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Killing the Barbarian Leader

After Su Wan escaped, Xu Yuan remained under the tree, unmoving.

He was busy gaining experience. He did want to level up. The barbarian leader, who had just lost his target, had his eyes on Xu Yuan now.

He felt the murderous intent from the barbarian leader. He opened one eye and stared drowsily at the barbarian leader.

The Barbarian leader felt a chill run down his spine when Xu Yuan stared at him.

However, the Barbarian leaders intelligence wasnt that high. He could not understand what Xu Yuan was. He only saw Xu Yuan as a target.

The Barbarian leader slowly walked towards Xu Yuan.

“Isnt it good to be alive” he said.

“Why are you interrupting me” said Xu Yuan. “Leave me alone.”

Xu Yuan knew that this matter could not be resolved peacefully. He spread his small dragon wings and flapped them.

The barbarians flew back and collided among themselves. Xu Yuan flew up. The barbarian leader could not react. He was too fast!

When he heard the sound, he turned around and found that he had become the commander of the light beam!

“Not bad! These stats are more than enough to deal with barbarians!”

Xu Yuan looked down at the barbarian leader from up in the sky. He did not use any ability. He was just checking out his new body.

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The barbarian leader sensed that things werent going as he wanted. He retreated slowly. He was afraid.

In the blink of an eye, a black light appeared. Xu Yuan appeared at the barbarian leaders side.

He wrapped his dragon tail around the barbarian leaders neck and dragged him up into the air.

“Youre really weak!” Xu Yuan wanted to kill the barbarian leader right there. However, a thought occurred to him.

If I kill him, that woman will know!

Xu Yuan knew that Overlords had their own interface. He also knew that the Overlord could not check his attributes without his consent. But he was sure that if he killed the barbarian leader, she would know he was powerful. Even if she didnt see him kill the barbarian leader, would there be a notification informing her that her hero had killed a boss Xu Yuan didnt want to find out.

If Su Wan knew he killed the barbarian leader, she would definitely make him fight in battles after this. That would seriously affect his time for naps.

In the end, Xu Yuan chose a compromise. He clenched his claws into a fist and punched the head of the barbarian leader. Even though the baby-sized mini dragon looked harmless, he was powerful.

If Xu Yuan hadnt controlled his strength, the barbarian leaders head would have exploded.

The barbarian leader fell to the ground in agony. He could not get up.

Xu Yuan looked around and saw some skeleton soldiers who were pretty much intact.

“Go on! Finish him off!” he instructed.

A skeleton soldier limped forward. Its right arm was broken.

When it arrived beside the barbarian leader, the skeleton soldier pulled out its own rib and used it as a sword. It stabbed the barbarian leader in the heart.


[Congratulations Lord Su Wan for successfully killing the first Boss!]

Su Wans interface displayed a prompt.

Su Wan froze. Shi Linglong was stunned.

When Su Wan anxiously returned to the battlefield to look for Xu Yuan, Shi Linglong had followed her.

When they reached the fight scene, they had witnessed something strange. The once ferocious barbarian leader had fallen to the ground. A skeleton soldier that was missing an arm held a sharp bone and stabbed it into the barbarian leaders heart.

The two young women looked at each other. The scene in front of them didnt make sense.

After the skeleton soldier killed the barbarian leader, it collapsed into a heap of bones. Silence fell.

“Wanwan, you killed the barbarian leader” Shi Linglongs voice trembled.

Su Wan nodded. She must have. Somehow.

Although she was also confused, she thought maybe one of her skeletons had killed the boss, so the achievement was counted as hers.

Shi Linglong curiously picked up the remains of the skeleton soldier, wanting to study it.

Su Wan suddenly remembered why she was here. She needed to look for Xu Yuan.

Sure enough, Xu Yuan was still under the tree where she had placed him.

“This guy probably doesnt know what even happened!” Su Wan picked him up carefully trying not to wake him.

Su Wan felt guilty for leaving him. She didnt want to wake him up because she didnt want him to find out that she had run away without him. She worried that Xu Yuan would never trust her again.

Su Wan planned to wake him up when she returned to her territory. She would not mention about leaving him there if it was possible.

As Su Wan carefully picked up Xu Yuan, Shi Linglong ran to her side to talk with her.

Xu Yuan restrained himself from changing his form. After killing the barbarian leader, he had risen to Level 10. There were new changes in appearance after every five levels. It was difficult for him to avoid the change.

If Su Wan and Shi Linglong saw him change now, they would probably study him like a specimen.

After restraining the change, Xu Yuan looked at his skills.

[Dark Fusion: Fuse two dark creatures of the same race into one creature for 10 minutes. The fused creature will have the combined attributes of the two creatures!]

It would not be possible for him to test his abilities right now, at least not in front of Su Wan and Shi Linglong.

Shi Linglong and Su Wan discussed the death of the barbarian leader. Shi Linglong gave a long and animated explanation. Xu Yuan thought that she was very imaginative. It prevented Xu Yuan from having to explain things.

“Wanwan, that was a very powerful barbarian leader! It fought with another leader nearby and injured him severely. Maybe it was injured as well. So, when your skeleton soldiers took over, it was already very low on HP!”

Su Wan felt that the explanation made sense.

Wild Boar King, Xu Yuan muttered in his heart.

After killing the Barbarian leader, his experience rose very quickly. Xu Yuan wondered if he should take care of the Wild Boar King as well, just for the benefits.

It was at this time that Su Wan received another prompt.

[Congratulations to Lord Su Wan for becoming the first novice to kill a Boss and for obtaining the opportunity for a Blood Trial.]

[If you activate the Blood Trial, a large number of monsters will attack your territory in three days time. If you survive the Blood Trial, everything you achieve during the trial, including resources, experience, and troop classes, will be tripled!]

Su Wan felt suffocated. The prospect was very attractive to her, who lacked resources. But Su Wan wasnt sure she could survive the Blood Trial. She had been lucky that one of her skeleton soldiers had killed the barbarian leader. She felt that it was luck more than her capability.

If she accepted the Blood Trial, she would probably end up dead. Su Wan thought about it and decided that she would refuse.

But, at this moment, a familiar little claw reached out yet again.



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