Wan. He had golden hair. His aura filled the entire cave.

“You are the Lord Im the Golden Behemoth, Arega.”

“Hello, Im Su Wan. Its a pleasure to meet you!”

Although there was only one elite soldier, he could communicate with her! One could see how trashy the skeleton soldiers were in front of this elite soldier.

Su Wan discovered that at this time only one Golden Behemoth appeared, but if she needed more, she could make them in the Territory Hall. When she received one military type, she could craft them in the Territory Hall for more.

The Golden Behemoth, Arega, stood there with his golden fur emitting a dazzling light.

Xu Yuan awoke.

Su Wan had been observing Xu Yuan. She thought he would definitely react.

Xu Yuan reached his little claw to block his eyes. The dazzling light disturbed his sleep. He yawned. “I want to sleep. Please turn off the light. Thank you, Wanwan.”

He covered his eyes with his claws and went to sleep again. After making a wish, she covered her eyes with her claws and continued to sleep. Su Wan was speechless.

Just how much does he like to sleep she wondered.Ah, forget it. Now that I have the Golden Behemoth, my success rate at the Blood Trial would be high.

When Su Wan looked at the new hero, she found that he looked terrified.

Whats wrong

The Golden Behemoths aura was extremely powerful as if it could tear everything apart. But his face had turned pale. It looked frightened.

The Golden behemoth crouched on the ground in a corner like a rat who had seen a big cat coming its way.

“What happened” Su Wan was confused. How had the arrogant and strong Golden behemoth turned out this way

A prompt from the interface distracted Su Wan

[Territory Hall detected. Territory Soldier Class Transformation activated.]

The source of this content is no//vel//bi/n[.//]net'

[Lords initial heros darkness attribute detected. Do you want to convert the local troops to darkness attribute (Once converted, cannot be reversed. All future units will have darkness attribute)]

“Are you kidding me!” Su Wan exclaimed.

As a Dark-Type troop, skeleton soldiers were usually weak in combat. Although they were powerful occasionally, they were not stable in their performance!

Moreover, Su Wan wasnt sure if the Golden Behemoth she had obtained with great difficulty would disappear after being converted to dark Attribute.

Just as Su Wan was about to make a choice, she thought of Xu Yuans claws reaching out every time she had tried. She looked at Xu Yuan cautiously.

Xu Yuan wasnt there! She turned to look around. When she turned back to the prompt, Xu Yuan had already extended his claws and clocked on the [Yes] option.

“Xu Yuan!”



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