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Xu Yuan, Are You Going to Work Properly or Not

Half of the Freshmen Trial duration was almost over. Previously, Su Wan was happy if she could make it to the Top Ten. But now she felt that she could do better.

We must get first place! Su Wan resolved.I have to find more barbarian strongholds!

They only got twenty-four hours for the trial. She must still have around twelve hours left. At present, she was in second place.

Su Wan didnt hurry. She wanted to plan very meticulously.

Xu Yuan felt very uncomfortable. He opened his eyes and saw that Su Wans face was very close to his nose.

She crouched down to his level and smirked. “Xu Yuan, ever since we came to the Overlord Plane, we have stuck together. I have been protecting you at all times. Shouldnt you do something in return” she asked.

Xu Yuan was speechless. If it hadnt been for him, she wouldnt even be alive till now. He had used his abilities one too many times to solve her problems.

The thing he was worried most about revealed itself. “I know you dont have much combat experience. Thats alright. I will fight instead of you. But I need your help now,” she said. “You can fly. Could you fly around and look for more barbarian strongholds”

He knew it. He had expected her to make him a scout if he revealed his wings. He wasnt able to hide from the Holy Spear Knight, so he had to use his wings that time.

Su Wan hadnt talked about his wings when she returned after feeling from the Holy Spear Knight. However, she really needed him to scout around now.

Xu Yuan looked at Su Wans expectant face. She was in luck. It just so happened that Xu Yuan had slept for a long time and wanted to stretch his muscles.

So, he agreed to Su Wans request.

In any case, he had long wanted to take a stroll around the territory. He reluctantly agreed to be Su Wans scout to find a barbarian stronghold.

If I cant find a barbarian stronghold, would Su Wan blame me he wondered.

After seeing Xu Yuan agree to her request, Su Wan almost jumped up in joy.

If he agreed to this, then he might agree to other things in the future. There is hope indeed to get rid of his laziness! thought Su Wan.

Xu Yuan spread his dragon wings and flew out of the cave.

Su Wan looked at him flying out and smiled in satisfaction. She was unaware that he was going to put little to no effort in finding a stronghold for her.

Xu Yuan soared in the sky around the territory. As he flew freely, he released a wisp of his Demonic Dragons aura. The wild beasts fled in all directions. The barbarians werent any better. They trembled in fear and abandoned their stronghold.

Xu Yuan did not realize it that time. He flew freely and then returned to the cave.

“You didnt find the barbarians stronghold” asked Su Wan. “Xu Yuan, are you going to work properly or not”

Su Wan was enraged. He had agreed to be her scout, but he didnt bring back any information of the barbarian stronghold! If it was any other hero, she might have believed it. But she knew Xu Yuan was a lazy creature. She knew he put little to no effort in finding the stronghold at all.

Thinking of this, Su Wan decided to personally go find the barbarian stronghold. She left the cave and looked around.

Along the way, Su Wan found many barbarian strongholds, but the strange thing was that there were no barbarians around! The strongholds seem to be deserted.

Whats going on Why are the heavens targeting me like this Su Wans body went numb.

She had been confident in acquiring the first place in the trial. But now, she wasnt so sure. There were no more barbarians for her to fight.

“Xu Yuan, I apologize for getting angry at you. I am sorry,” said Su Wan.

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Xu Yuan hadnt lied. Xu Yuan just looked at her lazily and went back to sleep. She was very confused. She didnt understand why the strongholds were abandoned.

Now, she had fallen from second place to fifth place. At this rate, it would be difficult for her to even remain in the Top Ten.

Su Wan was anxious but her friend Shi Linglong asked her help yet again.

In the group chat, she had sent a message.

[Shi Linglong: Wanwan, help! My territory was attacked by barbarians again! This time, my territory is really going to be destroyed!]

Su Wans first question was why Shi Linglong was getting attacked so frequently. Su Wan didnt want to snatch her friends barbarians for some lousy points. But her friend had asked for her help so she wouldnt be stealing them anyway.

Although Su Wan couldnt wait to help Shi Linglong immediately to gain some points herself, she needed to ask the important questions first. So she sent her questions in the group chat.

[Su Wan: Linglong, whats going on there Why are you getting attacked by barbarians so frequently]

She remembered that Shi Linglong had offended the Barbarian Leader before so the barbarians had chased her. But why was she being chased this time

[Shi Linglong: Its a long story. No time.]

Shi Linglong didnt say anything for a long time, and only at the end did she type out a long string of words.

Su Wan looked at Shi Linglongs explanation and understood the situation.

Zhao Qingrong, who had been lurking in the group chat, couldnt help but complain after seeing Shi Linglongs explanation.

[ Zhao Qingrong: Linglong, from a certain perspective, you really are talented.]

Shi Linglongs barbarian crisis was caused by the Wild Boar King.

Su Wan still remembered that when she had helped Shi Linglong a while back, there had been two powerful bosses nearby. One was the Barbarian Leader and the other was the Wild Boar King.

At that time, Shi Linglong had guessed that the Barbarian Leader was injured because he fought the Wild Boar King, so he was easily killed by Su Wans skeleton soldiers.

[Shi Linglong: Can you really blame me for that I sent my troops to clear the area and they provoked the Wild Boar King!]

Su Wan felt sympathy for her friend. Shi Linglong was in that mess because of her own soldiers. Now she was a target.

Despite her attempts to flee, she had attracted the barbarians from the surrounding strongholds. Countless barbarians joined in on the Wild Boar Kings hunt.

Other barbarians who had lost their leader and were no match for the Wild Boar King fled and gathered in Shi Linglongs territory. Soon, a tide of barbarians would overwhelm Shi Linglongs territory.



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