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The Number One Freshman

The Freshmen Trial was over.

[Shi Linglong: Hey! I got seventh place!]

Shi Linglong shared her joy with Su Wan. Su Wan wasnt surprised. Shi Linglong was a capable Lord and her place had been attacked by barbarians twice.

The two crises were averted, and in the process, Shi Linglong achieved a lot of points.

In the group chat, Lin Yao and Zhao Qingrong also revealed their results one after the other. Lin Yao was in the eight place and Zhao Qingrong had made it to the tenth. The three of them had made it to the Top Ten!

[Zhao Qingrong: What about you, Wanwan]

Su Wan had started the journey with lots of difficulty, she was happy to make it to the Top Ten. Her friends thought she might have made it to the fifth or the sixth place.

Su Wan didnt intend to hide her rank. She wanted to share her achievements with her friends. However, when she looked at her own points, she felt scared.

Although the Freshmen Trial had ended, the results hadnt been announced publicly yet. They could see their own points and rank, but others couldnt.

Since Su Wan didnt reply for a long while, everyone thought she might have done badly. They thought she might not have made it to the Top Ten.

They tried to comfort her.

[Lin Yao: Wanwan, dont be discouraged. Try to upgrade your hero and troop type in the later stages. You can still make up for it!]

[Shi Linglong: Thats right! Its just a trial for the new students. Theres still the Inter-Campus Tournament and the Global Competition. Its not the end of the world yet.]

[Zhao Qingrong: Wanwan, you can always improve. You are a good student. I know you will improve a lot and we will meet again in the Inter-Campus Tournament.]

Seeing them trying to console her, Su Wan felt warmth spread in her heart.

Finally, Su Wan revealed her result.

[Su Wan: Thank you for being so kind, everyone. I am very grateful for all of you. I made it to the Top Ten. I got first place.]

Her three friends were shocked. Right at that moment, the rankings were revealed in the academy.

“As expected, Su Wan got first place. I knew she had potential!” said one of the teachers, laughing.

“Yes. To be able to get the first place… that is normal for Su Wan. She is very capable.”

In the office, the teachers were happily talking about the rankings.

In the academy, the other students were also discussing it. “As expected of Su Wan! She is the best in everything. If I have a girlfriend like that, even for a day, Id die happy.”

“One day I would be okay with her being my girlfriend for just one hour.”

“Im not asking for much. If you can be my girlfriend for just one minute, I can sacrifice 99 years of my life!”

The male students were in a heated discussion.

And among the girls, there were many who were envious. Some felt powerless because of this and thought that Su Wan was the peak that they could not surpass.

But there were also those who secretly made sarcastic remarks and were dissatisfied with Su Wan.

“Tsk, first place Maybe she hooked up with a teacher to get that ranking.”

“I heard that Su Wan has an unclear relationship with a senior student. Its most likely that those senior students violated the rules and interfered with the new students trial!”

In the forum, everyone could choose a fake name for themselves, so no one knew who was who. They talked freely.

A student raised a crucial question.

“Everyone seems to think that its normal for Su Wan to get first place but no one is paying attention to the points she got.”

“The points Su Wan obtained”

[1st place: Su Wan, 100086 points]

[2nd place: Ouyang Xuan, 19975 points]


In an instant, the entire forum exploded!

The first place had 100000 points, but the second place only had around 20000! The difference was too huge. The highest score until now had been around 30000 points.

“Student Su Wan broke the record with her own strength!”

People were doubtful and they were stunned.

“Fake! This is definitely cheating!”

“Requesting the school teachers to conduct a strict investigation!”

The students didnt need to say it twice. At this moment, the teachers were already investigating the matter.

The Dean summoned the Sage Fairy, which was in charge of the system.

“Sage Fairy, please can you show us Su Wans progress in the trials”

Soon, a list of information was displayed. All the teachers in the office were shocked.

“She killed both the Barbarian leader and the Wild Boar King!”

“How did she manage to kill so many barbarians in 24 hours”

While the teachers discussed the matter, the Dean was shocked as well.

“Su Wan is indeed capable. It seems that in the Inter-Campus Tournament, our Star Academys rank will be dependent on her.”

The teachers were perplexed by the Deans words.

“Dean, are we going to let a new student participate in the Inter-Campus Tournament”

The Inter-Campus Tournament was held amongst hundreds of academies in the area.

The tournament was not meant for new students. Only senior students were allowed to participate because they had been a Lord for a longer time.

The new students wouldnt be able to cause a single wave in the competition! The teachers had their doubts, but the Dean had made up his mind.

“Make arrangements for the preliminary rounds for the Inter-Campus Tournament. The students who qualify will represent the Star Academy in the tournament.”


Su Wan knew her ranking even before it was announced. There were endless questions from her friends.

[Zhao Qingrong: Wanwan, be honest. Did you cheat]

[Su Wan: I didnt.]

[Shi Linglong: I can prove that Wanwan cheated. She cheated! She cheated!]

Shi Linglong told them about the time the Barbarian Leader had fallen. The others marveled at Su Wans luck.

[Shi Linglong: At that time, I didnt suspect anything because the two bosses had fought one another. So, I thought the Barbarian Leader was already injured and her skeleton soldier had finished him easily. But when it came to the Wild Boar King, it fell and crushed so many barbarians. Many were killed by that. We were nearby when it happened.]

They didnt dwell much on the matter since it was done already. Su Wan was in the first place so everyone was happy for her.

[Lin Yao: The Freshmen Trials are over. How about we show our heroes]

[Zhao Qingrong: Sure!]

Zhao Qingrong was excited to show her hero. She wanted the world to know that he was a super handsome elf.

Zhao Qingrong was the first to post a picture of her hero in the group chat, then she briefly introduced the heros abilities.

Then it was Shi Linglongs turn. The Flower Fairy was as big as Xu Yuan, but she was still a S-class hero.

Then it was Lin Yaos turn. Lin Yaos hero was an SS-class hero, Ice Phoenix. A picture of a snow-white bird appeared in the group chat.

For a moment, Shi Linglong and Zhao Qingrong were envious. Lin Yao, who was usually quiet and gentle, had received an SS-class hero!

In the end, only Su Wan was left. Everyone was very curious. Su Wan had gotten first position in the rankings so everyone thought her hero was very formidable.

Su Wans face was a bit stiff. She took a picture of her sleeping Xu Yuan and sent it to the group chat.

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[Su Wan: Race: unknown, Attributes: unknown, Hobby: sleeping.]



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