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Sending the Wild Boar King Flying with His Tail

Su Wan took Xu Yuan and charged into Shi Linglongs territory at top speed. When Shi Linglong saw Su Wan, she happily rushed to her side.

Just as Su Wan was going in for a hug, Shi Linglong snatched Xu Yuan from her arms.

“Hehe, Wanwan, your hero is so cute!”

Su Wan realized that her friend knew nothing about how useless Xu Yuan was. Xu Yuan, on the other hand, yawned and stretched his back at being disturbed. When he stretched out his small claws, Shi Linglong found it even more cute.

“Wanwan, lets exchange our heroes! You take mine.”

At that moment, Su Wan with the red hair and butterfly wings on her back, glared at her friend.

Shi Linglong giggled as if she did not care about her feelings. “Wanwan, my hero is a S-class nature hero, The Flower Fairy,” she lowered her voice as though this was a secret.

Su Wan was mentally prepared for Shi Linglongs strange behavior.

Su Wan ignored Shi Linglongs suggestion of exchanging heroes with her.

“Linglong, now is not the time. We need to find a solution for the problem right now.”

At that moment, Xu Yuan broke free from Shi Linglongs hands and flew around as if looking for something.

Su Wan and Shi Linglong didnt care. They only thought that he had slept too much and was full of energy, so he wanted to fly around.

However, Shi Linglong still instructed The Flower Fairy. “Please take care of that little guy. Dont let him be lost.”

After Shi Linglong gave her instructions, she didnt joke around and seriously discussed the situation with Su Wan.

The territory itself could not be moved. How could they protect the territory from the attack of the barbarians

While Shi Linglong and Su Wan were having a discussion, Xu Yuan seemed to have found what he was looking for.

“I found you!” A smile appeared on his lips. He was looking for the Wild Boar King!

He had obtained some benefits from killing the Barbarian Leader. The Wild Boar King was a Boss and stronger than the Barbarian Leader. He wondered how much killing it would benefit him.

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Xu Yuan spread his wings and flew after the Wild Boar King. The Flower Fairy was afraid that he would get lost in the place, so she spread her wings and followed behind.

In the Hero Plane, the Pool of Light and Pool of Darkness were right next to each other. The Light-Type heroes had a detailed understanding of the Dark-Type heroes. However, all that was far away now. They only knew the heroes of light and darkness fought each other but didnt know why.

The Flower Fairy didnt know Xu Yuans real identity. She only saw Xu Yuan as a little thing that needed looking after.

“My name is Ofunai. Whats yours” she asked. She wanted to start a conversation so that she could be friends with him.

Their Lords were good friends, after all. She and Xu Yuan might need to cooperate in the future.

Xu Yuan thought for a moment. “My name is Luphus.”

Luphus Olga was his real name. In the future he would use his real name, Luphus Olga, to let the world know about his legacy as the Dark Demon Dragon.

The Flower Fairy nodded. Her butterfly wings flapped, and she followed Xu Yuan closely.

Soon, The Flower Fairy realized she was finding it difficult to keep up with him. Her S-class hero bloodline couldnt keep up with the dark hero in front of her.

Xu Yuan reached the Wild Boar King.

“Oh no, its the wild boar King!”

The Wild Boar King was like a small mountain blocking their way. It seemed to have fallen asleep and did not see Xu Yuan and The Flower Fairy.

“Luphus, run!” She was so scared that she wanted to pull Xu Yuan away from there.

However, The Flower Fairy realized that the harmless-looking little creature seemed to weigh a thousand pounds at that moment. No matter how hard she pulled him, he didnt budge.

[Wild Boar King]

[Level: 20]

[Strength: 310]

[Spirit: 122]

[Agility: 150]

[Constitution: 275]


When Xu Yuan saw the Wild Boar Kings attributes, he had no reason to fear it.

Although he was 10 levels lower than the Wild Boar King, his attributes were all above 400. It was more than enough to beat up the Wild Boar King!

“Luphus, dont just stand there. If you dont run now, you wont have the chance to escape!”

Although The Flower Fairy was an S-class hero, her level was still very low. In terms of attributes, it was impossible for her to be a match for the Wild Boar King.

The Wild Boar King wasnt something a novice Lord or a new hero could deal with. Before The Flower Fairy could convince him to leave, the Wild Boar King slowly opened his eyes.

“Were finished!” The Flower Fairy panicked.

The Wild Boar King didnt have the time to react. Xu Yuan flew over and whipped him with his tail. The Wild Boar King howled as he was sent flying.

In the distance, countless barbarians were fleeing in the direction of Shi Linglongs territory because they were being chased by the Wild Boar King.

At this moment, the barbarians all gathered. They were so densely packed that it made one tremble in fear. If this many barbarians passed by Shi Linglongs territory, her place would be reduced to ruins.

But at this moment, a huge shadow appeared on the ground. The barbarians raised their heads. A monster, the size of a small mountain, descended from the sky.


The earth trembled, and within Shi Linglongs territory, the two of them felt a tremor.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for successfully killing the Boss, Wild Boar King, and obtaining a large number of points.]

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for killing a large number of barbarians and obtaining many points.]

Su Wan looked at her points. Her points had increased so rapidly that there was a huge gap between the first and the second place. She had left the second-place miles behind.

100,000 points! This was a terrifying number of points that even the combined points of the second to tenth place in the Top Ten could not match up to!

“What happened” Su Wan was very confused.

The Flower Family was baffled as the Wild Boar King was sent flying away. She was so frightened that her face turned pale. She stared at Xu Yuan.

“Just say you didnt see anything,” said Xu Yuan and waved his little claws at her.

The Flower Fairy felt a chill run down her back. She nodded vigorously as a promise that she wouldnt tell anyone about what happened here.

The two heroes returned to the territory as if nothing had happened. When Su Wan and Shi Linglong asked them, they had their answers ready. They didnt know what had just happened.

Not long after, everyone discovered that countless barbarians had died outside the territory. They had been crushed to death by the Wild Boar King. However, it seemed the Wild Boar King had died as well.

“Linglong, I will head back now,” said Su Wan. “I need to prepare for the Blood Trial.”

Su Wan picked up Xu Yuan and left in a hurry.

[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for successfully killing the Boss, Wild Boar King, and obtaining the blueprint of Space Gate Construction.]

The prompt that appeared in let Su Wan know that the death of the Wild Boar King was counted as hers! But Su Wan didnt know how or why it had happened.

She wanted to leave Shi Linglongs territory as soon as possible. She would ask too many questions and Su Wan had no answer.

The death of the Barbarian Leader could be considered an accident, but the death of the Wild Boar King was hard to explain.

Su Wan saw the problem but couldnt figure out an explanation.



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